How much can I earn from Google AdSense per 1000 pageviews

how much can i earn by google adsense per 1000 page views


Hello, friends today I am going to discuss “How to calculate google Adsense earning.” Most of the time I find the same query on Quora that How much can I earn from AdSense per 1000 page views or something like that. so today I decided to give you a methodology to calculate the google Adsense earning.

I am taking a simple example to apply the methodology.

Your total google Adsense earning depends upon the CTR, CPC and page rpm. Before I dive deeper you into this methodology I want to tell you some fact on which CPC depends.

CPC depends upon the several facts:

  • Keyword that you are using in your blog post: what are the specification of your keyword like if you are using high paying keyword then you can get high CPC
  • Targeting country: If you are targeting those countries where high paying keywords ads are available. then you can get high CPC then other.
  •  Ad placement: Placement of the ads also matters. if you place ads in the header area or sidebar. then it will be beneficial to you.
  • the size of your ads: Size of the ad also make your ads revenue high.

It is very hard to figure out the exact earning from google Adsense. Before I give to any figure about your google Adsense earning. I want to make some assumptions:

  • I am assuming your ads impression revenue is approximate  =  0.0005$ or CPM=0.5$
  • I am also assuming that you have put 3 ads per page ( so this make 3 ad impression per page )
  • your approximated CPC is 0.10$
  • your CTR (CTR%= (50/ 3000) * 100) is 1.66% .
  • you have told me that your page view is 1000 so you get (1000*3) 3000 ad impression.
  • Now suppose that you get 5 clicks per 100 page. so a number of total clicks are 50.

Now let me allow to do some calculations:-

Total ads impression = 3000

Single ad impression revenue: 0 .0005$ 

Total ad clicks = 50

Cost per Click  : 0.10$

Your Estimate Earning is ~ ~ 3000*0.0005 + 50*.10 = 1.5 + 5 = 6.5$

According to my calculation, you can get approximately 6.5$. but if you have different data like CPC, ad impression revenue then you can put these value in the following formula:-

To calculate your YouTube earning through AdSense, use this formula: –

[{Total ad’s impression – invalid ad’s impression} * CPM] + {CTR*100} * Avg CPC

Approximate ad impression revenue per 1000 page views = CPM (cost per mile)

CTR means of click through rate = Number of valid clicks on ads / 100


If you are getting trouble to understand my above guide. then you can read these guides to make it easier.

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What is CPC (cost per click)

You could earn more than 6.5 $.  This is not the exact estimation. But this is not the wrong way to calculate the approximate google Adsense earnings.

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  1. As a beginner and wanting to earn from Google Adsense, the first thing everyone would ask or have that doubt on their mind is “How much can I earn from Google Adsense per 100 pageviews?”
    Well, this Adsense tutorial on how to calculate the approximate calculation is handy and very useful for those who are in doubt…
    Wonderful and simplified tutorial bro… Keep Up!

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