15 Reasons Behind Google Adsense Account Suspension That You Never Heard about

15 Reasons Behind Google Adsense Account Suspension That You Never Heard about

Most of the beginners Start their earnings from google Adsense because this is the best way to monetize their blog. but today’s it has become very hard to prevent your Adsense account Suspension. People are suddenly surprised by Adsense to know that their account has been Suspended. but most of them do not know that why their AdSense accounts get banned or Suspend.

I also Shocked when I received an Email from Adsense in which they told me that my Adsense account has been Suspended due to Invalid Click activity. I felt despair. but I thought I can retrieve my AdSense account again. I googled “How can I get back my Adsense account again after Suspension”.  I reached to google Adsense Invalid Click activity appeal Form and fill it. I did not sure but after 2 to 3 days AdSense has notified me that your AdSense account will be re-activated after 30 days. It was true I really got my account again sep 14, 2016.

here is my Adsense re-activation email which is sent by AdSense team: Please take a Look

google-adsense-invalid-click-reactivation-email-sent-by-google-adsense-team 15 Reasons Behind Google Adsense Account Suspension That You Never Heard about

There may be tons of reasons behind AdSense account Suspension. because Adsense is very strict with their advertiser Security and policies. So if you are doing something Suspicious there are 100% Chances that you may get banned.

Nowadays it is become very difficult to know the reasons behind the Adsense account suspension. because many website owners or publishers applying tricks to get fake clicks on AdSense ads. Some of them also using Click bait techniques to encourage the visitors to click on their ads.

If you are worried about to know the reason behind Adsense Suspension then you are at the right place. I will try to cover all the reasons that are responsible for Account Suspension.

15 Reasons Behind Google Adsense Account Suspension That You Never Heard about

Let’s get Started

#1. If you Write a Content Which Incites the Haters against Group of Peoples or Individuals

This is a Violation of Adsense Policy. Adsense does not allow you to produce a Violation Against the others. I mean if you are writing an article on ethnic, Religion. Then you can not write something wrong which  Incites the Others to promote Violation against Individuals or Group of People. If you are doing so your AdSense account may be getting Suspended. So please don’t Ignore it because these Small violations become big later on.

#2.  If you are Trying to Create your Ads Which resemble Page Content

Ok, It’s Sound Crazy! Because you know that Adsense allows you to create  Adsense ads similar to your Content. but Publishers are Overdoing this. Means they Customize their ads in Such a manner that visitors get Confused to Differentiate that which one is Link or Which one is Ads link. So, unfortunately, they Accidently Click on your ad. At the Same time Adsense notices more Clicks from Same IP Address, In this Situation In order to Protect their Advertiser, Adsense Instantly Disable corresponding account.

This mostly happens with link type Ads. So I will Suggest you that please do not Use these Link type ads frequently.

#3.  If you are Using Different-2 Software or tricks to Producing Unnatural Click or Impressions on ads 

This is the top most reason behind the google Adsense Suspension. These tricks are generally performed by beginners. Because they do not aware about Adsense Program Policy. They Install some IP Protection Software and Start Making their own Clicks and Impressions. But they forget about the AdSense that AdSense is more Smarter than them. So don’t try to make Invalid or Unnatural Clicks on your ads. Adsense Always Keep on tracking your activities. So if they find any detrimental Activity on your account they immediately take action and you may lose your Adsense account.


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Do not Try these activities

  • Click on your own Adsense ads.
  • Producing Unnatural Impressions.
  • Encourage your friends or relatives to click on your google Ads.

#4. If your Site is not Well managed  

Sometimes it may happen that if your site Structure is not User-friendly. OR has some weird User navigation Panel, Design Then it may also be a reason behind Adsense Suspension. So make sure Your Site Structure must be Simple and User-friendly.

#5. Due to Unnatural Comment Linking to your Website

When Someone Comment on your blog They always link their website URLs to your website to gain some referrals. but there are many of them who link their unnatural Content Like gambling, Copyright Stuff, Pornography or Adult Content. So I Suggest you do check your Commenting links and tried to Unlink them so that their Content does not Link with your blog in any way.

#6. If you Insert your AdSense Image ads Within the Series of Normal Images

Many times I found that Publishers Use a queue of post-Thumbnail (approx. size 360 x 280) in Left or right Sidebar and Insert Image types Adsense ads within this queue. which resembles a normal Post-thumbnail. Now as a visitor Comes to their blog and tried to find some related Content on their blog. In this situation, it may probably happen that The visitor may accidently Click on those Publisher’s ads. this is also Consider as Adsense Policy Infringement. So do not try these alternatives to get Click.

#7. If you Have already been applied for Pay to Click Programs and Generating Paid traffic on your site

According to the Adsense policy, you are not allowed to Participate in any third party pay to click networks in order to generate traffic on your blog or website.

#8. Use the AdSense ads on Copied Brand (or Counterfeit Products)

Suppose you have a Website in which you are Promoting Counterfeit Products. OR the products that are very similar to existing famous products like if you are promoting fake Nike Shoe brand which is very similar to original one.

