5 Black Hat SEO Strategies Should Never be Used

black hat seo strategies sum up key

Black Hat SEO

Hello, Friends today I will discuss the Black Hat SEO Strategies. In earlier Post, I discussed the Other types of SEO if you want to Have look at these types then visit the following links.

Black Hat SEO is also an another value addition process to the web page. It includes all the Wrong Ways through which one can get High page rank Within a very Short Period of Time. I do not recommend you to Use Black Hat SEO  strategies for your benefits. However, There are some techniques that you may not be referred. I will Explain all about in this post.

Black Hat SEO strategies

Black Hat SEO  Strategies are generally used by the people who  Want instant High ranking  In the search results. Remember One thing, Google does not allow you to Use Black Hat SEO Strategies. If you do so then You may be punished by Google. You are Tend to ruin your blogging Career.

1. Cloaking

 Cloaking is a wrong way to Obtain the great reputation of a website very instantly. In cloaking, a user does not get correct information from the search engine. For example, you are searching for  Hd video songs but when you go to that link you will find another stuff which does not match with your query.

black hat seo strategies cloaking


My suggestion is to all the website owners is that Do not use this technique. because it affects the user trustworthiness. they will always try to rid of your website.

How it affects your website

  1. visitors get into trouble  when they do not find  query during surfing your web page(website’s owner)
  2. Google Panda and Penguin detects these techniques and you may be penalized by Google.
  3. your search ranking decreases.


2.Copyright content

Most of the people use this Black Hat SEO  Strategy to get rank high in search engine. they just copy the content from another website and paste it to their website. I want to suggest one thing to all people who are using this technique is that Google technology is more intelligent than you people. Google indexes only unique content and all the copyright things are wastage. you can not override your content which is already indexed by Google. so Make sure Get rid off this technique.

3.Secret Text (Hidden Text)

Secret texts are mostly the keywords that people add at the end of the post with the color similar to the background color to match the keyword with the background. so that the people who are searching your web page can not see these keywords. But these keywords are in your page source code.

when google scans your source code it found these keywords. when someone’s search about these(that you have put under the bottom of your web page) keywords then google crawlers crawl the related indexed page and show the result on the search engine accordingly. when a user visits these pages.he does not get his right query.this  is something like cloaking in which search engine shows you different results from your query.

4. Buying Links

This is an another Black Hat SEO strategy to increase the google ranking. This is also a wrong way to Make reputation among the search engines. There are Many websites who provide you a facility to buy the Links at the very fewer amount.people buy these links to increase the search engine results.

5. Keyword stuffing

This is a very popular technique used by people in order to increase the page rank and visibility in search results. Most of the people think that if they use more keywords in their post then it become visible in search result very instantly. they use a very high density of keywords in their post.

For example, if  I Want to write on a topic of SEO and I use SEO as a focusing keyword. then you should only use this keyword maximum 1 to 2% of the number of words use in your post. do not try to add up unnecessary keywords within your post.




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