eCPM CTR & page RPM

What is eCPM

eCPM(effective cost per mile or effective cost per thousand impressions)

ecpm is the term generally used for banner ads .it  compares the ad units in such a way. so that advertiser can easily be  compare the performance of ads. this term does not account for video ads.


=  ( total earning of ad unit in a specific period of time /Total number of ad impression in same period of time)*1000



click through rate is basically an indicator. it indicates that what is the probability of clicking on your ads with respect to overall ad impression. the clicking of your ads mostly depends on the placement of ads on your web page. it also depends on the content of your web page.

CTR =  number of click /  total  number of ad  impression

CTR%=  (number of click / total number of ad impression )  * 100


PAGE RPM (revenue per thousand impressions)

As the name implies that page RPM is the   revenue (Estimate earning )  to the number of page view multiply by 1000. for example, if you get 15-page views and your page revenue is .0015$  then your page rpm comes out to be 1$.

formula :   (Estimate earning / number of page view) *1000

so               =   (.0015/15)*1000


This is also an important terminology used in google Adsense.  it implies that impression RPM is the Estimate earning  per ad impression multiply by one thousand.

FORMULA =  (Estimate earning/ ad impression )*1000

here the very important thing is that impression RPM is always less than page  RPM.

because google allows  three ads per page so if any web page has three ads on it then the  ad impression is 3 times of page views so  this is the reason  that Page rpm is always greater than  ad rpm

page rpm > impression rpm

page rpm and impression rpm become equal if a web page contains only one ad in it. then in this case page view become equal to ad impression.


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  1. in my Adsense account there is big difference in impression and click in overview tab and click tab. why its showing so much different information in overview and click tab? plz help as soon as possible.

    1. It’s obvious, there will a reasonable gap b/w impression and clicks.

      Impression is just a term used to define the how much time ads are shown on your website. But it does not mean that every single make a click.That’s way there is a gap.
      Your CTR would be somewhere 1 – 2 %.

      1. There is a correction,
        Consider ‘impression’ in between this line ‘But it does not means that every single impression make a click’

  2. bro aap meri bat ni smajh rahe. mai bol raha hu k. Adsenseme 2 tabs hi 1- overview ka tab hi jise open krne pe impression or click jyada dikha raha hi.

    2- overview tab k just side me ek click tab hi
    jise open krne pe impression or clik kam show kr raha hi .

    dono tabs overview or clik TAB ke data me difference q hai??

  3. overview tab me 5847 impression hi or 2354 click hi

    overview k bgal wale click TAB me sirf 3212 impression hi or 1143 click hi..

    dono TABS k data me difference q hi dono me same impression or same click q ni show kr raha

  4. Hey, there is a simple concept, Adsense consider only those impression that appears at least 1 sec having 50% ad viewability. If ad viewability is less than 50% then it is not considered as an active impression.
    However, upon the overview panel you see the all impression and clicks that are by default not active. But upon the clicks panel, Adsense shows you actual and fully active ad units.

    For better understanding please read this guide….

  5. thank you bro

  6. bro 1 more help please. YouTube will pay for overview tab’s toyal earning or for the click tab total earning??
    because overview tab’ earning is aprox 6500 rs but click tab’s total earning is 3200 rs .so if i get my payment now so how much i wil get 3200 or 6500. or both added

    1. Absolutely, earnings correspond to overview tab..

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