14 Replies to “15 Reasons Behind Google Adsense Account Suspension That You Never Heard about”

  1. Hi Shailesh,
    Great advice. Google adsense is the main source of income for the bloggers. So we should make serious efforts to keep the account active.

    Thank you very much for the writing. Have a good day !

    1. thanks for your appreciation……

  2. I have seen people are so impatient that they just want to make money from adsense without realizing the importance of keeping the account, Its very difficult day by day to get back your adsense account once banned. Thank you for highlighting these points.

    1. Thanks for your great words..
      it is right That today it become very very hard to get back Adsense account once it has been suspended. because people wants clicks only for the sake of earning money.so to get clicks they use the ads in a very regress way. To earn money people misusing the AdSense ads.but now Adsense has become smart.so stop misusing ads.

  3. very interesting , good job and thanks for sharing such a good blog.

    1. thanks for your appreciation

  4. Excellent and much useful post, especially for those who wants to apply for adsense. All these guidelines/tips are much useful to follow, to get adsense account approved. Well, good/quality content, good blog design, easy blog navigation and privacy policy page are the most important one’s. Thanks for sharing

    1. thanks for your great appreciation

  5. Adsense allows sticky ads now but they are limited.
    btw thanks for sharing your experience

  6. It’s so frustrating that I can’t find a way to view my blog without generating an impression myself. I love to review my posts in the actual website view, as opposed to the draft view. I guess I’m going to have to change my behavior if I want to keep AdSense. Thanks for this comprehensive list!

    1. Your welcome….glad you find this guide informative…

      Keep on reading…

  7. Bro I too got this suspension of 30 days there will be any problem in future by this suspension.

  8. Bro I too got this suspension of 30 days there will be any problem in future by this suspension.

    1. No, unless and until you infringe the Adsense policy

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