What Is Google Search Console ?

Google search console  is also known as google webmaster tool. It is very important tool provided by  the google . Because this is the way through which webmaster can easily Manage his website . It tells  about how google crawl  & index your webpage .

If you have just started your blogging carrier then you  should always know about the google search console. you simply has to make an google console account(add Url) .

Most of the people think the if they would not  add their url with the google search console . then their page will not indexed .but this is true . either you add your url with it or not  your page  definitely indexed  by google . but if you do not add your url with search console then you will not be able to detect any fault or error  during the crawling  of your website. you  can not monitor your website efficiently  . so make that  you have your  own google search console account. so that you can check all the aspects related to your website .


There are most important Features that  you can use to analyze your site  with the help of  Google Search console

    1. Search Appearance :

  • title  : In this aspect you can analyze your page title  weather it is looks great or not in the search result .
  •  Snippet  : This is Meta description of your page content . It is important because user get some sort of analogy about your Web page without accessing your page.  if you add an attractive snippet about your web Page then  User definitely click on your page link.
  • Sitelink: these are some main sub-link of your website.

Explanation of these topics is given below :-

google-search-console-site-appearance-overview What Is Google Search Console ?This is the basic appearance of your website in the search result . How your site looks like.

  • Structured Data
  • Rich Card
  • Data highlighter
  • HTML improvement
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages


2.Search Traffic:

It Contains Some Sub Categories:-

  • Search analysis 
  • Link to your site
  • Internal links
  • Manual action 
  • International Targeting  
  • Mobile Usability




Let Me Explain These One by One :

1.  Search Analysis : here you can analyze your google search performance.It is very important to analyze the search queries , Click on your  web page , Impression , Click Through Rate , Position of your page . because it helps you to take a right decision in order to increase your search performance.

You can also apply the filter to analyze specific keyword of your site. For Example if you write a post about web hosting . and your focusing keyword is web hosting . then you can check the accessibility of your Keyword in any country ,  verify devices through which your keyword get accessed, search types   etc.

Search-analysis-Google-search-Console What Is Google Search Console ?

2.Link to your site: It tells you about Linking of your website. means who links to your site.

who-Links-to-your-site-google-search-console What Is Google Search Console ?

3.Internal Links: You can check your Internal links with the help of this feature provided by google search console.

internal-link-to-your-site-google-search-console What Is Google Search Console ?

4. Manual Actions : This is the most important feature of  google search console . It helps you to detect any manual webspam found by the google .

5. International Targeting : This is also an another feature included by google search console . if you have an e-commerce website (for business) . In which you have used any specific language  and you want to target any  country .Then you should use this feature .

Google Search Console  allow you to target your audience according to location and language. google uses hreflang tag to mach the user Language .

6. Mobile usability : Google search Console allow the webmater to fix the Mobile usability issues regarding  to  your site.

3.Google Index:

  • Index status
  • Content Keyword
  • Blocked Resources
  • Remove Urls

1.  Index Status : This feature of Google Search Console  gives you an opportunity to check your indexed page . How many pages/posts has been indexed by google . Index-status-google-search-console What Is Google Search Console ?

Here you can check your index details. How to google indexing changes accordingly.

  • Total indexed posts/pages.
  • Block by a robot : the URLs that have blocked by google.
  • Removed : Urls that has removed  from your site .

2. Content  Keywords : Google search console shows you the list of keyword containing by your site. here you can analyze that which one is significant  keyword  for your site.

3. Blocked resources :Google requires Some resources that helps google to crawl your site  like  css, java script,  media files  . But their are some resoures which are not required by the google in order to crawl your site like:-

  • Disallow :/wp-admin/
  • Disallow :/Cgi-bin /
  • Disallow: /archives/
  • disallow: /*?*
  • Disallow: *?replytocom
  • Disallow: /comments/feed
  • Disallow: /trackback/
  • Disallow: /wp-login.php
  • Disallow: /wp-register.php


These resources do not play any role to indexing your site . so you can block these resources by simply put these resources into your robot.txt file .


What is google crawling ?

Google Crawling is the process of detecting new updates included by google index.

  • Crawl errors: If google finds any error during the crawling of your site then it shows errors.
  • Crawl stats: it shows the google bots activity. How many page crawl  per day.

crawl-stats-google-search-console What Is Google Search Console ?

  • Fetch as google: The tool  Which is provided by the Google search console is used to test how google crawl or rander on your url.
  • robot.txt tester : you can edit your robot.txt file . you can also check that which url is blocked  by Google Bots.
  • Url parameters: Do not use this tool unnecessary. if you use this tool in wrong then your website may skip from the search index.


5. Security Issues :

If  Google Detect any malware or bug in your site then Google Search Console notify you . It can also checked by you if you are going to navigate your site and you find any notification by your anti-malware during accessing your site . Then this is the indication that your site has caught by Malware .

6. Other Resources :

Here the list of other resources:-

other-resources-google-search-console What Is Google Search Console ?

Why Google Search Console is important for webmasters :

  • It helps you to detect the search appearance of your website : Means How Does you website Looks Like on search engine?.
  • it also gives an prediction that , you are doing better .
  • Analysis of google indexing : How Many post has been indexed by google .
  • it also allow you to submit your update content .
  • Analysis of crawl stats , crawl errors,
  • Google Search Console also takes care of  Malware or any bug interrupted  in your website . if There is any malware in your website it will notify you.
  • notify you if there is any Security Issue.
  • Robot.txt file : webmaster can easily edit or manage his robot.txt file . robot.txt file is nothing but an instruction to google crawlers. so that google crawlers restricted according to robot.txt instruction.
  • it also concern about search query (search  on the  search engine by the user ).








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