Best Proven Tips To Optimizing Adsense Ad Revenue For Bloggers

Best Proven Tips To Optimizing Adsense Ad Revenue For Bloggers

Every Blogger has a dream to monetize his blog with Adsense Ads and Convert his blog traffic into Some decent amount of money.But most of them are unable to Optimize AdSense ad revenue why?.Because there are many Optimization techniques that they need to practice with AdSense.So that they can enhance their AdSense revenue.

Today I will discuss Some Strategies that work a lot of for me and also would work for you.

Things that you need to remember before Styling your Google Ads

  • Do not use such ad styles which increase the ad blindness.Means do not style your ads which can not be differentiated by the User from your page content.Because it Increases the accidental click activity.
  • Do not try to edit the AdSense ad code.
  • Do not put Mislead Heading before your ad. Like “Click Here to Earn Money” or  “Click here to Free Download

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Best Proven Tips To Optimizing Adsense Ad Revenue For Bloggers

#1. Use The HeatMap tool of Crazy egg to Increase the Adsense Profits

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg tool.This is one of the most Popular Strategy to increase the Adsense ad revenue by simply analyzing the User Behavior on your web page with the help of this tool.It is not only helpful for Adsense but also For businesses to increase their profit revenue.Most people do not care about the user behavior means why people leaving their site without producing any Conversions.but if you use this awesome tool then you can analyze the visitor’s activity like how long they scroll your page, where do they generally make clicks on your blog post. An official Screen Short is shown below.

An official Screen Short is shown below.Here the dark reddish or blueish colors Indicate the More click activity.but the light blue Color distinguishes the less Click Activity.

use crazy egg tool to increase or optimize adsense and business revenue

You can also See the working of HeatMap Tool-Click Here to See the Demo of HeatMap

Watch this official ad video for businesses.

Benefits of Using HeatMap tool of Crazy egg

  • Increase in Conversion rate.
  • ScrollMap Shows that how far page is being Scrolled by Viewer.
  • It also ensures that where do people like to Click on your page or that you can make an easy test with your AdSense ad placement to optimize it.
  • you can also detect the clicks in your web page as well as in your app.(Make sure do not put Google ads on your blog App)

#2. Use Top 3 Most Successful ad Style to enhance your AdSense ads

  • Match your ad Background & Border with your web page: This is the most Successful ad style to driving the attention of visitors on the don’t need to customize your ad style if your page color is White. you can immediately Choose AdSense Default ad style to Match your ad color, Background Color, hover color, border color & text color with your page Color.
  • Contrast: Use the color other than your site background can apply this ad style if your page background color is dark (other than the white color).for example, you can put a yellow background of the ad over the black background page.
  • Complement: try to Use the Colors which are already present in your web page.

A very Crucial Case Study had been done by Ampedsense which directly indicates that the Matching your ad background Color, border color  &  text color With your site is more effective than other two ad styles.

A Case Study on Ad style to Optimize adsense Ad Revenue


#3. Use The Multiple Ad Units On your Single Web Page

This is also an another way to increase the Adsense can put more than three ads to occupy the more space on your blog.but make Sure your web page Must have sufficient content to balance the ads.Means you can only put multiple ads if your page has enough not try to put multiple ads on your page if a visitor does not require to Scroll your page.

#4. Use Some Popular Ad Sizes to Optimize Adsense Ad revenue

This is Proved by many bloggers that if they use Some Very Specific Ad sizes then they found Increment in their Adsense earning.You can use following ad size to optimize your earning.

  • 720 X 100 (Mobile Banner)
  • Use Wide ad sizes like 336 x 280 large rectangular, 720 x 90 leaderboard, 300 X 600 half page.
  • Use at least one Horizontal link ad at the end of the post.

Note: Always use Text and display types of ads.because these are recommended by Adsense so this can also help you to increase your google Adsense CPC which directly increase your earnings.

#5. Do A/B Ad Unit Experiment for better Optimization

Google AdSense lets you allow to do a Case study on ad units by simply set up an Experiment.In this Experiment, you can Make following Comparisons:-

  • You can Compare the two different types of ad units, for example, Text type ad unit and  Both text & display Type of ad unit.
  • Observe the effect of Changing the color of ad text.
  • Analysis of Impact of Adsense earning 

There are two types of Ad Experiments:-

Some other Adsense Optimization Techniques that you Know

  • Choose High paying Keyword: If you want to earn more money by Adsense then you need focus on high paying keywords.But Sometimes it becomes very hard to write on those keywords.because there is a lot of competition due to high CPC bid Suggested by Advertiser.So if you want to rank high paying keyword then you need to learn that topic very deeply so that you can easily compete with your competitors.You can use SEMrush Tool to find the very suitable keywords for your blog niche.However, It is very Costly (300$/month).But More Powerful tool for Content Marketing.Learn about SEMrush by Harsh Agrawal 
  • Targeting Country: This is also an another practice to optimize your AdSense revenue.because Country really matters.So please do focus on a specific country.First always try to Target the country where you belong from.You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool to find out the keyword details for specific Country.First of all, Switch to your google Adwords tool and go to Tools > Keyword Planner.After doing so you need to go ahead and Put your keyword and also Configure your Target Country and then click on get will see Tones of Keyword Suggestions.Choose any of them that has high suggested bid.(*Remember that the keyword you have selected for your focus should have low Competition and high search volume.)
  • Ad Placement: It has been proven by google Adsense that Location of ads is also matters. but you can optimize your location by using crazy egg tool to analyze the activity of visitor on your web page.but if you can not afford this tool then you can put ads on the header, Upper Corner Sidebar, at the Starting of Content, and at the end of content.


Optimization of your Adsense is more important to earn a decent amount of money.So keep looking at different-2 Optimization Techniques.

blog optimization is also a parallel work that you need to do to taking into account that it can also optimize your website user-friendliness, SEO which directly directly affect your revenue.

So, To make your blog fully optimize, you need to focus on following things given below: –

  • SEO
  • User-friendliness
  • Site Structure
  • Loading time of your page.
  • Originality of your blog
  • Content management
  • AdSense Optimization

One Last thing you must remember that optmizing AdSense does not affect the Site SEO but site SEO plays a vital role to optimize your Ad revenue.

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