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After choosing a  better platform it is very important to know about the domain. so In this post, I will tell you about DOMAIN  and their some important information like……

  • What is the purpose of a domain
  • how to pick a domain
  • Buy a domain name
  • Register a domain 
  • long domain names 
  • choosing a domain name for a blog
  • the full domain name
  • What separates the components of a domain


Basically, Domain represents the IP address resources. It is nothing but the identity of an internet network. it is very difficult to remember the typical IP addresses so to reduce the complexity of IP addresses it is easy to remember domain names.Domain names are produced by rules or procedure of Domain name system(DNS).

The main purpose of the domain is to hold the IP address to access the particular information related to Domain system.

FOR EXAMPLE: if my web internet protocol address is 
and someone asks me to visit my website and I tell him that my IP is then he will have to remember these numeric numbers and we know that it is very difficult to memorize these numeric values so we develop domain names to memorize these IP addresses instead of numeric numbers.


 Basically, DNS is a naming system of computers or services, and any other device that is connected to the internet. It provides the name services to the server .it translates the domain into corresponding IP addresses.

 There is also an important term to discuss domain name space


As the name indicates that domain space is a type of space to authorized the domain registrars through which domain names are registered. domain name space is a top level development and authorized by ICANN (internet corporation for assigned names and numbers). Domain space consist of a group of domain names and each of group contains information of the corresponding domain.

What is DNS (Domain name Service or Domain name System) & how does it work

working of the DNS can easily be understood by the following the schematic. As you know that DNS is a system that resolves the name to Numbers. DNS is required because Computers can not understand the domain name submitted by the human ( they can only understand Numeric values like but a person can not memorize these numbers. So to overcome this problem DNS comes into the picture.
So the main function of the domain name is to convert the domain name into Ip Addresses.
Let me you the working of the DNS with an example
Suppose you want Search for then what you do?
You simply go to your Browser and type But how your browser know about the exact IP of Your Search query.
For resolving this query into Ip address. The browser first Check it’s Cache memory. Because all the recent Queries are saved in the cache memory. so if you have ever searched for  then the browser can directly find out
the exact IP Address Corresponding to And browser has no need to collab with DNS.
But if you have never searched for then the browser has to ask for the exact IP Address to DNS.
There are more than 308 root servers in all over the world. but these are subdivided into 13 groups of servers. every group of Servers has an identity of a top level domain (.net, .org, .com, etc.). these all groups know the IP address of the Corresponding Top level domain (Domain extension .org, .net, .com etc.).
However, these groups do not know about the exact IP address but it contains a List of Ip addresses that are responsible for the Top level domain name like .net, .com, .org. 
Now we have arrived on the Domain name Layer. here browser Contact with the real information of your search query. And finally, the browser will get exact IP Address for your search query
 Let me try to Convince you with the help of the following diagram
  • first step: Suppose you type in your browser.
  • Now DNS server sends your request to retrieving IP address of over to Root-level Domain name Server (RLDS). A RLDS is a name server which contains the information of all the top level domains that may be responsible for your domain information. RLDS is the first solution because this is the place from which your domain name start to converts into hosted Ip address. please do remember that RLDS does not have your exact IP address so RLDS forwards this request to TOP level Domain Server(TLDS).
  • Based on the information TLDS knows the Second Level domain (CISCO) and then TLDS forwards the exact IP of your search query ( Now this IP Address sends to Internal DNS server for which over browser was looking for.


Note: In this example Second Level Domain is CISCO and TOP Level Domain is .Com



 You Can also refer this video tutorial By PieterExplains Tech to understand the process of  DNS.




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