How To Configure Adsense Advertising On Blogger

How to put google AdSense ads on blogger

Hello friends, today’s topic is very special. Because today is am going to discuss AdSense advertising. Most of the people start their blogging career to Live free of mind and earn a decent amount of money. I am pretty Sure that you all know about Adsense.

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Most of the people using Adsense advertising to monetize their Blogs. They earn up to thousands of dollars per month. So it is the most popular ads network to earn a huge amount of money.

Why Google Adsense Advertising is much better than other Ads Network

  • The CPC (Cost Per Click) of Adsense advertising is higher than others.
  • It is more reliable.
  • Ads are much related to blog content that Increases the click-through rate (CTR).
  • It is more powerful ad network than others like Infolinks, Zhakkas etc.
  • Google Adsense advertising network also pay for Ad Impression.    

To understand The CPC, CTR, impression, CPM, eCPM & RPM you can check out my category given below

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Let me come to the topic

If you are very serious about your blogging career then it is very important to monetize your blog. Most of the people have already started  their blogging carrier on different-2 platforms like blogger, WordPress, Wix  Or many others.

Let’s get started discussion on blogger.

Configure Adsense advertising on blogger

 Configuring the Adsense advertising network on blogger is very simple. A few step that you need to follow is given below.

  • Login to your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to earnings and sign up for Adsense. Here in my dashboard, You can’t see the option for sign Adsense. But if you do then you would see it.

blogger adsense sign up

  • Blogger account is under the google account so as you click on the sign up for Adsense. You will be redirected to your Google account. Now, you need to just sign in with your google account and then you  will land up on a Page of Google Adsense.

adsense account page

  • Here you see three processes. Your account, that you have done already. Now you have to fill out your website information and last your personal Information in which you have to fill out your name, address, etc.
  • Now you almost done. After that, you receive a thank you page. And then you will shortly receive an email for your Adsense approval.
  • If  your account  has approved. Then It’s time to put the ads on your site.
  • For that, sign in to your Adsense account and go to the my ads>ad Units.

adsense : How to Configure adsense advertising on blogger

  • Create new ad unit. put any name (ex: XYZ).
  • Select the size of ad unit.
  • Then select the ad whatever you want. ( Recommended: Text & Display ads)
  • Click the save and get code button.
  • Again go to blogger dashboard and click on layout> add Gadget.

 blogger Dashboard layout option

  • Select add a gadget “HTML/JavaScript“.
  • Put any title that you want.
  • Paste the ad code here and click the save changes button.

adsense advertising - put ad code

Congratulations …..!!!


It is pretty simple to apply the code within the HTML/java script widget.


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