Should You Use Hostgator Hosting or Not? Hostgator Web Hosting Reviews on Shared Hosting

Should You Use Hostgator Hosting or Not Hostgator Web Hosting Reviews on Shared Hosting

Web Hosting is the heart of your blog or website.Because all of your website Stuff is Stored on your Hosting Server.So it is essential to Choose a very reliable Hosting otherwise you would not be able to Survive.Sometimes it becomes very hard to select a very reliable, affordable, Supportable web hosting.but Don’t Worry There is a way through which you can easily Select the feasible Hosting for your blog or business.I am Sure that if you are a blogger then you would have definitely heard about Some popular Hostings like Hostgator,Bluehost & Kinsta or many other.But how would you believe that which one is more powerful is only distinguishable if you find Some positive reviews from their existing Customers.So To make this thing simple I am writing about the topic of  Hostgator Web Hosting reviews on Shared Web Hosting.

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Most of the Newbie Bloggers have a Question about the Hosting that Should they Use Hostgator web hosting or not?.

Solution of this question

However, You Choose Hostgator or any other hosting you have to Look for following Features:

  • Security: Most of the websites & Businesses become ruin due to lack of Security.So Security is the prime concern for your Upliftment.Hostgator provides you a very Secure environment.instead of that it also provides some premium Security Services like SSL Certificate, SFTP etc.
  • Up-time: Hostgator Server has almost 99.9% Up time.
  • Compatibility: It is one of best feature that you need to Consider before Picking any hosting.for example, WordPress is more Compatible with Bluehost & Hostgator or maybe some others.
  • Loading Speed: However, Loading Speed mostly depends upon the Theme and Your hosting plan  & also affect due to HTTPS Security Layer.
  • Technical Support: Sometimes you need Support to get rid of many difficulties.So choose a hosting who provides you a great Support.

 Hostgator Web Hosting reviews on Shared Web Hosting By Me

  • Shared web hosting of HostGator is one of the best-reviewed  Hosting Plan by Many of the Bloggers like Shoutmeloud, Wpbeginners.
  • Price: It is pretty affordable for all the mediocre bloggers.I believe that It is one of the best & low price hosting Plan Possesses tons of Features.So Due to the affordability of this Hosting Plan, I want to give it 5 Stars.
  • Loading Speed: However, I am using Shared Web Hosting but Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Sever me a Good Server Speed.So for loading Speed, I want to give it 4.5 Stars.
  • Security: I am Using this Web hosting Plan Since September 2015 but I did not find any Detrimental Activity On My Server.So it’s Pretty good. However You can make your server More Isolated by Using some premium Security Packages Like SSL Certificate, Backups of your Hard work to make a Recovery, HackAlert Security.But For these additional Security Features, You need to pay More. Present Time I am Not Using any security Package but Later on, I will definitely Use Some of them.For Security, I want to give it 4.5 Stars.
  • Compensation: Hostgator Shared Hosting baby Plan let me allow to Run a Huge number of websites on my Single Hosting Server. Due to this great Compensation Feature, I am able to Run an another Website ExtraordinaryMart: Owned by my elder brother.So for This awesome Feature, I Want to give 5 Stars.
  • Support: Hostgator Support Team Serve me Well.Hostgator’s Support Team always ready to Serve Their Customers Very Well.When I Just Started my blogging Carrer I faced many technical Issues but due to HostGator’s team support, I easily over Came these Issues.So I am Completely Satisfied with Support provided by Hostgator. 5 Stars
  • Easy To Use: Hostgator hosting is very easy to use and has more User-friendly Cpanel becomes very easy to me to interpret everything easily. 5 Stars
  • % Uptime: See Below

A very Intuitive Analysis Has been found by me on google which is examined by John Stevens on HostingFacts .

Mr. Steven Reorded Some real results of average Uptime of the Server in 2015-16.According to him HostGator’s Shared web hosting server has average Uptime 99.85% in 2015-16.

Hostgator Web Hosting Reviews on shared Hosting Plan for Uptime

Here you can easily calculate the average Uptime of Shared hosting  Which comes out to be equal to 99.85%.this is not as much as good but Average. 4.0 Stars.

Hostgator Web Hosting reviews on Shared Web Hosting By other Users

There are Many Bloggers who are using Shared web hosting plan of Hostgator.Some of them have positive reviews and some of them have Complaint Against Hostgator Web Hosting.

Some of the Common Hostgator Web hosting Reviews:-

#1. By Sumant Sahney Form

He is a very Old (15 year) and Regular Customer of Hostgator.He reviewed that Hostgator has a very helpful technical Support.he gave 4.5 overall rating out of 5 which is pretty good.

#2. Hasibul Kabir from

He like two features of HostGator very much one is Uptime and the second one is Stability.He said that it has great Uptime than Others Shared hostings.he gave overall 4.0 rating.

#3. Aman Gupta from

He did not find any Issue With Hostgator.he is fully satisfied with HostGator Sevices.He gave overall 5 rating.

#4. Tina of Dagsboro, DE 

They did not find too many Issues. They realized that HostGator has a great Technical Support.They also admired Hostgator’s Tool for making their Business Shine. (4.0 Out of 5.)

#5. by Sohail Ahmed |

He is 2 years old Customer of Hostgator. He reviewed on Hostgator shared hosting  that Hostgator is a premier Hosting Company because of following reasons:-

  • Hostgator Shared hosting plan is affordable.
  • Great Feature availability.
  • Great Uptime.
  • Great Support.

When he  Started blogging he Was suggested by others to choose another hosting Company. but he bought it Due to Impressive Compensation (60% Discount). (4.5 Out of 5)

#6.  Alok Singh |

Alok Singh picked Hostgator baby plan due to their 1 Panny Coupon Code. Means Hostgator provided him almost free hosting for 1 month. Due to this excellent Compensation, he chose Hostgator. But after 1 Month he realized that it was good. (4.5 Out of 5)

#7. John Caldwell |

He admired that Hostgator hosting has great Support and also reviewed 4.5 Out of 5 

I read almost 100 People’s Hostgator Web hosting Reviews on Shared Hosting in Last Year (2016). I found that 17 people have negative reviews(Less than or equal to 2.5 out of 5 Stars ) on Hostgator and rest of 83 people have great reviews(More than 3 out of 5 Stars). (This Information has been taken from read the More Reviews you can Check out the earlier Link.

So according to the calculation, only 17% people are reviewing less than 2.5 Stars and rest of them are fully satisfied by Hostgator Hosting Server and reviewing average 4.8 Stars.

It means HostGator has made Almost 83% of customers fully satisfied.So  I can Surly recommend you to use Hostgator Hosting Service.


There are Many Hosting Companies Out There but they have their own Pros & Cons.Similarly, Hostgator Hosting also has Some Pros and Cons.but I believe that Hostgator is very much reliable Hosting because I did not find any Problem With It.

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