Google Adsense Login and Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers

Google Adsense Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers

Nowadays there are many Adsense login Issues faced by newbie bloggers ( or Publishers). I have published this guide because when I joined Adsense ad network, I also recognised some basic Adsense problems like AdSense login issue, Adsense accounts type issue, PIN Verification Problem or many others. I am sure you also face the same problems. If I am right then you are at the right place. In this post, I will be introducing you all the issues that you could face as an Adsense publisher.

The Questions which are rolling inside your mind ( or publisher’s mind regarding Adsense issues)

  1. Why am I unable to login to Adsense?
  2. How can I change my Adsense login email address?
  3. Is It possible to change the country in Adsense account?
  4. Am I able to change my password, if yes then how?
  5. How can I open another Adsense account?
  6. Can I change my account type?


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These all are the basic issues that you should know very well. Let me give you the solutions to these questions.

#1.How to fix the google Adsense login issue


Sometimes publishers face this problem. They unable to login to their Adsense accounts. But you can easily solve this issue by simply using the Troubleshooting Tool of Adsense. This tool lets you allow to rectify all the general or basic issues regarding Adsense.

You notice this error message.

google-adsense-login-issue-notification Google Adsense Login and Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers

Before using this tool you need to sign out your all Google Accounts. After that, This troubleshooter requires two important things.

  • Activate the cookies & SSL (Security Socket Layer). 
  • Clean your cache file from your browser.

If you Know that how to Activate The Cookies & SSL in your browser then it’s ok but if you don’t then please follow these Instructions.

For Google chrome:-

  •  Open your chrome browser and Click on this Google-chrome-Settings Google Adsense Login and Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers  icon at the upper Right Corner of your browser> Settings > Show Advanced Settings

show-the-advance-settings-in-google-chrome Google Adsense Login and Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers

  • After clicking on ‘show advanced settings’ go ahead in privacy section and click on content settings > cookies. Select the option ‘allow Local Data To be Set’ and click on done.

how-to-activate-the-Cookies-and-SSL-in-your-browser-1 Google Adsense Login and Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers


How to clean browser cache:-

  • Switch to your Google chrome browser and repeat the first step that I have earlier written.
  • After reaching the privacy panel click on ‘clear Browser Data’ button and select the option “The beginning of the Time“. You have obliterated your all the time from the beginning of the time.
  • Click on Done.

how-to-Clean-browser-Cache-file Google Adsense Login and Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers

Now you are at the position to use the ‘Troubleshoot tool’ to fix adsense login issue. This tool lists some error massages that you have seen on your Google Adsense login console. Some of them are:-

  • The email and password that you have entered do not match with results.
  • Your Adsense account is not active.
  • Google does not recognise your email address.
  • Your Adsense account has been disabled. (make sure before clicking on this option you need to check your Gmail inbox to ensure that you have not been found any message from Google Adsense regard to disabling your account  )
  • Your AdSense account is not fully approved by Adsense. 

If you find any of them then select desired option and after that, troubleshooter asks you some questions related to your issue. You have to answer these questions and troubleshooter automatically sort your problem and solve it.

TYPE-2 (Migrating loop login issue)

This is most annoying AdSense issue where publisher get the ‘migrating loop ‘ issue.  Generally, it is  because of mathing between your current adsense login details [email address & password] and already existing google account.

If you are facing the same problem them here is a quick solution.  Open your Google account and change the password something different than what you are currently using.

 #2.Can I change my Adsense login email address?

This is also one of the most common Adsense issue recognised by newbie bloggers. As a Publisher, it is your responsibility to choose a very valid Email Address. If your Google account is Gmail then you are not able to update your Adsense login or email address. But for other email addresses you can fix this issue.

  • Switch to your Adsense Account.
  • Go to setting at the left-hand side in the navigation.
  • Click on personal settings and go to edit in Google Account. After this Adsense team guide you accordingly.

See the screenshot given below: –

It’s pretty easy to change the login email ID of AdSense account.

Let’s see how: –

#1. First login to Google AdSense account.

#2. Go to  setting > personal setting > use a different email

How-to-change-the-google-adsense-login-email-ID Google Adsense Login and Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers

#3. select ‘Use a different email‘ and put your new email ID. After clicking on save button, AdSense will send you a verfication message letting you know that you have added a different email ID.

put-your-adsense-login-email-ID Google Adsense Login and Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers


#3. Is It possible to change the payment address in Adsense Account?

This is also a command issue. But yes, it is possible to change your payment address in Adsense. 

  • Open your Adsense account.
  • Go to setting and click on payments.
  • Click on manage settings > google-adsense-issues-how-to-change-the-payment-address-in-adsense Google Adsense Login and Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers
  • Now here put your new address and click save button.

#4. Is It possible to change the Payment Country in Adsense Account?

You can’t change your ‘Adsense payment country’. But if you want to change your country then you need to cancel your current account and then again apply for new Adsense account with new email Address.

#5. Am I able to change Adsense account password, if yes Then how?

This is very rare problem faced by publishers but if you want to change your Adsense password. You need to follow a few steps shown below.

  • First, go to your account and click on Settings > Personal Settings > Edit Password in Google Adsense.

how-to-change-google-adsense-Password Google Adsense Login and Issues Faced By Newbie Publishers

#6. How can I open another Adsense account

Most of the time newbie bloggers or publishers find this issue with the Adsense Account. They are unable to open another account because Adsense does not allow any publisher or blogger to make another account with the same existing email address and website (or property). If you wants to make another Adsense account then you need another new email and website then only you can make another account. Before creating new account you  needs to cancel existing Adsense account.

#7. Can I change my account type

 You can not change your Adsense account type (individual & Business). There is no any difference between Individual and business account. All the terms and policies are similar for both types of  account. So I think you don’t need to change your account type.


Updated @ (9/28/2017)

Apart from login issues, I have also noticed a few of other issues in 2017. Now let’s talk about

#1. Ad balance tool: This was a feature that Adsense has added earlier. A few days ago I found that it shows under maintenance error message. But now it has been removed from my Adsense panel.

Adsense team has officially deactivated ad balance tool form all publisher’s account.

Updated @ 14 oct  2016

#2. Recieving incorrect pin

In last year, most of the publishers had recieved wrong printed PIN. When publishers complained, It has been found that this is due to printing mistakes. But now Google taking care of all the sillly mistakes.


However, there are many other problems regarding Adsense. But I believe that most of the Issues I have covered here. If you have any other Adsense issues then you can split here. If I found this is important for beginners then I definitely include it in my post.

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