Gears used in robot and automobile (TRANSMISSION SYSTEM ) 4

Circular belt or rope belt
                                          these are mainly use when a large amount of power is to be transmitted from driver pulley to driven pulley when these pulleys are 8 meter  apart.these are basically used in workshop,factories,where the large amount of power is transmitted.Image result for rope belt drivewhen the very large amount of power is being transmitted from one place to another place one rope is not sufficient so in that case we use number of  rope to transmitting the power from one place to another.

           Gear is used  transmit the power from one shaft to another shaft or also gears can increase or decrease the speed or power according to the user requirement.

earlier we use cylinders or discs to transmitting the power but at high power transmission there is losses in power when we use cylinders or discs.but in modern way to increase the power transmission efficiency recesses or projections are provided over the periphery of the cylinders or discs to produce the Gears.

classification of gears 

  according to the shaft arrangement
  shaft may parallel with each other or also intersect with each other 
when shafts are parallel   
1.  Spur Gears
2 . Helical Gears
3 . Herringbone Gears
4 . Rack and Pinion

when shafts are intersecting 
1.straight bevel gears
2.spiral bevel gears

when the shafts are skew 
   When the shaft s neither parallel nor intersecting …is known as skew assembly shafts                        
 1.Worm gears
2.Hypoid gears


Spur gear

  when teeth of the gear parallel to the axis of the rotation of the of the teeth along the parallel width of the gear. these are the most common used gears.these are also be define as
the cylinder or disc on which radial projection are provided.these are used to transmit the power between two parallel shafts.

Spur Gears
Advantage of spur gears
 1.they are easy to install
2.they have high power transmission.
3.velocity ratio is constant.
4.they are reliable than the belts because gear does not slip like as belts.
5.power transmission range is about 50000 kW.

Disadvantage of spur gear
1.they are more expensive than the belt drives.
2.they can only be used for limited center distance.
3.they make noise during high speed performance.

Application of spur gear
power plant
metal cutting machine
rack and pinion mechanism 
rolling mills
steel mills
washing machine
 Helical gear
in this type  the teeth are inclined with the axis of rotation of the gear.they are use where the power transmitted between two parallel shaft similar as the spur gear.

the contact starts at one end of the tooth and gradually spreads as the gears rotate, until the two teeth are in full engagement.due to gradually engagement of the gear teeth their working is much smooth than the spur gear.
it makes these types of gears more useful in transmission system. They have higher load capacity, are more expensive to manufacture.
Image result for helical gears terminology 

textile industry
 rubber and plastic industry
 sugar industry
 rolling mills
 food industry
 clay working machinery
 compressors and in oil industry. 

1.more costly than spur gear.
2.they have axial component(thrust force) along the rotation axis of the they requires more reliable
    thrust bearings.

Herringbone  Gears
it is also known as double helical gear because two helical gears with opposite hands are use.
these types of gears are mainly  used because  unlike in helical gears there are no thrust produce which reduces the application of expensive thrust bearings.these types of gear are more expensive to manufacturing.A disadvantage of the herringbone gear is that it cannot be cut by simple gear hobbing machine.

Rack and Pinion
pinion is the small gear which is mash with a rack .rack is a gear which has infinite radius .rack and pinion assembly is used to transform the rotation motion of the pinion into the linear motion of the rack.

steering system 
rack and pinion gearing is mostly use in rack railway.rack railway is the railway to overcome the steep grade railway. steep grade railway is the railway which include slope up and slope down railway track . so to overcome these difficulty maximum traction is require which is provided by rack and pinion assembly. 

A picture is shown below to understand the rack railway system.




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