5 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Hello Friends Today I am going to introduce you about Affiliate Marketing .It is noting but an online Marketing. This is the way through which one can earn money (in the form of commission) by promoting other’s products. This is the way to enhance the business affiliation.

Let me give an suitable Example for better understanding. Suppose You are the owner of  Web Hosting company and you want to sell your Hosting services. In this case you need something that  can publish your services very easily and fast  among the thousands of people. so in order to do that you will hire some publishers and allow them to promote your products. In this process  you have to pay some % of commission to the publisher if he make any sell  of your services on his own recommendation.this is called affiliate marketing.

There are Many affiliate marketing programs like web hosting affiliate marketing , Email affiliate Marketing etc.

But today i  am going to introduce you  only about  Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing.As we all know that there are Many  web Hosting companies like Hostgator , bluehost ,SiteGroung or Many others.they all use affiliation to promote their services.

Hostgator affiliate  Program

This Online affiliate  Program is One of the most popular affiliate marketing program . you can Earn commission per successful sign up . the amount of commission  varies from 50$ to 125$ depending upon your successful sign up per month.


number successful sign up per month Earn per successful sign up     Total Earning
                            1 – 5      50$ /sign up     50 -250$
                             6-10   75$ /sign up      450 -750$
                             11-20   100$/sign up       1100 -2000$
                  21 or more then 21    125$/sign up       >2625$

How to become an affiliate  of hostgator

Before dive deeper let’s have a great look about how you can join the affiliate program .first of all you need a blog associate with single niche like web Hosting. If your blog is able to get sufficient traffic on your blog then you can apply for it. for application you have to simply follow some steps.

sign-up-page-of-affiliate-program-Hostgator 5 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

  • Sign up  for become an affiliate
  • you will see an application form which is similar to this.

affiliate-marketing-application-form 5 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketingaffiliate-marketing-application-form-hostgator-2 5 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

  • Fill out this form carefully. Remember that if you have already  an impactradius account then you can directly click over the yellow highlighter.
  • After filling this account application click on  continue . you  will land up to the page named as addition  information . here you can fill your website information.
  • When you have all done submit it for review . in this process your website is quickly scanned by hostgator  companies in order to verify your  website information.
  • After 2 to 3 days you will receive an email about your conformation.
  • Now you have almost done . you have to just add your referral link  with your web page.


How does Affiliate Marketing Works

how-does-hostgator-affiliate-program-works 5 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

Working of affiliate program is very simple. As i  have already mentioned about how to become an affiliate  . When  someone open your web page  through which you are promoting hostgator services and sign up for become an affiliate by using your referral  recommendation . then your account will credited by hostgator affiliate program.

you can get paid by paypal , check or ACH at monthly basis . paypal is one of the best reliable  online payment service.


2 . Bluehost Affiliate Marketing

This is also an another affiliate program. the other thing like eligibility , signup for bluehost affiliate marketing is similar as the hostgator. only difference is that hostgator pay according to number of sign up per month as i mentioned av0be . but bluehost  pay 65$ per qualified sign up.

bluehost-affiliate-marketing 5 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

Most of people think that they can Earn Money by affiliate by using fake traffic or fake sign up . but this is not genuine way to make any sell. If you want to deactivate your  affiliate account. then just remove your tracking code from your website.

Your affiliate account May be discarded  if  you follow these steps

  • if  bluehost find any misleading or fraud activity  in their discretion . then it results to immediate deactivation of  your account.
  • if you are already reseller web hosting company . then do not apply to affiliate Marketing . Because if bluehost  find this involvement in their discretion . then it also results to immediate deactivation of  your account.


3. Arvixe  affiliate  Marketing Program

This is the highest payout  affiliate Marketing program. one can get paid up to 135$ /sign up . the commission changes according to the number of sign up per month.

               1-6             70$        70-420$
              7-12            90$        630-1080$
            13-19            115$        1495-2185$
              19+            135$          >2565$


The application form is exactly similar as Hostgator affiliate program . you can follow all the  steps to fill up the account form.

4. Wp Engine Affiliate Market Program

wp-engine-affiliate-marketing 5 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

Wp Engine provide Largest Payout Commission.  The amount of Commission  for Every successful sign up is about 200$. which is much more than other.

A Few reasons to Join Wp engine affiliate Program
  • highest payout
  • Rich affiliate Network
  • Best Performance Due to continuously checking the banner size. which one is best.

benefits-and-features-of-wp-engine-affiliate-program 5 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

InMotion  Affiliate Marketing

InMotion Affiliate Marketing Provide you average payout about 50$.All the things are then the other affiliate programing .

inmotion-affiliate-marketing 5 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Features
  • Monthly payout.
  • Affiliate referral Bouns.
  • Highest Commission 50$.
  • Control Panel is so Easy to use.
  • Account tracking Regularly.
key structure -sum up

top-5-web-hosting-For-Affiliate-Marketing 5 Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing









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