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Hello visitors , My name is shailesh kumar and I  have two blogs first is  about  the robots – Beginners blog and other is about the cancer –
                               These both free blogs are developed by me and i am working on these blogs since  8 to 9 months and now i  want to emphasize about all types of  complexity and difficulties faced by the beginners during the startup. I will also tell you how to develop a great free blog  which attract  more visitors  and increase the  traffic  of your website and blog.
The very first question comes that… which topic  have to be choose to make a best site to start a free blog. Here , beginners get confuse. because they do not have any idea about the blogging. they think that blogging is that only to write a post and publish it and supposing that it become famous and produce more traffic on your blog after few hours or days. but this is not true because blogging is a very tremendous field and there are many  things on which you have to focus like niches, keywords, SEO  etc….


1. How to get more money scary-questions Best way To Start A  Free blog
2. How to get traffic on blog
3. how to become famous instantly
These three  creepy questions are easily distract the mind of beginners and beginners only think about these three questions.

 So here   I  want to share my experience that  “DO NOT  THINK ABOUT THESE CREEPY QUESTIONS”

Because if you think  about these..  you will lose your attention during the blogging and search for these creepy questions and unfortunately you will waste your time.your mind will tried to get rid off the blogging.
OK These are the thinks that should not have to be do.
Then what have to be do … Let me tell you 
1. GO to the youtube and search for top bloggers in the world  and  get their word …and one think you have to mind that …..

please_note Best way To Start A  Free blog                                        BLOGGING  REQUIRES                                                                               PATIENCE



2. see all the seminars and motivation speech of best bloggers and  get idea of their profession .OK  after that  your potential will automatically  increased  and that potential will help you to concentrate on  the blogging.
3. You feel so well … you are ready  for best way  to start  a free blog.
These all the things that i have been written is my experience 
This is the post for the beginners i hope it will helpful for all the visitors.

IN NEXT post i will tell you how to make a  effective blog …….thank you…



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