What is cpc (cost per click)

CPC - cost per click

WHAT IS CPC (cost per click)?

CPC is an acronym used in online marketing or advertising. It implies that how much amount of money an advertiser is going to pay you for one click. The amount of money depends on the type of product. Means which type of product advertiser wants to publish according to the product amount of CPC bid is suggested by the advertiser.

There is the number of different online advertising program that uses this acronym. Because to increase the business or engagement of customers it is important to publish the product.  To do so advertiser hires some of the publishers (website owners) to publish their products.  He fixes a bid for a particular type of ad and publisher (website owner) get paid with that fixed amount when someone clicks on the ads.

Google Adsense  Ad program

Google Adsense is the most popular ad program.  AdSense uses the CPC acronym for the publishers. It allows the publishers to place ads on their websites.

When you make a website. After some time your website becomes famous and driving more traffic. then you are now able to account for Google Adsense. google Adsense provide you with an ad script or code. you have to copy that code and paste in your website. Now ads will start to show on your web page.

Factor on which CPC  depends

1.The advertiser only pays for the specific keyword. you have to use these keywords in your articles. If someone finds your blog by searching that keyword and click any ads you’ll get the 68% share of that total suggested bid.

2.Type of keyword : CPC is different for different -2  keywords, for example, .if you  are focusing  on the  high suggested bid keyword like  web hosting, domain name or other . then you will get more CPC amount through these keywords

but if you are not using the proper keyword then you will not get paid by Adsense .

How to increase the cost per click revenue  of AdSense

1. Use high paying keyword

2.block the low paying keyword. google Adsense allow the publishers to block the low paying keyword which results to increase in the CPC.

3.  web page content.

4. your website niches

5. focusing country

6. Ad size:  place 2 ads of 336×228 (ad size )  size inside the post and place 1 ad of 468×60  outside the post.

7. placement of your ads on your web page is more important. because if you use right placement then you will get more revenue. place 2 ads in your post and one outside the post.


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