How to Configure Yoast Seo WordPress Plugin


Today I Will Discuss Two Questions which Directly Belongs to Yoast Seo WordPress Plugin. Let me discuss following Questions One by one.

  • What is SEO & Why it is required?
  • How to Configure SEO By Yoast Plugin in WordPress?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Seo is optimization of your website so that google can easily find your web pages and index them.There are a number of SEO strategies you may apply to optimize your web page.I have already been discussed SEO strategies.You may visit the following guide to get more intuition about SEO strategies.

Why Yoast SEO Plugin is required  in WordPress

Seo by Yoast Plugin is a full pack of  SEO is The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.This plugin helps you to optimize your blog posts.It suggests you Some strategies which may help you to Structured your Post, meta tags, Keywords, or many others.

          The analysis that Takes Care by Yoast SEO Plugin(Version 4.01):-

  • Snippet Preview: in this analysis, the plugin shows you an exact preview of your SEO title, Meta description, Slug, in Google Search results.

Yoast seo snippet preview

  • Focus Keywords: It Continuously Suggests you that, How many numbers of the keyword you should include in your Post. Is your keyword included in the first paragraph of copy?. Is your image Contains alt attributes with Focus keyword?.Is your focus keyword appear in page URL?.
  • Yoast SEO also detects Stop words in Slug(how-to-configure-Yoast-SEO-WordPress-plugin) for this page.


How to Configure SEO By Yoast Plugin in WordPress?

First Step: Go to WordPress Dashboard. Click on Plugins >add New and put WordPress SEO on the search panel.You will find following results. Click on Yoast SEO >Install Now>Activate.

yoast seo plugin install

Earlier if you have used another SEO plugin like All in one SEO pack Plugin.then first you need to import all of your SEO data from All in one SEO Pack to Yoast SEO Plugin. you Can Use “SEO data Transporter Plugin ” for this purpose.

How to Import SEO data from All in one SEO pack to Yoast SEO Plugin With the help of SEO Data Transporter Plugin

This Plugin allows you to transfer your inputs Seo data from one Plugin or theme to another.

first, you need to install SEO data Transporter Plugin.Go to the Tools>SEO data Transporter.After Doing so You will see the Following  Interface. Just Choose what platform you want to move away from, and where you want to move to.Click on the Analyze Button and see what data is Compatible and then Click on Convert Button.


Step Two: Now you are ready to Configure Yoast Seo Plugin. Just go ahead and Click on SEO. you can find SEO plugin at the left sidebar on the WordPress dashboard.Which looks likes below.

Yoast SEO control panel

here you will find Dashboard, Title & Meta, Social, XML SiteMap, Advanced, Tools, Search Console and Last is Premium features.

There are Total Seven features within the free version of Yoast SEO. Which are Sufficient to keep your website fully optimized. you Can also go for premium Version of This Plugin to get benefits.

Premium Version of Yoast SEO has some Advantage

  • It provides a Good support through video tutorials
  • Easy to make a redirection.
  • Internal linking tool

Let’s Understand all the Features One by one:-

Inside Yoast SEO: Dashboard

1.  Dashboard If there is any serious SEO problem, Then Yoast SEO plugin directly Notify you.There is no need to make any Configuration.

Yoast seo Dashboard

2.  General:  There are only three Options

  • Configure Yoast SEO  Step by Step: Here you Can Learn all about SEO.
  • Credits: Here you will find the People behind the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Restore Default Settings: Here you can restore your SEO setting to default.


3.  Features: Configure these Setting as follows.yoast seo Feature panel

4.  Your Info: There are two options.

  • Website Name: Here you have to simply put your webSite name & Alternative name of your website. If you do not put anything, then Yoast SEO Automatically  Consider your webSite can also Give an alternative name of your website to Considered by google.

