Guerilla Marketing: 15 Marketing Example That Will Blow Your Mind

What is Guerilla Marketing 12 Amazing Example That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you running a business? and want to promote your products/services. Then performing costly advertising activities would be risky for you. But guerilla marketing could be the best option for you. By using this advertising strategy, you can promote products and services with low investment.

It is the best way to promote the product in a very creative manner.

In today’s article, I will discuss all guerilla advertising. So, let me first tell you: –

What is Guerilla marketing?

It is an unconventional method which connects a creative moment to products and services to make your brand memorable and enjoyable all among the people.


Engage a creative activity with your product in such a way that people can understand the importance of your product.

Other definitions

  • According to Wikipedia,” It is an advertisement strategy concept designed for businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend.
  • According to Creativeguerrillamarketing, ” it is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results.

This marketing strategy is only effective if you have a creative mind. I think creative thinking plays a vital role in this advertising strategy.

You might ask why this strategy is so effective.

Because of

  • Less investment for setting up a campaign.
  • Memorable and effective.
  • Gives great results
  • Good exposure
  • More surprising moments that attract the people
  • Increases promotion through word of mouth
  • Accurate targeting publicity.
  • It targets the people’s emotions, which makes this strategy more effective.

Let’s take a very simple example, Suppose you have a food product (say ice-cream) then how would you develop a methodology to grasp the people’s attention.

You need to do something that people really like to see or buy.

You can make a giant ice-cream model and place it where more people are passing through. This activity could be a kind of attraction for surrounding people. Because people really like to see different and weird things and you may get so much attention.

The bounty a good example of Guerilla marketing
Screenshot source: –

You need to spend a little amount of money for this project. Low investment is the great thing about this marketing concept. However, It has a less reach but it is beneficial for your product.

I also found another good example of captain tony’s pizza in while searching for guerilla marketing.

In this example, captain Tony had increased his pizza’s coupon selling rate up to 30%. What he did he hired a distributor and post the coupons all the houses around his pizza’s shop. He was pretty sure that the people who love pizza will definitely grab this coupon. So, this is the strategy that he used to increase conversions.This was the captain tony’s thinking. You can think of the different method that fits you.

So here you have seen how effective this method is. That’s why this is not limited up to small business, big businesses have also started adopting it.

Different kinds of Guerilla Marketing

Types of guerilla marketing

Ambient marketing

This marketing concept does not include business product instead it includes some very relevant images of creative models to recognize the product of the business.

Viral marketing

When a business product become viral by any medium like email, website then that type of marketing technique is called ‘viral marketing’

Undercover marketing

This kind of marketing strategy includes the ability to create word of mouth recommendation.

This concept is useful when a business wants to promote its new product. For example, If you have started a business of automobile spare parts.

Then how do you promote it? You need to use undercover marketing concept for creating buzz around your product/service.

Collaborate with similar local businesses and encourage the others to talk about your products and services genuinely.

People use this marketing concept with the help of social media. Many companies are taking the advantage of increasing their business rich on social media site.

42% companies are getting the customers from twitter using this marketing strategy similarly 67% from Facebook and 57% form blogs.(Data has been taken from here)

Presence Marketing

Presence of a business profile on a search engine can be achieved by SEO.

In presence marketing,  promotion of the product is done in such a way that it converts consumer-brand relationship into the deeper consumer-person relationship.

Wild posting Marketing

Wild posting is an advertising method where some big size of posters is placed on the multiple locations to get so much attention.

It could help companies to attract their customers and increase the brand credibility.

Presume Marketing

The companies use this advertising concept of product placement in TV shows, movies and social media sites.

However, it is pretty much similar to the conventional marketing. but the presentation of the product is done in such a way that it increases the recognition of product in public places.

Ambush marketing

Ambush means ‘surprise attack’.

This advertising technique uses a concept in which promotion of the products is done in a covert way.

Mainly large events like cricket world cup and football are targeted for this marketing campaign.

Let’s take an example, suppose a cricket world cup series is going to start. Dominos has sponsored this event. But your brand (cold drink) don’t. During the series, Dominos shows its advert around the cricket ground because the company has paid for advertising. But your brand can also advertise outside of the event venue. This is where you can get an exposure for your brand without any sponsor.

However, you paid nothing, so there is no loss.This is not always beneficial but may be helpful for your brand exposure.

Attention: –

12 awesome Ambush marketing examples

There are thousands of guerilla marketing ideas. But all of them are not effective so here I will be showing you some excellent examples that blow your mind.

Before introducing examples, let me tell you that “How do you create a compelling marketing campaign to increase the brand exposure and credibility?”

A few tips that you need to know before launching your campaign.

  • Observe your audience: Analyze, What your audience is looking for. What are the things that make them happy? Once you know about the audience you will ready go to the second step.
  • Provide something free to your audience. Because it may lead to a call-to-action activity which helps you to know, what people really wants.
  • Launch your campaign locally: First, launch your campaign among local groups.
  • Launch such Campaigns that have potential to attract more audience.
  • The message of the campaign should be such that people can easily understand. Otherwise, no one would get it.

Now, Let’s get started with some amazing examples: –

#1. A small guerilla trick to invest the cash in viral trends

This is the best example of marketing strategy to promote the products. Jessica used this concept of fidget spinner to promote her cookies brand.

