How Can I Get Instant Adsense Approval

How Can I Get Instant Adsense Approval


Many People Ask about Instant Adsense Approval.Every time I also have found Same Questions on Quora that how Can I get easy Approval from Google Adsense?.Is it Easy to get Adsense approval?.ok let me Make you Clear if you are not following google Adsense Policies. Then It’s Become very hard to get Adsense Approval.


When I was a Newbie then I also had the Same Problem of google Adsense approval.Because I also didn’t Know about Adsense Policies.So, I Studied all about their terms & Policies. Then I understood everything that, what should I do to get Adsense approval.

Steps that you should follow to qualify The Adsense

 You have to follow google Adsense guidelines to get approved by  Adsense.I guarantee you that if you will follow these guides then definitely you will get an easy approval.

So here are Something that you should remember

  1. Content
  2. Type of Content
  3. Language
  4. Domain Age
  5. Blog Traffic
  6. Use

Let me Discuss each of them to let you know more about google ads qualification rules.

a. Content: What Type of Content You Should Write to get instant Adsense approval or google ads.? 

I think this is a very important step that you should always remember.Because if you are writing  Duplicate Content then you are approaching towards Wrong way.So here my suggestion is that do not Copy other’s blog Content otherwise you would not get any Adsense qualification.

Always try to Make your own fresh Content.However, it is very hard to write good, fresh and quality Content.But if you can learn a thing very well then why this can not be a good & Unique Content of your blog.

I know it’s become very difficult for beginners to write unique content.But I am here to suggest you. You Can apply Some of my tips to let you know how to write Unique Content for your blog.

Let’s Take a Simple Topic “google Adsense policies” on which you are going to write.So here you have many Choices to write Content about The earlier topic.

  1. The First Choice is “Go to other’s Blog and Copy their Related Content”. (You should never Do it).
  2. The second choice is “Go to google and Search about your topic and choose some popular Blogs. And then write on your blog behalf of these blogs that you have earlier searched”.(This is Something Called as Common Content.)
  3. The third Choice is “Go to popular Blogs and read what they write and then tried to write Yourself on your blog on behalf of your own understanding”.(This is a good Content but with lack of Uniqueness and value).
  4. The Final Choice is “Eventually you research about your topic as a whole and tried to add some value to them. OR tried to take them to the next level”.(This is Something that I Called it  Good, Unique, and Fresh Content.)

b. Types of Content: What Type of Content you have to write on your blog ?.

if your blog Content is not fulfilled the AdSense Guidelines then there is no question of  Adsense approval.Google Adsense has their some restriction for Blog Content.if your blog content is similar these following types of blog Content then forgot about google ads.

  1. Porn Content content.
  2. beer or Alcohol content.
  3. Malware adware or hacking Content.


c. Language: Does the Language affect the AdSense qualifications?.

If you want instant qualification or Instant Adsense Approval then first you need to whether check your blog Contains right language or not.Because Google Adsense does not Support all the Language.So please make Sure that if your dream is to make money with Adsense then do check Adsense policies to ensure that the language that you are going to use is supported by google Adsense.

These are the following Languages those are supported by google Adsense.

Arabic, German, Polish, Bulgarian

Greek, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Hebrew

Romanian, Chinese (traditional)

Hindi, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian

Serbian, Czech, Indonesian, Slovak

Danish, Italian, Slovenian, * Dutch

Japanese, Spanish, English, Korean

Swedish, Estonian,*Latvian, Thai

Filipino, Lithuanian, Turkish, Finnish

Malay, Ukrainian, French, Norwegian, Vietnamese

d. Domain Age: Does the Domain Age affect AdSense ads qualification?.

I Think domain age does not make much impact on ads Qualification.But here One thing I realize that if you are using your own self-hosted blog or Customize Domain name Then you need to wait up to 6 Months.But if you are simply using or then it does not take much time to get Adsense approval.

e. Blog Traffic: Does Blog traffic play any role to get instant Adsense approval?.

My answer is No.Because Adsense team does not check your blog traffic. It means traffic is not considerable to getting google ads.So Even if you are getting Zero traffic or hundreds of thousands it’s does not make any difference.However, there is a huge difference between earnings.

f. Check Your Domain name block by Google

Before applying for google Adsense, Please makes sure that you have checked your domain name to ensure that it is not blocked by google. you can put “” in google search to check your domain name whether it is blocked or not.


At the end of this Lesson, I want to suggest you that there are only a few things you have to remember.First is “Content.Because content is the King “, Second is “Language” & Third is “Types of Content”.However, there are many other factors like Site Structure, Images(Do not use Google image directly on your blog.because it can also generate copyright Issue ) etc.

If you want Instant Adsense approval then work with real.Don’t be fake.Make your own Style and Brand So that People easily differentiate you from others.If you follow the guides then definitely you will get Success.

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