Who can be a Google AdSense premium publishers? Features & Advantages


If you are an AdSense publisher, you surely know about ‘Adsense premium publisher’. Every publisher has a dream to become a premium partner of AdSense.

But How do you know who can be an AdSense premium partner?. It is hard to recognise because Google AdSense does not specify it officially.

So, if you want to become a premium publisher you need to know the ‘basics eligibility of premium account’. That’s why I will tell you all the essential things that you have to know about it.

Let’s get started.

Before revealing premium, first let me tell you what is ‘AdSense premium membership’. 

What is AdSense premium account?

AdSense premium account is an Upgrade version of general Account which permits a publisher to take advantage of premium features of AdSense. It provides extra privilege to publishers.

There are several features of premium Adsense account

  • Your account never be suspended
  • You can Edit the CSS of ad code
  • A dedicated publisher support is provided 
  • Publishers can predict their earnings
  • You can put 4-5 ads on single web page
  • It allows publisher to ask visitors turn off ad-blocker
  • ‘Ads by Google’ tag can be replaced 
  • High CTR ads 
  • High CPC of ads
  • One can put ads on gambling sites

Earlier you have seen the features of premium AdSense account But do you believe that ‘premium account’ exist? I don’t think that it exists because official website of AdSense does not talk about the premium AdSense’s guidelines.

But it doesn’t mean that you can not take advantage of it. If you want to become a special publisher of AdSense you need to meet these recommendations.

  • Your website must be able to generate high organic traffic. (At least 15k-20k per day ).
  • At least 0.1M search queries per month.
  • Write long and informative content.
  • Website’s content must be unique.
  • At least 100 clicks on ads per day (Clicks must be genuine. Fraud clicks are not allowed.)

Learn how to protect adsense ads from fraud clicks

You need to practice following things to take advantages of this feature

How different is premium ad look like

Please take a look

premium vs normal adsense ad1
                                                                  Image source -https://www.isaumya.com

From above you can analyse that ‘premium Adsense ad’ looks like integrated piece of your article which directly improve the visitor’s attention & CTR. 

You know that CTR is proportional to AdSense’s revenue. That means premium publishers earn 4-5 times more revenue than a general publisher.

Now let’s learn what you need to do to become a Special or premium publisher

#1. Upgrade your Domain into top level domain (TLD)

For the premium invitation from AdSense, upgrade your domain into a top level domain. Menas you need to buy domains having domain’s extension like .Com, .Org, .net etc. It’s a primary step to make your domain more worthy.

#2. Keep your content updated

Update your content regularly. It directly affects page crawl stats & traffic on your website.

Below you can see traffic statistics of my blog and analyse the variation in traffic during updating session. Recently, I have updated some of my posts and found a nice amount of change in traffic on my blog. 

variation in traffic after updating content

Similarly, I found variation within page crawled per day in the same period of time in July.

Updating content affects crawl per day & traffic

From the above analysis, you can understand that how content updating affect traffic and How traffic increases the chances of premium AdSense invitation. 

 #3. Security

If your site is highly secured, people like to refer your site to their article. It will help you to generate some quality backlinks and increase your blog traffic. 

#4. Share your content on Social media

Social media helps to increase blog traffic and also increase domain authority which is good for premium AdSense subscription.

There are some other things that you need to know about it.


Final thoughts

AdSense premium membership is a way to increase earnings 4-5 times. But it is not an easy task to get this invitation.

To take advantage of it, you need to do everything that can do to increase blog traffic and CTR of ads. But remember don’t generate fake traffic or ad clicks. Everything should be genuine.

Work hard and take your time to address your expertise. I wish you will be the next lucky publisher to achieve this opportunity.

Please share your experience, what you think about ‘premium AdSense publisher‘? Drop your thoughts in comment section.

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