AdSense Help: Google AdSense Support To Fix Several Issues

AdSense Help Google AdSense Support To Fix Several Issues

Are you looking for AdSense help?. And don’t know where to start. You are not alone because I encountered tons of issues that encourage me to find out the solutions. Now, I am familiar with most of the Adsense issues like login issue, account suspension.

Though, AdSense doesn’t offer support via phone. But it provides several options for support that might help you fix the issues. Some of them are listed here

  1. Email support
  2. Support via community
  3. Troubleshooting tool
  4. AdSense help centre
  5. Account management

Let me discuss each of these ones by one


AdSense Help: Google AdSense Support To Fix Several Issues

#1. Email support

AdSense doesn’t offer support for every publisher via Email. If your weekly earnings meet the minimum threshold then only you’re eligible for email support.

Remember, AdSense doesn’t offer support for ‘hosted AdSense account‘ on youtube.

If you’re eligible, then you will find a “contact us” button at the bottom of the ‘Adsense help’ page. You can ask questions by clicking the contact us button. Email expert will contact you and will take 2-3 days to answer your email.

#2. Support via community

There is an ‘AdSense help forum’, where you can contact some top contributors or other publishers that help you to fix most of the issues. You can join any conversation corresponding to your problem and narrow down critical issues. Community support is available for every publisher. So, just go to Google AdSense support forum and leave your message. Wait unless & until you get solutions.

#3. Troubleshooting tool

In fact, AdSense has published solutions to each and every problem. But oftentimes, if you’re still in trouble. Don’t worry, AdSense has introduced a troubleshooter tool that will take care of other issues.

If you don’t know how to you use troubleshooter tool then see below: –

Troubleshooters are designed to figure out the problems stepwise. At each step, it provides you with an instruction to follow. If you follow the instructions, troubleshooter will definitely solve your issues.

If you’re in trouble, troubleshooter will take you to the “contact us” page. Here you need to fill out a contact forum regarding your issue. Once you completed, AdSense will send you the solution.


#4. AdSense help centre

AdSense has covered every aspect that you could imagine. You can search for possible solutions from setting up an AdSense account to the account suspension. So before moving out, check the AdSense help inventory to narrow down your issues.

#5. Account management

AdSense offers the ‘Account management’ facility to some of the limited publishers. There is an eligibility criterion that every publisher needs to fulfil. eligibility criterion as follows

  1. High site quality
  2. Content should comply AdSense policy
  3. A good amount of traffic

Google AdSense has not declared exact figures so I can’t give you an estimation. But for advantage, keep the standard in mind. Luckily, you might get the invitation.


Eventually, I would say that Adsense offers premium support only if you’re eligible to meet their quality standards. AdSense has been modifying their support for a long time to provide better user satisfaction.

Back in days, AdSense got spoiled because of some common issues like login issues, Migrating loop login issue and AdSense suspension. But I have faced all these issues. So, I have written a series of articles that could help you solve these issues.

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