Configuration of Website name in yoast SEO

  • Company or Person: This information is shown as Meta Data on your site. If you are a Single Person who owns this property(website), then simply put your name. If you are a group of members who own a company, then simply put your Company Name. I am a single person so, here I have put my name.

yoast SEO company name or person


5. WebMaster Tool Verification: this is a very most important feature of Yoast SEO plugin. here you will see three boxes. each box is correspondence to a webmaster tool verification have to simply put their corresponding Identities and click on save changes.

yoast seo - webmaster tool verification boxes

6. Security Settings: This is an advance Security panel provided by Yoast SEO plugin.This feature allows the user to no-index posts or changes in canonical URL.By default it is Disabled. Because you do not want to trust on your authors (or another writer of your website) to make any changes. So Check on Disabled if you do not trust on your author. Otherwise, Check it enabled if you do so.

yoast seo-security setting

Inside Yoast SEO: Titles & Metas

Title & meta Description are the most primary SEO Concern Strategies. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin has the ability to take care of these Strategies.

In this section of  Yoast SEO, there are following Settings You should Consider:-

  • General settings
  • Homepage settings
  • Post types
  • Taxonomies
  • Archives
  • Others

Let’s Dive Into the first options:-

1.General Settings: Inside of this option you will found three Settings.

  • Title Separator: This is basically a separator which separates Post title and Site name. you can prefer any of these as a separator. (* Mandatory please use dot Separator).

Yoast seo-title separator

  • Enabled Analysis: There are two types of analysis, first is Readability analysis and Next one is Keyword analysis. Yoast SEO has a very powerful feature to ensure you that your post copy has better Readability.


For a Holistic SEO, Prospective Readability is a must.readability Analysis Concern about following things

  •  transition word or phrase, which is less than the recommended minimum of 30%.
  • Flesch Reading Ease test. It must be
  • Passive voice Density is recommended a maximum 10%. 
  • It also Considers Maximum Lenght of a Sentance. the length of sentence should not exceed 20 words.

Make Changes as follows.

Yoast seo - Enabled analysis

2. Homepage: This feature of Yoast SEO plugin gives you an ability to Set your Title template & Meta Description Template for your homepage. Title template is nothing but the name of your site and Meta description is a very short intro of your website.

yoast seo -website homepage settings

3. Post Types: This is very important Section of Yoast SEO Plugin.because here you can Instruct the robots or Google Bots to Index or no-index your Pages, Posts, Media, Contacts & Custom Post Type Archives etc.

So this is your choice wheater you want to index the pages, Media, Contacts or Custom Post Type Archives.

*1. please do not disabled Post Indexing, Page Indexing & and Media Indexing.Because if you do so Google bots do find any posts, pages & Media of your website.)

*2. do not put anything in the Meta Description Template Blank Section.Because this is a Dynamic description which is different for every Posts & page.

*3.Please do remember that do not make any modification in Title template Section. In Case if you want you Customize title template address then you can simply refer these basic Variables to make changes.

%%date%% Replaced with the date of the post/page
%%title%% Replaced with the title of the post/page
%%parent_title%% Replaced with the title of the parent page of the current page
%%sitename%% The site’s name
%%sitedesc%% The site’s tag line / description
%%excerpt%% Replaced with the post/page excerpt (or auto-generated if it does not exist)
%%excerpt_only%% Replaced with the post/page excerpt (without auto-generation)
%%tag%% Replaced with the current tag/tags
%%category%% Replaced with the post categories (comma separated)
%%primary_category%% Replaced with the primary category of the post/page
%%category_description%% Replaced with the category description
%%tag_description%% Replaced with the tag description
%%term_description%% Replaced with the term description
%%term_title%% Replaced with the term name
%%searchphrase%% Replaced with the current search phrase
%%sep%% The separator defined in your theme’s wp_title() tag.


Please do changes Like me:-

Yoast seo - post index setting

yoast seo-page indexing setting

yoast seo-media index settings


yoast seo-contacts index settings

yoast seo -custom type post archives index settings

4. Taxonomies: This Section of Yoast SEO plugin is used to Change your Title template & Meta description template of your Categories & tags. (*you can also choose no-index, because your all the Categories and tags Contains Posts and Page)

Please Make Changes Like me:-

How to configure yoast seo category setting

How to configure yoast seo tag setting

5. Archives: Yoast SEO plugin allows the author to disabled the author archives.because if you running a single author website then your author archives are just a duplicate of your every author archive. so make sure that you have disabled this options. so that there is no Duplicate Content Issue.

yoast seo -archives settings

Instead of Author archive, Yoast SEO has also included  Data Archive Settings and special page settings. please disable the Data archive.

yoast seo - data archive settings

Special pages like “page not found ”  Can be Configure from here:-

yoast seo - special page configuration


6. Others: This is the last option of title and meta Section in Yoast SEO. These are Sub-pages of an archive, Meta Keyword tag & noodp.

