Colocation web hosting Meaning


Colocation web hosting is  a  type of hosting in which  a small organizations or small business companies can access their own hosted website server (these hosting servers are purchased by organizations or a little businesses companies) at affordable cost. it  has more expanses than other  web hosting server.

colocation web hosting provider  is also  provide you most important facility  to manage your server like electricity ,cooling , and security for your hardware . colocation web hosting server allow you to install your server machine to someone’s closet or rack. it is also similar to the dedicated web hosting only difference is that dedicated web hosting does not allow the physical space or rack (in which colocation  machinery must be installed).

Generally A small business company requires  very much large space than individual  . because company has to access several ip’s or domain  addresses. normal web hosting server like shared web hosting does not allow  very huge accesses so instead of shared web hosting , these companies mostly refers colocation web hosting.

these companies can also use dedicated web hosting to access their  services but  dedicated web hosting  is much expensive  for that large purpose because they have to purchase more then one dedicated server  for every single access. so dedicated web hosting increases  expanses  a lot  .  these large expanses may not be  afforded by companies. in these cases colocation web hosting  is the one of the best option for  companies.


in above description i have been discussed about colocation web hosting  meaning

Now I want to describe some benefits and  disadvantage



1.  sometimes your colocation web server requires management and installment  and if you are not able to manage server then your service provider can manage your server installment  and issue with very less worth rate.

2. you have your own server so their is no need to wait for server provider to install your software . you can solely  install your software with  your IT exports.

3. in colocation  web hosting provider you have to pay  more to protect your server from breakdown.

4. This is more flexible hosting service   so you can easily move your server location .

5. it is allow more security.

6. colocation web hosting allow the more bandwidth than other web hosting service at  the same price.

server-colocation-300x141 Colocation web hosting Meaning


1. Less availability of colocation web server means  -: according to your  locality you can not purchase colocation web server . it is only possible when  you find server provider near your residency.

2. Because of the less availability you can not find server provider very near to your residency which may results  large time of outage  of your system (because you are require to some travel to reach your server provider).

3. in colocation web hosting plan you have to pay  according to your  traffic amount monthly . if their is less traffic within a month then you will pay less money and if you get traffic then you  will have to pay more money.














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