build your own professional blog on wordpress within 5 minutes

build your own professional blog on wordpress within 5 minutes

Would you like to make your own professional blog?. If yes, then you are at the right place. In today’s Article, I will cover all the steps that you should follow to make your own website. So grab a cup of tea and start living with your own professional Blog on WordPress.

The question may arise in beginner’s mind that how can I make a professional blog? then don’t worry I take care of all the aspects.

If you are totally newbie in blogging then first you need to ask some questions to yourself.

Do I like writing? 

  • Before going to start your blogging career you need to ensure that whether you like writing or not.

Which one is the best blogging platform?

  • If Answer to the first question is yes then choose a blogging platform. There many blogging platforms like Blogspot, WordPress, Joomla, Wix & Drupal. you need to Select one of them. But As a blogger, I suggest You Wordpress. Because WordPress is popular among the bloggers. However, Joomla & Drupal both are excellent but they require more Skills. If you want to open an e-commerce Website then you can go to Magento or Woocommerce.

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Which type of niche do I need to select?

  • Once you have ensured that you like writing.Then the next step is to go ahead and Select the Interesting Topic or niche on which you can write easily.

How much money do I need to spend to set up a professional blog?

  • If you are Financially weak then you can not invest a large amount of money. But WordPress provide you with an opportunity to starts with 10$. As you know the domain and Web hosting both are the backbones of your website.So you need to Purchase a Hosting Server on which your website gets online on the web server globally.Where Domain name gives the address to your directory so that search engines can find you. for this, you have to spend at least 10 to 12$ per month.

The Questions which I have written above are for your brain Washing.Now Let me Come to the main motive of today’s topic.

build your own professional blog on WordPress within 5 minutes

There is a process that you need to follow to make your professional blog on WordPress. I am using Hostgator and Godaddy to explain you the whole process so that you can easily setup your blog within 5 minutes.

1. Buy Domain Name from Godaddy

The first step you need to buy a domain. Godaddy is the most Popular domain name Provider company. You can choose any domain name that you want. But your domain name should be similar to your site or blog name.

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  • Sign Up to Godaddy.
  • Put your Domain name that you want and choose the extensions like .com, .org etc.

Check your domain availability with godaddy

  • Click on Search Domain Button and get your domain availability. If your Domain name is not taken by anyone then you can Select It.

godaddy shows you domain availability

  • Click on The Select button and then ok to Continue to Cart Button.
  • After Clicking on Continue Button you will see the following options.

options after clicking on continue to cart button in godaddy

  • You also see other options like select plans & create an email address that matches your domain. If you want any of them then select your options. otherwise, don’t make any changes and click on the Continue with these Options button.
  • As you click on Continue With these Options button you will land up on the Checkout page (See Below). Here you will see your final worth of your domain name. You can also find some other additional products if you want to add any of them then add them. Otherwise, make your payment by simply clicking on Proceed to checkout button.(Please check the payment status whether it is matching with earlier bid or not ).

proceed to checkout with godaddy

  • Now Make your payment by filling out your card Information.
  • After that, you will receive an email from Godaddy which confirms that your domain has successfully Registered.

2. Buy Hosting  from Hostgator

Choosing a better hosting is also a big sign of professional site. But I recommend you to buy HostGator or Bluehost hosting. these both are most popular hosting to manage your WordPress Site. Why am I recommending these web hosting? because these hosting companies provide you with the better control Interface and reliability. So you go any of them without any question. Now let’s get Started with Hostgator.


Managed WordPress Hosting Reviews on Hostgator Web hosting company 

Reviews on Shared Hosting of Hostgator


  • Sign Up for Hostgator Hosting.
  • However, you are a beginner so I recommend you to choose the Shared Baby plan .Because this hosting Plan let you allow to host a huge number of Domain names to your single control panel. But in Case if you do not want to make more than one WordPress site then you can go for Hatchling Plan.
  • Add Additional Service panel (here Hostgator provides you with some other Services which you don’t need to buy. So please uncheck these options.You can buy these services after some time).

hostgator addition feature for wordpress site

 fill out the order form carefully. During the filling out, you have to Check following options.

  • Choose your domain name. If you want to buy a domain name from the Hostgator then you can select the register a new domain option. But here you can put your already existing domain that earlier you have bought.

choose a domain name for professional blog on wordpress


  • Cross check your Hosting plan
  • Billing information. (Do check your country & City)
  • Enter Coupon code. For more information about Hostgator Coupon Code please read my guide on                          


 Almost free Web hosting from Hostgator

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 Get 44% Off Cloud Hosting Coupon Code

  • Review the Final order details and click on Checkout.
  • After doing so you will receive an email where you will find all the Information regarding Hosting user name and password for Cpanel and Nameservers to point your domain to the hosted account.
  • Now Switch to Godaddy account and then go to My Products. Here you find the following options.

godaddy my porduct options

  • Click on First option Domain > Manage Button.
  • As you click on Manage button you will see your active domain name.That you have earlier purchased.

managing the domain name in godaddy manage domain setting

  • Click on the set nameservers option and copy the nameservers that you have earlier received in your email. Paste these nameservers in the nameservers settings.

How to configure point the godaddy domain name to the hostgator

Your Customize & professional WordPress blog is ready to Use. Now you need to Configure your Website.

3. How To Configure WordPress blog Professionally

Now you have done your important task. It’s time to Configure your site structure. first of all, you need to install WordPress on your public.html folder. However, you don’t need to go anywhere just switch to your Cpanel. the information related to your Cpanel like Username and password has been given to you by Welcome email.

There are some steps that you have to follow

  • Switch to your Cpanel account.
  • Click on the Software > Quick Install.

how to install wordpress on hostgator cpanel

  • After Clicking on the Quick Install You see something I have shown you below. Here you can choose your domain on which you are Installing WordPress CMS. In directory section, you don’t need to put anything. Just go ahead and click next.

how to install wordpress on hostgator cpanel 2

  • Further, you need to fill the WordPress blog title name (you can put your site title here.). Then put your Admin username. it may be your name. Now put your name and email address. Tick on both the options underneath the admin email. Click on Install now.

how to install wordpress on hostgator cpanel 3


  • Congratulation, you have successfully installed WordPress on The root directory of Cpanel. Now your professional blog on WordPress is ready to use. you have to install a very attractive & user-friendly theme and Some plugins.

See the video tutorial: –

You can find Some Important WordPress plugins on my blog. Please read this guide.

For Themes, please read this guide:-


After Completing all Compulsory tasks it’s time to Create Some mandatory pages. However, it takes some additional 5 minutes.

  • About Me / About Us: This page is very important for all types of websites and blogs. In this page, you need to provide your additional information. If you are running a business through your website then you need to introduce your business. Means what is the name of your business and also what is your business?.
  • Terms & Policies: Here you can mention your website (Business) Terms & policies. This is Essential for all business Companies.
  • Contact Us / Contact Me: You can provide your company’s address, email, phone number and also all other information that is important to know your audience/customers.

These pages increase your website professionality. So I hardly recommend you to Create these pages for your blog & Websites.


After Reading this Article you are able to make a professional blog which is hosted on Hostgator.I have covered everything in this article but there is something you need to do yourself like finding a niche for your WordPress website & Spend some time to writing on killers posts.

If you want to start with Bluehost Instead of Hostgator hosting then you can read this article Guided by Jeffbulls.

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