How many Steps I Should Follow To Get Paid By Google Adsense

How many Steps I Should Follow To Get Paid By Google Adsense


Today’s Topic is Basically for Newie Bloggers.Because They have So many Questions regarding with Google Adsense Payment Process.They are also very Much worried about how to get paid by Adsense?.How many steps I have to follow to get paid by google Adsense?.

If you are bothering about These following Question then you are at the right place.I can make you free from these difficulties.Please Stick With it I will tell you whole about the process of Adsense payments.


1. How Can I Submit My Tax Information.?

2. How Can I Change my Adsense Address.?

3. Can I Change My Adsense Payment Country.?

4. How Can I Cancel My Existing Adsense Account.?

5 How to Change Payee Name Of Adsense Account.?

Process That You Should Follow to Get Paid by Google Adsense

1.Submit Your Tax Information To the Google

Tax is nothing but a Small addition to the government or levied by the government to the employee & Businesses. This is the very first Step you must do to Implement the google Adsense payment process. However, This is Not required in all Locations.

There are many types of Taxes like Income tax, Service Tax, VAT or Ad Valorem Tax or others but Only Income tax Levied on Google Adsense.

Here is the list of Income tax Slabs in India 2016 -17. 

Income tax slab rates in india that can be levied on google adsense

For More Infomation Please read This Guide: Chartered Club -Income Tax Slabs

Google Adsense required this Tax Information From you.So you have to give tax data to the google Adsense.I am from India so I will give Income Tax Slab data of India. you would give your Corresponding Country’s Income Tax data to Adsense If required.

Now, To Submit Your Tax Information Please Follow these Steps:-

  • Log in to your Adsense Account.
  • Go to upright Corner then Click on Gear Icon.
  • Now Click on Payment > Manage Settings >Update Tax Information
  • After Doing so You will See a form.In this form, You have to basically provide your tax information.
  • The name on this form is similar to your payee name.Please Do remember that if you make any changes with your payee name then you have to resubmit your tax information.
  • If your Adsense Payments are held on due to The tax information verification.then you need to submit your Tax Information before 20th of the Month otherwise, you will not get your Adsense payment within this payment cycle.
  • * Please remember That it is your responsibility to continuously update your tax information google is not responsible for that.


2.Check Your Payee Name & Address

Put your Real Name and address otherwise, you will not be able to receive your PIN (Personal identification Number). PIN is an Identification Number sent by Google Adsense to your address.This is basically used to verify your address. So please make sure do not put any fake Identification.


  • Adsense account Payee name Must be similar to your bank account Payee name.So that you can easily transfer your AdSense payment to your bank account.If you will not put your exact name then you can not add any Payment methods to your AdSense account.
  • Put your exact pinpoint Location so that you can easily receive your PIN. (Also Checkout: How to Verify google Adsense address?

Can I Change my Adsense Address

Yes, you can change your Adsense Address easily.  

  • Login to your Adsense account.
  • Click on Gear Icon > payments > Manage settings > In the name and Address section  click Edit button.
  • Put your correspondence address. (Please do not change your Name. For More information please See Below)

Can I Change My Adsense Payment Country

If you Want to Change your Adsense Payment Country then first you have to Cancel your existing AdSense account.Then you need to Open a New Adsense Account which corresponding to your New country.

How Can I Cancel My Existing Adsense Account

If you have decided to Cancel Your Adsense account then please follow these steps:-

  • Switch to your Adsense Account.
  • Click on Gear Icon > Settings >Account Information >Cancel Account.
  • Now Review the following Information showing on the Current Page.
  • There are basically two types of Information you will see on the Current page.first is “If your account meet all of the requirements to receive a final payment”. The second one is “If your account does not meet all of the requirements to receive a final payment”.
  • In The case of first Information, you have to Select a reason for your account cancellation.Means, why you are canceling your account.after that you need to select an Option to Confirm that you have understood all the term and conditions.Finally, Click on Continue, Adsense will send you an Email.In this email, you will get a Link.You need to click on this link to further proceed.
  • In Second Information, you have to Select an option which confirms that you will not get paid by Adsense. because your final payment is below the cancellation threshold(10$).Then again repeat the earlier process.
  • If your final Adsense payment is More than 10$ then you will get your payment after 90 days.

How to change payee name of AdSense account

There are some Countries where Adsense does not allow you to change payee name. Here is the list of those countries:-

Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates

But if you are not from those countries then you can change the payee name. You Have to simply follow some steps

  • Open your AdSense account.
  • Click on gear Icon >payments >Payee profile >Click Edit.
  • please note that if you are making changes to your business account.then in the first line you need to give your name of your business and second line contact name of the business.
  • Now click Save button.
3. Choose your form of Payments
There are several forms of AdSense payments through which you can get paid by google Adsense.
  • EFT (electronic fund transfer)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Checks
  • western union quick cash
  • EFT via Single Euro Payments Area(SEPA)

When your Adsense earnings reach the payments method selection threshold. Then you Can Choose any method to get paid by google Adsense.

4. Verify Your Adsense Address

It is Mandatory to Verify Your Adsense account otherwise, your payment will be put on hold. you are not able to get paid by google Adsense.Please read this guide to understand all about address verification: How to Verify google Adsense address?.


 5.Payment Threshold 
After all the Steps, Now you need to meet your Adsense earning to the Payment threshold.As your earnings meet to your payment threshold(100$) Then you will able to get paid by google Adsense.
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