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Hello, Welcome To Beginners-blog. MySelf Shailesh Shakya I am a Very Passionate Blog Enthusiastic.I bought Mechaplanet.org Domain in May 2016.I am a Mechanical Engineer.I am a very Creative person.my quotation is “keep on updating Yourself”.

The Journey of Beginners Blog

I was very excited to learn to blog.But no one behind Me to Support.Everything I was doing is just a risk for Me. Because I don’t Know about What I am doing. The idea of blogging Came to Me When I had just finished 4th Semester of the Engineering College.At the end of 4th Semester Exam, There was a Party Organised by My Friends.I met my friend Rahul Who already Owned a Blog (Bubbleindia.com).But I did not Know.After Ending the Party he introduced me about his blogging Career.His Story really Influenced me to Start my own Career in blogging.That Was the Day When I decided to make a blog.I Started from the Zero Level of the blogging.I Learned Everything from The Internet.I made Tones of mistakes but I never gave up.because I knew that I Could do that.So I keep on Working and as the time passed away The things become very Simple To me.

I always used to hear Some quotation which always empowering me to go ahead.most of them I want to share.

Steve Jobs

  • Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.
  • You can’t Connect the dots looking forward you can only Connect them looking Backward.
  • Stay Hungry Stay foolish

Mark Zuckerberg

  • The Biggest risk in the world is not to take risk. 


  • Imagination Is more powerful than knowledge.
  • Anyone Who has never made a Mistakes has never tried anything new.

Stephen Hawking

  • Life would be tragic if it were not be funny.


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