6 Best Facebook Tips & Tricks That You Must Try

Facebook trick and tips you must try


Facebook now becomes the best part of everyone’s life.One can make friends, Share Thoughts, Videos & Photos. However, Many people use The facebook as a good source of Knowledge.facebook is really a good medium of Knowledge.but Today’s topic is The little bit different from Knowledge it’s about Fun.Today I will tell you about some Best Facebook Tricks and tips that you Must always Try.

Let me discuss all these tips One by One:-

1.How to Customize your facebook Profile Theme

This is the best technique I always used to change my Facebook Profile Theme.It is very Simple to do it just follow my steps.

  • First of all, you need to open your browser(Mostly Mozilla firefox).
  • Install a Plugin named as Stylish (Click here to download ).

How to Change your facebook profile theme -facebook trick

  • Stylish is an add-on for firefox.it restyles your Browser theme.it can restyle google, Yahoo, youtube, Tumblr, Facebook or Many other websites.
  • After Installing The Plugin Login to your Facebook Account.Now You will see an Icon at upper right corner of Browser.Just Click on this Icon and Select an option (find the theme for this website).you will see Hundreds of themes for facebook.Choose any of them and then add this theme to the plugin or Add-on.After that go to manage theme option and Enable it.Now you have done.Please do Remember that this facebook trick is only applicable for firefox Browser.


2.Login Your too Many Facebook Accounts with google chrome

Most of the people have more than one facebook account.Sometimes they need to open their all accounts at the same time.But they can’t open their accounts because they have to run more than one browser to access different-different Accounts.But you can do so by simply applying this facebook trick.Please read the instruction given Below.

  • First of all, Download a Latest Google Chrome Version.
  • Now Go to The settings and Click on add an Another person.
  • Put any Name that you want.Now you can open more than one facebook account at a time.
  • You can use this trick to open more than one twitter, Google or any another account.

How to Convert Your Facebook Account into facebook Fan page

This Facebook trick is only for those who have a large number of fan following.Suppose you have More than 5,000 Friends on facebook then you can Migrate facebook account into the Facebook fan page.But Remeber that all of your facebook juice like Photo Album, Tags & Share Video will be Destroyed.If you feel that this trick can ruin your Facebook account then before Migrating your account, please Download a Backup file of your earlier facebook account.

To download your facebook account information Go to Settings>General >Click on Download a Copy. You will receive an Email on your Registered Email address.

When you Migrate From Facebook account to facebook Fan page:-

  • Your Personal account will Convert into Fan page.
  • Your facebook Profile Name will Become Your Fan Page.So if you want to Change your Fan page name then you can change it by simply changing your Profile Name before Migrating or Converting your account into Fan page.
  • The Tool which is used to convert your facebook account to facebook fan page will be available for 14 Days.
  • Your old post is not carried by your Fan page.

*This trick only Convert your Friends and Followers Into the Fans.This Facebook trick is generally Used by Businesses.

Follow these Steps:-

  • First of all, you need to Open your account which one you want to Migrate. Now to converting your facebook account into fan page Click on this Link: Migrate your Facebook account into Fan Page.
  • Now click on Get Started Button.
  • Now you have Successfully Migrated your Facebook account into Fan Page.


4.How to Post Blank Comments or Status On facebook

This is One on My funniest facebook trick. This trick allows you to Post blank Comments or Status on your Friend’s Wall.This trick works only with Comments and Status.

To Apply this Trick please do Follow these steps:-

  • First Of all, login to your facebook account.
  • Open your friend’s wall to whom you want to send a blank comment.
  • Just type alt + 0173  in the Comment Section and Click Share.
  • Do Enjoy and Surprise your friends.

5.Facebook Trick: How to Stops the Illegal Photo tags On facebook

Sometimes People find Some Illegal Photo that you are tagged in your timeline and you don’t want to receive these on your timeline.Then This Facebook trick is helpful for those people who are getting Unwanted Tags On their facebook timeline.

Please follow my Steps:-

  • Log in to your facebook account.
  • Go to Settings>Timeline and Tagging.
  • Now go to the first option and Click On “Review Posts friends tag you in Before they appear on your timeline “.
  • Enable earlier Option.

This Feature of facebook allows the user to approve the tags that are tagged in before showing on user’s Timeline.So my suggestion is to Use this feature to Make your account more Protected.

6.How To Add All the facebook Friends in your Facebook Group

This trick is Useful When you want to add all of your friends in your Facebook Group.Just Go ahead and follow my steps carefully.

  • Go to your facebook Account.
  • Click any group In which you want to add your friends.
  • Now Click Ctrl+ Shift +K and Then Paste following Code
  • document.body.appendChild(document.createElement(‘script’)).src=’http://groupinvites.
    googlecode.com/files/group-invite.js’;” (Without Quote)
  • Now Click on Enter.
  • Now hide the Console again.

If you find this post helpful then please do share on facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Linkedin etc. If you have any query regarding this topic then let it drop into the comment box.I will answer it within 24 hours.









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