FREE WEB HOSTING : what is it mean

What Is Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is a free web service which allow the people to make their website or blog at zero cost . The people who do not   know about web hosting  than view  the earlier link .

it is nothing but a disk space provided by the free web server provider  to store the files and all stuff of websites.

Some of the most free server providers are blogger and wordpress. you can easily built your website on  these platform for free. these both are provide you a sufficient accommodation to save your files and data. domain name for blogger  and for wordpress

Why Blogger And WordPress Or Others Give You Free Services

  1. when you make  your own website . then  advertisers who  engage with  google  advertising network  are allowed  to place their  ads  on your website in order to earn revenue.
  2. if you have your own google adsense account  then you may also able to  earn revenue.
  3. most of the ads networks can also place ads on your website.

Difference Between Free Web Hosting And  Paid Web Hosting

  1. Free web hosting server is free but paid web hosting  server does not free.
  2.  free server  allow you   very  less  bandwidth  . but paid hosting server provide you a specific amount of  bandwidth & disk space.
  3. non-paid  web servers are less reliable. because control does not in our hand .
  4. premium web hosting provide you more facilities than free web hosting like more bandwidth, themes ,plugins .
  5. in free hosting their is no customer support to deal with hosting setup.
  6. loading time is much higher in free web hosting.


  1. Its totally free . no investment . no risk  during startup.
  2.  you can earn revenue  by placing ads on your website.
  1. It become more risky after a certain period of time.
  2. no Domain name – free hosting plans do not allow any separate domain name .otherwise it allows a sub domain name  upon their own blog.
  3.   minimum bandwidth and speed.

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