How much can I earn from Google AdSense per 1000 pageviews

how much can i earn by google adsense per 1000 page views

Hello, friends today I am going to discuss “How to calculate Google Adsense earnings.” Most of the time I find the same query on Quora that How much can I earn from AdSense per 1000 page views or something like that. So today I decided to give you a methodology to calculate the Google Adsense earning.

I am taking a simple example to apply the methodology.

Your total google Adsense earning depends upon the CTR, CPC and page rpm and ad viewability. Before I dive deeper you into this methodology I want to tell you on which CPC depends.

CPC depends upon the several things:

  • Keyword that you are using in your blog post: what are the specification of your keyword like if you are using high paying keyword then you can get high CPC
  • Targeting country: If you are targeting those countries where high paying keywords ads are available. then you can get high CPC then other.
  •  Ad placement: Placement of the ads also matters. if you place ads in the header area or sidebar. then it will be beneficial to you.
  • The size of your ads: Size of the ad also influence your revenue.

It is very hard to figure out the exact earning from Google Adsense. Before I give any figure about  Google Adsense earning. I want to make some assumptions:

  • I am assuming that your ads impression revenue is approximately  =  0.0005$ or CPM=0.5$
  • I am also assuming that you have put 3 ads per page ( so this make 3 ad impression per page or maybe less in case of ad viewability of a particular ad is less than 50% )
  • Your approximated CPC is 0.10$
  • Your CTR (CTR%= (50/ 3000) * 100) is 1.66% .
  • You have told me that your page view is 1000 so you get (1000*3) 3000 ad impression. But all the impressions are not valid due to ad viewability. 
  • Now suppose that you get 5 clicks per 100 page. so a number of total clicks are 50.

Now let me allow to do some calculations:-

Total ads impression = 3000

Impression RPM: 0.1$ 

Total ad clicks = 50

Cost per Click  : 0.10$

Your Estimate Earning is ~ ~ 3000*0.0001 + 50*.10 = 0.3 + 5 = 5.3$

According to my calculation, you can get approximately 5.3$. But if you have different data like CPC, ad impression revenue then you can put these value in the following formula:-

To calculate your YouTube earnings through AdSense, use this formula: –

[{Total ad’s impression – invalid ad’s impression} *{ impression RPM/1000}] + {CTR*100} * Avg CPC

Impression RPM: Revenue per 1000 impression. Mostly depends on cost per click. More click you get high impression RPM you have.

Invaild  impressions – When Ad viewability is less than 50% and only for fraction of second.

CTR means of click through rate = Number of valid clicks on ads / 100


There are two other methods that you could use to cross-check your earnings of AdSense

  1. method: –    (The Number of total impressions/1000)* impression RPM
  2. Method:  – (The number of total pages views/1000)* page RPM

 If you are getting trouble to understand my above guide. Then you can read these guides to make it easier.

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You could earn more than 6.5 $.  This is not the exact estimation. But this is not the wrong way to calculate the approximate Google Adsense earnings.

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