eCPM CTR & page RPM

What is eCPM

eCPM(effective cost per mile or effective cost per thousand impression)

ecpm is the term  generally used  for banner ads .it  compares  the ad units in such a way . so that  advertiser can easily  be  compare the performance of ads. this term  does not account for  video ads.


=  ( total earning of ad unit in a specific period of time /Total number of ad impression in same period of time)*1000



click through rate is basically an indicator. it indicates that  what is the  probability of  clicking on your ads with respect to  overall ad impression. clicking of your ads mostly depend on the placement of ads on  your web page. it also depends on the content of your web page.

CTR =  number of click /  total  number of ad  impression

CTR%=  (number of click / total number of ad impression )  * 100


PAGE RPM (revenue per thousand impression)

As the name implies that page RPM is  the   revenue (Estimate earning )  to the number of page view multiply by 1000. for example if you get 15  page view and your page revenue is .0015$  then your page rpm comes out to be 1$ .

formula :   (Estimate earning / number of page view) *1000

so               =   (.0015/15)*1000


This is also a important terminology used in google adsense.  it implies that impression RPM is the Estimate  earning  per ad impression multiply by one thousand .

FORMULA =  (Estimate earning/ ad impression )*1000

here the very important thing is that  impression RPM is always less than page  RPM .

because google allows  three ads per page so if any web page has three ad on it then the  ad impression is 3 times of page views so  this is the reason  that Page rpm is always greater than  ad rpm

page rpm > impression rpm

page rpm and impression rpm become equal if web page contains only one  ad in it . then in this case page view become equal to ad impression.


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