6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

Today I am going to talk about Google Adsense alternatives for bloggers. Most of the bloggers depend on the Google AdSense. I know that  Adsense is the most lucrative way to monetize your blog. But What happens when I tell you that your AdSense account has been banned. It’s become very hard to accept it. But if it is real then you feel despair.

But this is not the time to despair. There are many other alternatives to monetize your blog without AdSense.  There are some alternatives that I have listed here. You can monetize your blog with these alternatives. you don’t need to bash Google Adsense.

6 Best Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

1.   ViglinkViglink is one of the most lucrative Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog. This is mostly used in commercial products types of business blogs. VigLink automatically converts the potential content of any specific product into the hyperlink. It adds some value to the content. If any person clicks on it then he redirects to another link.

Let me give you a better way to understand it. suppose you have a blog about the electronics(microwave oven). If you mention about microwave oven product and have already added a bit of code to your blog. Viglink automatically converts some of the potential text into a valuable hyperlink. 

adsense alternatives - viglink

Payout Details : 

  • 60 Days payout (2-month payout).
  • payout by PayPal.
  • 10$ Minimum Threshold.                                                                                                                       

2.  Chitika: This is also another Adsense alternatives that you can use. Chitika uses best ad technology to enhance the revenue for you as a publisher. It shows only those ads which have higher CPM and ad impressions.

adsense alternatives- chitika

When Chitika ad technology detects low CPM ads. Then these ads are automatically collapsed and start showing the high CPM ads. To keep your ad revenue high always put max. 3 ads per page. An ad impression is calculated if a user accesses your web page containing Chitika code. 

Payout Details:

  • Minimum threshold  20$
  • payout via PayPal

3. Media: I think this is one of the best alternatives. This is a contextual ad program of Yahoo and Bing. If you want to maximize your revenue other than Adsense you can sign up for media Ad networking. This is a keyword targeted advertisement program.

adsense alternatives- media.net

Payout Details:

  • Monthly Basis payout
  • threshold  payout is 100$
  • payout via PayPal and wire transfer

4. SkimLink: Start supercharging your earnings with Skimlink. By using this ad network you can create more compelling content and start earning.

adsense alternatives- skimlink

SkimLink Automatically transforms the user product references into the affiliate link. You can use Skimlink on any platform like Android, IOS, adobe flash.

Free Sign Up with Skimlink.

Payout Details:

  • Monthly Basis payout.
  • Min payout threshold is 10$.
  • The publisher in us & UK can payout via check or PayPal.

5. Amazon Display ads: This is nothing but an affiliate program in which you can earn a decent amount of money. You only have to apply for it. Once you become an affiliate of Amazon you need to sell their products. If you can make successful conversions you’ll earn a good amount of money.

amazon Affiliate Marketing - adsense alternatives

 If someone buys any product by your recommendation, you get paid from the affiliate program. You can earn up to 100$ dollar per sale or more depending on the product type. 

Payout Details :

  • Monthly Basis payout
  • Min threshold is 10$
  • Payout via check or amazon gift cards

6. Infolinks : It is also a good Adsense alternative to earn some amount money. There are many types of ads powered by infolinks. One can use in-text ad because it does not require more space.

adsense alternatives- infolinks

Infolinks ad technology automatically adds the in-text ads into the publisher’s content. If someone hovers over that text ad an ad is pop up. Now, if a user clicks that ad he redirected to the other page. In this process, you as a publisher get paid some money.

Payout Details:

  • Payout via PayPal, ACH, Payoneer & Wire transfer.
  • Min threshold 50$ (via ACH) ,100$ (via wire transfer).

Additional Adsense Alternatives

BuySellads (banner ads)If people ask me about any other google alternatives other than listed above, then my answer will be buysellads. It’s a monetization solution for publisher’s high blog content. If your website generating a huge amount of traffic than only you can apply for this network. If you are an advertiser then you need to publish your product. In order to publish your product, you need a marketplace, Buysellads provides a marketplace where an advertiser purchases some space on publisher’s site to place their ads.

But as a blogger, you’re the Publisher so you don’t need to pay any single dollar. You have to just go to Buysellads.com and SIGN UP as a Publisher. Remaining work is done by this ad network. Buysellads.com ad network place your website in front of the advertisers. If any of the advertisers find your website in the marketplace and make a deal with you, then you get paid a decent amount of money.

Here you can see that buysellads network works as a third party network. It gives a better place for both advertiser & Publisher.

If you have a website you can apply here. But please do remember that if your website has no potential to get a huge amount of traffic, then you can not get approval from this network.

Payout Details:-

  • Min Payout 20$ via Paypal
  • Min payout 50$ via Check
  • Min Payout 500$ via Wire Transfer


Conclusion :

  • All the Adsense alternatives are good.
  • One can make easy money.
  • There are also some Adsense alternatives like Adversal, Adsoptimal, bidvertiser, popups ads, buysellads etc. You can also use one of these to monetize your website.
  • I recommend you to use Buysellads, media.net, Amazon & viglink.


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