Dedicated web Hosting

What is dedicated web hosting

Hello friends,
                   Todat i will discuss about dedicated web hosting . in which i wiil also tell all about  benefits and  disadvantage of its.
these are the topics that are important to make more aware about web hosting and their types….
Today i am come  with new type of web hosting named as dedicated web hosting.

Dedicated web hosting

it is also termed as managed web hosting .Dedicated web hosting is the most reliable and desirable web hosting. when an account holder purchases a dedicated web plan then hosting provider allow a  server to you and you can access it easily by using cpanel . dedicated hosting provider does not allow your server to share with any other account holder. it means that whole space is allow only for a single website .due to this reason dedicated web hosting is more  preferable than other web hosting.

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However dedicated web hosting is  more expansive , but it provides better facilities to the website owner.

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After purchasing dedicated hosting you will get cpanel login ld and password on your email. cpanel is a industry leading  linux  based web hosting control panel . cpanel give you facility to manage your website file and stuff with  attractive interfacing. 

 Benefits of dedicated web hosting 

1. It is more reliable than other web hosting server. 
2 .large organizations are purchases these servers . because large organization requires more security, reliablity, more powerful server control .
3. All the resources and capabilities are reserved for single website. so you can use all the facilities and resources because dedicated server does not allow sharing.
4. high security of your resources and files because their is no sharing.
5.dedicated server provide a specific facility. in which only one has to pay for server plan and rest of  maintenance is serve by server provider.
6. if you register a managed type of dedicated web  plan . then server provider also provide you some facility to manage your server.

Disadvantage of dedicated web hosting

1. more expansive
2. skills
3. when you faces any problem in your server . then you have to wait  for it




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