If you do not want to Index Subpages like page 1/2 etc. then you can Check no-index Option(*please Check on noindex Option).

Meta Keyword tag is no more useful. so there is no question of using this feature of Yoast SEO Plugin. Click on disabled Option.

Noodp: This is a special thing added by Yoast SEO to Prevent the search Engines from Using Dmoz Description(In case if your Website has been indexed in Dmoz directory) in Search Result instead of your own website Description.

yoast seo -Other settings in Title and metas

Inside Yoast SEO: Social

Simply put your page URLS within the Corresponding Boxes.

Yoast seo- Social Profile Setting

Inside Yoast SEO: XML Sitemap

There are five Sections:-

  • General
  • User Sitemap
  • Post Types
  • Excluded Post
  • Taxonomies

 1.  General

You do not need to generate any sitemap through another sitemap Generator. Yoast SEO plugin has an ability to Structured your Sitemap. In General Settings You can limit the Number of Pages Contained by your each Sitemap.

yoast seo-XML sitemap structure

2. User SiteMap: Yoast SEO has Setting to include the author sitemap (Author sitemap Basically Consist of author Archives like Name of an author). This user sitemap does not play any role to make your site more visible. so I suggest you exclude this sitemap.

*Please make following Changes:-

Yoast seo- user sitemap setting

3. Post Types: Please make changes as follows

yoast seo- Post types configuration in xml sitemap

Excluded Posts: if you have some posts that you do not want to include in your sitemap, then you can use Yoast Seo feature to do so. you have to simply put your post ID and then click on save changes button.


4. Taxonomies: Make Changes As Follow:-

yoast seo Taxonomies sitemap settings

Inside Yoast SEO: Advanced Settings:-

There are Basically Three Settings:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • permalinks
  • RSS

1. Breadcrumb: Breadcrumbs are something that related to your themes. if you are not a theme developer then, you have no need to go through this settings. just disable this. but if you want to take advantage of this Yoast Seo feature, then first you need to check your theme customization and ensure whether your theme supports this feature or not. if you find that your theme does not support it, then you need to add some bit of code into your header.php file.

This Yoast SEO advance feature does not play any role in SEO, so I suggest you disable this Option.

Please read this guide to make it easy: our knowledge-base article on breadcrumbs implementation.

if ( function_exists('yoast_breadcrumb') ) {
<p id="breadcrumbs">','</p>

Yoast seo Advanced setting Breadcrumbs

2. Permalinks: This is the very most option of Yoast Seo  plugin to Control  your Post address.* please do remember that do not change your permalinks after publishing posts directly. you can change this with the help of 301 Permanent redirection plugin.

Please make following Changes

Yoast seo advanced setting permalinks

3. RSS: this feature is used to automatically add your posts to your RSS feed. here you can find two sections.

From first you can decide what content to put before each post in your RSS feed & second you can decide which content to put after each post.

Yoast seo advanced rss feed setting

There are some variables that you can use to weather link your author archive to the post or to the site itself.this will show up in your RSS feed View source and render as HTML. it will automatically link back to your post on your blog to tell the people where the content comes from.This is mostly done to prevent from being Scraped.RSS has a no-follow attribute to prevents you from bad links or also prevents to get you Caught.

Inside Yoast SEO: Additional Tools

Instead of these awesome features, Yoast SEO also Come up with some very Powerful inbuilt Tools. that makeS your WordPress editing Little bit faster.

If your site has a very large number of  Posts, in that case, it becomes a bit of slower to edit your each Post’s Title name, description, Categories etc. in such cases Yoast SEO plugin has an additional tool to make these changes easily.

Yoast SEO introduces three Tools:-

  • Bulk editor
  • file editor
  • import and export

yoast seo powerful tools

Inside Yoast SEO: Search Console

This feature is used to directly monitor your google Search Console crawl results. you only have to Authenticate your website. once you have authenticated your website then here you can easily keep an eye on your Crawl errors and fixed them without going into your google Search Console Home page.

If you have any query please leave a comment in the Comment box.























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