I found this technique on Youtube channel. Click here to see Video source.

As you know that nowadays fidget spinner has become the most viral trending toy. Each and every person like to buy them.

So here the magic happened. She made a ‘fidget spinner cookie’ and upload a video to youtube and some other network to amazed the people. Fortunately, the video went viral and the results were completely overwhelming she got thousands of orders.

I think this could be a good idea to get so much attention.


fidget spiners treding example of guerillla maketing
image source:


#2. Duracell marketing campaign

Duracell is a trusted brand which manufactures battery products. It produces a brand range of products like inverter, marine batteries, normal battery devices etc.

Duracell created a very effective advertising campaign to impress the people’s emotions. A short video clip shows that how this surprising bus shelter helps people to take a moment of warmth. It is a great way to grasp the attention of the people.

So, from here you can get an idea how to utilize product’s functionality and create a campaign which can be enjoyed by the public.

You don’t know, How these surprising moments impact on people’s thinking and can lead to thousands of customers.

#3. Coca-cola “Happiness machine” campaign

This campaign became surprising, when the ‘happiness machine’ started dispensing pizza, a burger as a surprise with coke. People started reacting on these surprising moments and immediately it became a viral campaign which earned tons of youtube views and leads to thousands of customers.

This could be a better campaign for another ‘cold-drink’ brand to achieve this kind of attention.


#4. Colgate “By hiding a brush type of shape inside the ice bar” Campaign

This campaign worked as a reminder. The concept was pretty simple. What company did, they left a hidden message on the tip of the ice stick. When a consumer purchases an ice cream and finishes it, then we see a brush type of shape of ice-stick having a little-hidden message saying “don’t forget.”

guerilla marketing example of colgate

However, this was not so effective but helps to increase the attention of the kids.

#5. Copenhagen Zoo campaign

Copenhagen Zoo is the most visited place in Denmark. The concept was very creative and looked so real. They had created this campaign in such a way that people feel amazed to see it.

Danish advertising agency developed a very imaginary ad-campaign which was very compelling and effective.

The ad looks like that a big snake has crushed a subway bus. Which was amazing and bring up the ‘aww’ on the public faces.


Copenhagen Zoo guerilla advertising campign

#6. Swiss Cancer Foundation

The main target of this campaign was the skin cancer.

In this advertising campaign, they spread a very important message saying ‘our skin never forgets’

The method was quite simple.

A human, stick a bunch of pink notes on its own body to spread the awareness among the people surrounding the garden.

Each note contained a small guide to protect skin against cancer.


swiss cancer foundation guerilla markting ad

#7. Alfa Romeo car advertising

This is also another very creative guerilla marketing concept to make people amazed. In this campaign, vertical car placed upon the small shopping cart which is placed in the middle of the mall to attract the people.


guerilla marketing example of Alfa Romeo
Image source: –

#8.Dos En Uno Balloon

Since 1959, Dos En Uno is the popular bubblegum company. It has provided various generations of children great tasting bigger bubbles.

In 2009, it was the 50th anniversary of Dos En Uno. For celebrating, they created 50-foot balloons resemble a giant bubblegum. These giant balloons flew different-different cities.
This whole campaign attracted a lot of public to buy this bubblegum product.


guerilla marketing example of dos en uno bubblegum company
image source: –

#9. Swiss Skydive advertising campaign

By placing a sticker which resembled top view of the buildings, they provided an imaginary experience of the skydive in the passenger’s lift.

guerilla advertising examples of swiss skydive


#10. Big pilot’s watch guerilla campaign idea

This campaign was released in may 2005. They launched an interesting marketing concept. They targeted ‘security straps’ hanging upon the subway bus or metro train.

These straps were looked like a watch given below.

pilot's watch guerilla advertising idea

#11. iPhone guerilla marketing campaign


iPhone guerilla advertising at metro station

#12. Amazon india marketing campaign marketing campaign at delhi metro station

#13. KLM economy comfort product guerilla marketing campaign

KLM company conduct a very compelling advertising campaign at the Manchester airport.
In this campaign, a man sits upon an invisible chair that looks so wired that attracts tons of audience.

This video shows how creative event surprised the people and make them happy. (video source)

There is a few best creative street guerilla marketing idea that also helps to grow your business reach.

#14. Ad by Vijaysales

This is very cheap and affordable street marketing idea. Vijaysales is an e-commerce website which sales all type of electronic & gadgets.

In this advertising, a very simple and cheap concept is used to grasp the attention of people. They took a barbecue and place it near the meatus along with a message saying “NEED A BARBECUE? CALL VIJAY SALES AT 24216010/17”.

However, it does not look so much surprising but it has a call-to-action which could generate immediate sales.

guerilla marketing best ideas

#15. Coca-cola 3D street advertising

creative streets guerilla marketing example


If you are running a business then brand awareness should be the prime concern. Without awareness, no one will buy any product.

Nowadays conventional marketing has become more habitual and people have started ignoring these advertising strategies. A large number of people has moved to internet So, conventional marketing will not work for you. You need to go ahead and apply some other tactics that can work for you.

Creating amazing campaigns can generate an emotional bond between public and brand. It could help you to communicate with the public and may lead to thousands of conversions.

Do you know some recently launched marketing campaign? Then let them drop in the comment section.

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