#9. If you are Promoting Such Products that can Cause Injuries, bad habits, or Some other losses

As We all know that there are a number of Products that are hazardous to health or may produce a Mental Disturbance For example Cigarettes, Cigars, Drugs, beers & Cocaine. So if you are Promoting or selling these types of products in any way then this be the main reason behind Adsense Suspension.

However, Adsense Gives you the Provision to write about Drug rehabilitation topics. but you can not Sell or promote them.

#10. Due to Writing About Hacking Contents

If you are Providing any Solutions, information or instructions which encourage the visitors to Crack any Software, System or Website Server. then you are only Who responsible for your Adsense Account Suspension.

#11. Copying Other’s Content without any Permission

If you are Copying other’s Content then you need to take permission from them otherwise the affected Site owner can make a Counter file against you. If google Adsense receive any counter notification from Site Owner then AdSense will immediately Suspend your account.

If the Same thing is happening with you. I mean if Someone is copying your content then you can file a Counter notice against them by simply filling this form to report to the AdSense.

#12. If you are placing AdSense Ad code in Inappropriate Place

If you are Putting ad code inside the Pop-ups, Email, App, Softwares then your AdSense account may definitely be Suspended.

#13. If you are trying to put ads on website which has already been Disabled for Adsense

Sometimes I found that Adsense accounts Suspend due to applying ad code on the websites that have already been Suspended. Let me give you an Example:-

Suppose both of us (you and me) have a website. we both apply to AdSense and get approval. But Somehow my Adsense account get Suspend due to any Adsense policy Infringement. Now I ask you to Put ads on my website. now if you allow me to put your ads on my website then you may also be discarded by Adsense. So please do not share your AdSense account with those who have Already been Suspended by Adsense.


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#14. If you are Using Adsense ads on unsupported Language Site

Google Adsense has some Unsupported  Languages where you can not put your ads.So if you put your ads on such site Language then this is the indication of AdSense Suspension. there is a list of languages that are only Supported by Adsense. (Check out below)


Languages Adsense Supports

#15. Trying to Manipulate AdSense Ad code

Most of the Smart Coders or Programmers Show their Smartness and tried to manipulate Adsense ads and Lose their AdSense account. you can only customize ads in such a way that they can not attract the Invalid or accidental activity.


#16. Using Some other Contextual ad Programs along with Adsense is also result in Adsense account Suspension

There are many  Adsense Alternatives that you can not use along with google Adsense. But there are also some ads networks that you can use with google Adsense.


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#17. If you are Unnecessary Opening your own website again and again for the Sake of  Generating Ad Impressions

People always want to see their own web page to identify that how their web page looks like. if you are again-2 Checking your web page, you make your own ad impressions that are also considered by Adsense. But if AdSense team find that these Impressions are Unnatural and coming from the Same IP. then they can suspend your account.

So make sure Do not Overdo it. If you want to check your page (which Contains google ads) then you can  Install Adsense Publisher Toolbar to Monitor your google ads on your web page.

#18. Unbalancing of Google Adsense Ads On Single Page

However, Earlier Adsense has Changed the Policy, in which Publishers are not allowed to Show more than Three Ads on Single Page. But Now AdSense has made a difference according to which one can show more than three ads on a single page to make a balance between Ads and Page Content. Means if your blog post is very Simple and Short then you are only allowed to use 1 or 2 ads on your single web page. But Suppose your Page length is high (Say more than 2000) then you can put more than three ads to make a balance between ads & your page content.

But most of the bloggers are Overdoing it. Means they are showing so many ad units on a single page without maintaining a balance between Number of ads and Content of one page. So I believe that nowadays it become very common reason behind the Adsense Suspension.

#19. Sticky Adsense Ads

Most of the Publishers Use Sticky ads on their web page in order to increase the Ad impressions. Sticky ad means the ads that are not Crawling with the web page and always remains stable. these ads always remain in front of the viewers. this is also responsible for google ad suspension.


I Know that how does it feel when your Adsense account suspended. So, I want to say that do not take any of these Policy violations Steps.

There are some most common Policy Infringement steps like Invalid Click Activity, Copyright Content, Low-Quality Content, your site Linking to some other adult Outsource etc.


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Which one is most common Violation Step that taken by most of the Publishers?

Please let me know which is most common Reason behind Adsense Suspension. Give your Suggestion In comment Section.

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I hope you must have enjoyed.


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  1. Hi Shailesh,
    Great advice. Google adsense is the main source of income for the bloggers. So we should make serious efforts to keep the account active.

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  2. I have seen people are so impatient that they just want to make money from adsense without realizing the importance of keeping the account, Its very difficult day by day to get back your adsense account once banned. Thank you for highlighting these points.

    1. Thanks for your great words..
      it is right That today it become very very hard to get back Adsense account once it has been suspended. because people wants clicks only for the sake of earning money.so to get clicks they use the ads in a very regress way. To earn money people misusing the AdSense ads.but now Adsense has become smart.so stop misusing ads.

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  4. Excellent and much useful post, especially for those who wants to apply for adsense. All these guidelines/tips are much useful to follow, to get adsense account approved. Well, good/quality content, good blog design, easy blog navigation and privacy policy page are the most important one’s. Thanks for sharing

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  5. Adsense allows sticky ads now but they are limited.
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