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Hello, Welcome To Beginners-blog. MySelf Shailesh Shakya I am a Very Passionate Blog Enthusiastic.I bought Mechaplanet.org Domain in May 2016.I am a Mechanical Engineer.I am a very Creative person.my quotation is “keep on updating Yourself”. The Journey of Beginners Blog I was very excited to learn to blog.But no one behind Me to Support.Everything I was doing […]

types of adaptive control & conventional feedback control system

DIRECT ADAPTIVE CONTROL SYSTEM in direct adaptive control system estimated parameters are directly used in adaptive controller.it means that the controller parameters are directly adjusted by the adaption techniques. it eliminates the need of plant parameters adjustment. INDIRECT ADAPTIVE CONTROL SYSTEM in indirect adaptive control plant parameters are indirectly estimated values which are used to […]


INCREMENTAL OPTICAL ENCODER it is also a device which can convert the rotational or linear position into the electric signals.incremental optical encoder also used to detect the position of the shaft.    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN  ABSOLUTE ENCODER & INCREMENTAL OPTICAL ENCODER 1. the output of the  absolute encoder indicates the current position of the shaft but […]