Gears used in robot and automobile (TRANSMISSION SYSTEM ) 4

Circular belt or rope belt                                           these are mainly use when a large amount of power is to be transmitted from driver pulley to driven pulley when these pulleys are 8 meter  apart.these are basically used in workshop,factories,where the large amount of power is transmitted. when the very large amount of power is being transmitted

Transmission system used in robot and automobiles (Transmission system ) 2

Flat belt                       flat belts are basically used for light duty  power transmission and larger center  distance between two pulleys.they possesses high power transmission efficiency, are cost effective, and are easy to use and has narrow rectangular earlier mostly used belts are leather belts

Transmission system used in robot (Transmission system) 1

WHAT IS TRANSMISSION SYSTEM transmission system is the system through which the motion or power may transmit as per requirement .we know that to drive the transmission system there is the  requirement of the actuators.actuators are the very essential to derive the transmission system. transmission systems are the devices like gears,belts,chains,and also some linkage or

Thermal or magnatic (shape memory alloy ) actuators used in robots

5.Thermal or magnetic(Shape memory alloys)  actuators Actuators which are actuated by thermal or magnetic energy.these types of actuators mainly uses shape memory alloys . A shape-memory alloy (SMA, smart metal, memory metal, memory alloy, muscle wire, smart alloy). these are economical ,light in weight ,possesses max power density .            


 SUBSYSTEM THAT ARE USED IN ROBOTICS(ACTUATORS) As we know that to manufacture a robot there are some sub system are extent their are following important subsystem that are mainly use in robotics technology. SUB SYSTEM-: 1.Actuators 2.Transmission system 3.Mechanism 4.Power supply 5.Power storage system 6.sensors 7.Micro-controller & Micro-processors 8.Algorithms & software   FOLLOWING DEFINITION