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Hello, Today I am going to discuss the  WordPress Hosting. I will Mention here about the Hostgator. Hostgator is one of the awards winning Web Hosting Company.

About  Hostgator:

Hostgator  Was Founded by Brent Oxley in Oct 2002. This Is One Of The Best  Web Hosting   Service Provider company. At The  Starting of 2003, it Had Only 113 Active Customers. But after 1 year  It Had More Than 1000 customers. Hostgator  Was Passed More Than 200k  Registered Domains  Within 4 Years.  In 2008,  Hostgator  Became a Fastest Growing  Company of  US.  The Company Was First Setup In Canada Because of More Fertile Land  For System. But after  That, Hostgator transferred from Canada (Boca Raton) to Houston Due To Large  System area (25000 sq ft).


The first Blog Published  By The  Hostgator Blog is ” Welcome  Gator Crossing” On 4th  May 2007. Hostgator Was  Being Acquired By Endurance International  Group.

Why Hostgator  WordPress Hosting is Awesome 

There are Several Reasons that I Want To Mention Here. Which Will Explain That You Should Also Use Hostgator WordPress Hosting.

I am Not Promoting Hostgator But I am Suggesting Hostgator Because I am Using Hostgator Hosting  (Baby plan) Since 1 year.  It is really So Awesome.

When I had just Start  Blogging I  didn’t  even Know about what is Hostgator. I used free Hosting which is Hosted by google. Because  I was using  Blogger as My Blogging Platform.  As the time passed I realized that now I should have to  Migrate From Blogger To WordPress

Before Launching  My New Web I had to Choose a Hosting Company. I Started google about the Best hosting Company in The World. Then I found two Best Companies Hostgator and Bluehost. These two are Most Popular Hosting In The World. Then I Chose  Hostgator randomly. There was no Reason Behind   That, It was just My Choice.  I Did not  Know That  It Was right or Wrong.  But When I Worked With The Hostgator  I Realized That I Have Chose right Thing.


My Review on The Hostgator Hosing:

  • Hostgator Serve Me Well. I am Very Happy to Use Hostgator Hosting.
  • 100% Technical Support.
  • More Reliable, affordable.
  • I feel Easy To Use Hostgator.
  • Very Suitable and attractive Control  Panel.
  • Quick Installation of Plugins, Themes etc.
  • All along I found That it is Preferable for WordPress Websites.

Features Of WordPress Hosting  Plan  Of Hostgator

1.  Super-Charged  Cloud  Architecture:

This Is The Very First Feature Of  WordPress Hosting. In Normal Hosting (Shared ) We Realize That the Loading Speed Of  The  Web  Is Slow. Due To This Reason User Just Rid Of Your Website. So To   Increase The Loading Speed A  Supercharged Cloud Architecture Is Uses. It Increases The Speed Up To 2.5 Times  Normal.

2.   Low-Density Server:

WordPress Hosting   Uses Low-Density Server That Means  Number of Servers That Are Connected or Hosted To  The Single  Hardware Machine Is Lower Than The Normal Shared Hosting.

3.  Free Migration:

This Feature Of WordPress Hosting is allowed The User To Migrate His existing WordPress Into The Hostgator. All Of His Google  Rank, Comment Feeds, E-mails Remains Same.

4.  Easy to Use The Control Panel:

In WordPress Hosting  The Control Panel Is Very Attractive  And  Can be Use Easily. It Looks Very Simple and  Systematic. It Has fewer Complexities Than Normal Hosting plan (Shared). WordPress Hosting  Also Include Auto Backups &  Email Management Facilities.

5.  Advanced Security:

This Is The Top Most Feature of  WordPress Hosting. Because Security Is Prime Concern. It Provides The Advanced Technologies To Monitor And Secure  All  The Resources.You Can Safely Use It To Control On Your Usage.

    WordPress Hosting Plans:

Wordpress Hosting plans


Click Here To: Sign Up For WordPress Hosting.


Difference Between WordPress Hosting &  Shared Web Hosting

  • In Shared Web Hosting  There is Limited Space.Because in This Hosting a single Hardware Machine (RAM) is Shared By Number of  Hosted Users. But WordPress Hosting  Has Only a few Of  Hosted Users. So It Allows More Space for Individual.
  • In Shared Web Hosting  There Is Lack Of Security. But In WordPress Hosting Security is First Concern.
  • The Loading Time Is Higher In Shared Web Hosting.
  • Server  Down Time Is  Much Less In WordPress Hosting. So Server Accessibility Is Good.
  • Server Of WordPress Hosting is regularly Up To Dated Then Shared Web Hosting.


Disadvantage Of  WordPress Hosting:

  • It Seems To Be Little Costly Because It Is Providing you  More Than Normal Shared web Hosting.
  • It Does Not Allow You To  Upload Some  Specific Plugins. This Drawback Is also Similar For All  The  Hosting  Plans.
  • Other Types Of  WordPress CMSs is Not Allowed.

I Hope This Whole  Information is Helpful For all of You…. If You Have Any Query Regarding This Topic You Can Drop Comment For Me ……Thanks..
















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