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Hello friends,
                in today’s post i will expain to you about how to choose best keyword with the help of   keyword tool . To make better money it is very important to select  a specific keyword  to make easy money .because google only pay for some  specific types of keyword .

 i am pretty sure that  the people who visit my web-page have an ability to choose better blogging platform.
                  In present post i will emphasize you to focus on very important topic  keyword research tool to find best keyword. which will allow your web-page on search engine and also profitable.
               most of the people who are developing blog first time ..have no idea about the keyword research tool. they publish their posts without any keyword research. this is  very serious mistake of beginners.
                so today i will tell you little bit  about the keyword research.
There are many  keyword research tool like adwards keyword research tool , keywordspy, and SUMRESH. these are the best keyword research tool.

1.Adwards keyword research tool 

Before writing post on blog it is very useful to search for the best keywords which are related to your post and content. if you do not find the best keywords or research  on the  keyword then google crawler does not find your web-page. so keyword research is must.
googleadwordskeywordtool-300x300 BEST  KEYWORD TO RESEARCH

How To Search for best keyword 

For beginners ….It is very hard to choose a topic on which he can starts blogging . they are solely focus on their interesting topics and  start blogging and due to this reason they do not get any improvement in their blogs. 
for Example …if you are more interested in any  topic like sensor(google also pay for sensor keyword but not much) and start blogging then you can not find any improvement because google only pay for some best keyword and if you do not find these best keywords then your web-page never find by the google crawlers.  
so first of all sign up with google adwards
Google-Adwords-sign-up-page BEST  KEYWORD TO RESEARCH

Then go to the tools and click on the keyword planner 

NOTE : DO not make any campagin account.

So first of all  select  a topic  and  go to the adwards keyword research tool , and find some awesome free best keywords(best keywords .. which have more suggested bid & low competition ) and use these free keywords in your related blog post.

google-adwords-keyword-research-tool BEST  KEYWORD TO RESEARCH


This is the also a  keyword research tool.  you can also search for free keyword through this tool.

you can search free keyword without any sign with it.


main-qimg-47c92a842170826a26e0ecbfd48258ef?convert_to_webp=true BEST  KEYWORD TO RESEARCH

semrush is the search engine marketing tool.This is one of the best keyword research tool using for business purpose. with semrush SEO is very easy and your site become very famous within a very short  period of time.  i am going to show you how to search  for the best keywords through the semrush.
First of all, login to your SEMrush dashboard.
now enter a keyword on which you want to do research.
 for example   weather is a keyword.
then you will find the description about the organic details of this keywords 

Here on the searching dashboard you will find two descriptions  first  is PHRASE MATCH REPORT and other is RELATED keywords . the first report describe the long tail keyword.



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