How to configure WordPress sitelock security plugin with sitelock to automatically remove the Malware

How to configure WordPress sitelock security plugin with sitelock to automatically remove the Malware

Are you looking for some affordable website malware removal service? Then it’s good to have a look at Sitelock. Sitelock is one of the powerful security services which provides whole isolation to your website.

Running a business without security could be dangerous and makes it more vulnerable. A hacker can easily steal your personal information. Don’t give them any chance. Secure your WordPress site with sitelock security.

Therefore, I am going to share a key guide that explains that how to configure sitelock security with WordPress. It is very simple to setup sitelock with the WordPress site.

Let’s get started…

#1. First of all, purchase a suitable plan that fits your business. Sitelock has partnered with almost all the hosting companies so you can purchase your plan directly from hosting. My website was hosted under Hostgator. So, there are three plan “find”, “fix” and “full protection”. I recommend you the fix plan which includes all necessary security essentials.

Features provided by “Fix plan” of sitelock

  1. Automatic malware removal
  2. Regular malware scanning
  3. Network scanning
  4. Spam scanner
  5. SQL infection scan
  6. WordPress core files [public_html folder] scan
  7. XXS scanner

Features that are not provided by this plan

  1. PCI compliance

How to purchase sitelock security plan from Hostgator?

Login to Hostgator billing portal

Click the my account > offers > Sitelock

Hostgator billing portal

You see three plans as I mentioned above. Select the “fix plan”

sitelock plans offered by hostgator hosting partner

Purchase this plan by filling out all your credit card information. Once done, you will receive a welcome email from sitelock.

sitelock welcome email

Toggle the CDN/firewall button that make this plan activated.  After that, head to the following manage icon.

how to configure sitelock

As you click this manage icon you will redirected to the sitelock’s login page. Here, you see three options

  • Login with hosting partner
  • Login with username and password
  • Create an account

Click the first option “login with hosting partner” and put your login ID and password or you can also create a new account. Next, open WordPress dashboard and download “sitelock security” plugin.

Once downloaded, go to tools and click the sitelock security and configure this plugin.

configure sitelock security plugin

By clicking the “connect the sitelock” button you will redirected to sitelock dashboard. Here you need to only configure smart scan that provides full protection to your site

How to configure WordPress sitelock security plugin with sitelock to automatically remove the Malware

Next step, configure the smart scanner which let you allow remove all the malware or malicious code automatically. This is the only difference between “find plan” and “Fix plan”. That’s why I recommend you the fix plan.

As you enter into the sitelock, you will see a configuration alert letting you know that “configure the smart scan”. From here you can start setting up the smart scan configuration.

smart configuration of sitelock fix plan


In case if you don’t find the smart scanner. Don’t worry you can find it here SETTINGS > NOTIFICATION > SMART SCAN

Where can i find the smart scanner inside the sitelock


In smart wizard, connect the FTP server so sitelock can scan you whole directory. For connecting FTP, Go to your hosting Control-panel and click the “FTP accounts”


how to create a FTP account in hostgator hosting cpanel

Here you will see a FTP account that is automatically generated by sitelock. Copy the username and password from here.

FTP account username and password

Put your FTP account details into the smart wizard of sitelock and click the “Test connection”. If you find any error then you can change your method of file transfer from FTP to SFTP. Sometimes you might encounter some errors while connecting your FTP account. But don’t worry you can contact to your hosting support.


See insights,

Method of file transfer –    FTP or you may choose SFTP

FTP server address        –    put your server IP or

FTP port number           –    21

USER ID                           – [Put your FTP account user ID]

Password                        –    Put your FTP account password


put your FTP account details to access the site directory

If you have successfully connected then you will see that all the files was imported into the sitelock smart wizard.

allow the sitelock to access the WordPress core file and scan

Now, select public_html folder as a root directory and click the “this is it” button.

you have successfully connected FTP account with sitelock smart wizard

Congrats! You have successfully configure sitelock with the WordPress site. The last thing is that verify your phone number and address. Once you done, you are ready to scan your website. One small thing you need to configure is that “allow the smart scanner to automatically remove the infected files from your directory”


Finally, I must say that website malware removal service of sitelock is good for small businesses. But for large website protection you can switch to Wordfence or Sucuri. They provide some extra features that make your website fully protected from hackers.





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