Get 60% off Using coupon code FREEUPGRADE3 In Hostgator

Hello friends, today you are at the Right place. Because  Today I  want to make you happy. I am pretty much Sure that if you are a blogger then you will have  Definitely hard about Hostgator.  Some of you have also Joined Hostgator Hosting. Because of HostGator provides very Intuitive and Reliable Hosting. If you are the newbie and want to Purchase a hosting from the HostGator. then You can buy any hosting server by simply applying a Coupon Code freeupgrade3 to Grab 60% off.

In earlier Post, I discussed an another Hostgator coupon code Cent1. If you apply this coupon then you can purchase your hosting plan almost free but only for first One month.

For more Information about  Cent1 Coupon Code. Click Here.

Shared Hosting  Plan  after applying Coupon Code

Before applying the coupon, the shared Hosting plan looks likes:

  • Hatchling Plan  : 4.45$/month
  • Baby Plan : 5.95$/month
  • Business Plan : 5.95$/month


After applying the Coupon Code freeupgarde3 to grab 60% off on. (Please Note that This Code is only applicable more than or equal to 12 months (1 year)  hosting Plan )

  • Hatchling Plan: Before applying this code you have to pay   77.40$ /year. but after applying  freeupgrade3  Coupon  you will only pay 71.40$

hostgator shared hosting hatchlingcoupon code freeupgrade3

  • Baby Plan: Before applying Coupon, you have to pay  114.40$ for a year. but applying coupon freeupgrade3  you have to pay 107.41$.

baby plan hostgator shared hosting baby plan coupon code freeupgrade3

  • Business Plan: Business Plan is mainly used for a business purpose like e-commerce websites. The freeupgrade3 code is very most applicable for a business plan. one can get 60 % off .  by applying this code you have to pay  107.40$.

hostgator shared business plan coupon code freeupgrade3

WordPress Hosting  Plan  after applying Coupon Code

read all about: WordPress Hosting   plan of Hostgator

  • Starter Plan: In this plan, you can either use the freeupgrade3 coupon or SNAPPY. both have same Scheme.You have to only pay 15% of the Subtotal amount which is 132.09$.

wordpress hosting plan coupon code freeupgrade3wordpress hosting plan coupon code freeupgrade3

  • Standard Plan: This plan can be used to Monitor 2 sites. freeupgrade3  & snappy both have same scheme.


wordpress hosting standard plan coupon code freeupgrade3 .

  • Business Plan:  This Hostgator plan is more expensive than other WordPress hosting plan . because it provides 5 sites to run. Coupon code application can be seen as  given below:

wordpress hosting business plan coupon code freeupgrade3


here I have considered a one-year hosting plan, you may also check for 2 & 3 years. if you increase hosting period From 1 year to 2 or 3 years then you will get more Benefit.

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