10 Most Free Keyword Research Tools That You Must Know

10 Most Free Keyword Research Tools That You Must Know

Most of the beginners Who have started their Blogging Career do not give any preference to Keyword research. They just find any topic and do Start Publishing. Due to this reason, they do not achieve the heights in Blogging. So here the question arises that how to achieve greatness in blogging. Or How to Do Keyword Analysis.If you want the answer to these questions then you need to Stick with this article.In this Article, I will discuss that how you can Search Keywords for your blog topic.I also Discuss some best Keyword Research tools that can help you to enhance your Search Visibility.

you can  Either Search for the Keywords from Google Manually by simply Using the Google Auto Suggest feature OR by simply Using the Keyword Analysis Tools. There are Many Free Keyword Analyzer or research tools That do the Same task for you. 

10 Most Free Keyword Research Tools That You Must Know

#1.  WORDZE.com

For SEO Perspective WordZe.com is Perfect. This Tool helps you to generate Some very Interesting Keyword Ideas that are related to your blog Niche. This free tool gives you all the Key Metrics like Search volume, CPC (Cost per Click ), Competition level of Specific Keyword, & Traffic Values of your Selected keywords.

It has Very Cool Features:-

  • You can easily find tons of Hidden Long Tail Keywords.
  • You Can Analyze the Competition of every specific Keyword.
  •  If you have more than 15 referred Members then you will get a free Upgrade which is pretty much Good for you.
  • This tool lets you allow to Save your all Searched data for free.

How To Use this tool to Do Keyword Analysis:-

  • First of all, you need to make your account.
  • After Putting your Name & Email address you will get a Confirmation Email in your Inbox With Password.you need to Switch to your Gmail Account and Confirm your Activation Process.
  • Once you have done. you have to Login to your account.
  • Here you will See three Features.First is Ultimate Research, Second is Long Tail Keywords, & Third is Competition Analyzer.
  • You can choose one of them for Example, I take Ultimate Research.You Will See Following Options.Put all the Entries accordingly and Click on Search for Keyword Button.
  • Finally, you will See a list of Keywords with all keyword-Metrics Which are related to your Enter keyword.

Keyword research tool Wordze Ultimate Research

The following Video is Official Video of WordZe. You can take a look to Understand the Power of This free Keyword Research Tool.


#2. AnswerThePublic

This is also an another Very Powerful Keyword research tool to find out Some other Great Keyword Ideas. This tool gives me a great Visualisation of all types of queries Containing keywords.I love this tool because With the help of this tool I can easily find blog topics.

This tool gives you following Information:-

  • Questions: It gives you a list of queries which Started with Why, How, which, & Who etc.
  • Prepositions: Queries which uses different-2 Prepositions like are, for, near, with etc.

Free Keyword Research Tool AnswertoPublic


#3. Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is not an excellent tool but it can give you tons of Keyword Ideas. However, I do not like this tool very much Because it does not give you any Information about key Metrics like CPC, Search Volume etc. but it helps me to dig thousands of Keywords.By the way, this is Totally free tool So it is not bad.

This has only two features positive Filter & Negative Filter. you can Use these features to short out your Keyword list.

Free Keyword Research Tool Keyword shitter


#4. UberSuggest 

This is also a free Tool to do Some Keyword Analysis. It gives you some new Keyword Ideas that are not available in Google Keyword Planner.

I Strictly Recommend you the add-on of this tool for both Google Chrome &  Mozilla Firefox. With the help of this add-on, you can get on-time  Key Metrics like CPC, Search Volume and Competition which can give you an idea to Use the Keyword in Proper Way.there are many Configurations you can make with this add-on like You can Select your targeted Country. Or You can also enable or Disable your Key Metrics.

How to use this Keyword Everywhere tool: See this official video shown below.


#5. Google Keyword Planner

This tool is very Much popular among all the bloggers. this tool is Used to enhance the visibility of businesses on the Search engine.I am Using this tool Since September 2015. So on the behalf of my experience, I believe that this tool has real potential to do Keyword Research & Analysis.

To get Keyword Ideas you need to Sign in with Google keyword planner.Once you have done. you need to Search for a keyword or phrase. This tool will also ask you to put your Landing page, Product Categories, & Targeting. This information is only important for businesses. But if you are a blogger then you do not need to put anything here. You can just go ahead and Click on Get Ideas button.

#6. KeyWordTool.io

I have never tried this tool but I find this tool when I was reading a Post of Neil Patel on crazzyegg.com. According to Him, it gives you tons of Keyword Suggestions in a very Deep manner. But you will not get more information like Search volume, CPC, & Adwords Competition.for this Pieces of information you need to pay for pro version of this tool.So the use of this tool is very limited with the free version.

Keyword research tool Keywordtool.io

#7. keyword.io

Keyword.io is a Google autocomplete Longtail keyword tool. you can search keywords for Google database, youtube database, & Bing database etc.you can easily export your search results into your Computer.but for that you need to Sign up.

#8. SERPs Keyword Research Tool

I love this tool because it tool is very fast and gives you all the key metrics for free.You can easily access this tool and add your favorite keyword into Saved Result List without Sign up for the account.You can also filter the keyword results to see only related keywords.

keyword research tool SERPs



SEOBOOK is also an another great keyword analyzer tool which gives you all the report about key metrics. This tool gives you everything that is important for keyword research.

SEOBOOK keyword research tool

It gives you following Data:-

  • CPC (Cost per Click)
  • Monthly/ day Search volume
  • Monthly value

How to use this tool to get keyword ideas: See the official video of SEOBOOK.


#10. LSI Graph

LSI keyword generator tool

LSI means lLatentSemantic Indexing. this term is basically used to determine the relationship of your Content with your keyword. Your post is crawled by Search engines. they do not read everything from your post instead of that they only focus on the keywords, Synonym and find out the Conceptual relationship of your Content with your keywords. So do not Underestimate the power of Content.

This tool helps you to generate LSI keywords for your SEO point of view. Learn more about LSI

Mr. Neil Patel has also defined some beneficial Free keyword research tools. Learn more about Keyword research tools

Updates: –

#11.  Ferzy Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool

This is mostly used by Small businesses. I am personally Using This Tool to check the difficulty of Keywords. This tool gives me a lot of information to Choose sophisticated Keyword for my website. 

Ferzy -A Good Keyword Difficulty Tool To Instant Rank Your Keyword

It has the following features: –

  • It gives the information about SEO Difficulty.
  • relevant keywords
  • Long tail keywords
  • List of top 10 results that have been already ranked in Google for a keyword that you are searching for.
  • Monthly Searches
  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Domain age
  • CPC of Keyword


At the end of this article, I want to say one thing that Content Creation is the best part of SEO. And I believe that both Content Creation & SEO can be achieved by keyword analysis & research.So these are the best tools for you to achieve greatness in blogging.

I have Covered many tools here but there may be some other tools out there. So if you know about some other tools then please let me know.I will definitely add those tools in this article.

Which tool would you like to prefer? Give your Suggestions in Comment Section.


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