today I will explain about how to pick a  DOMAIN name. the people who do not know about the purpose of it. please go to the below link.
what is the purpose of the domain address?
To pick the best domain name there are some important points that you have to be taken into your mind.

1. Easy to remember 

                                If you are picking a domain then make sure that it should be very easy to remember. do not pick very long and difficult  Domain so that people become confused to remember your domain address.

2. unique  

                the domain name that you are picking must be unique. it should not be mimic other domain names.

3. More describable 

                             The domain name that you are picking must be more describable so that people who are searching for your domain name can already get a little bit about your website. for example, if you pick a domain like it means it describes that the website is about  the health tips.

4. pick shorter domain name

                                          it must be shorter and easy to type so make sure do not pick very long and hard domain.

After above description, you will we able to pick a very easy, short and memorable domain name. but the question will come that where to buy the domain name.

Go to the given link below to buy domain address.Godaddy     click here to resister your domain
2.hostgator    click here to register your domain
3.namecheap click here to register your domain 
4.bluehost     click here to register your domain

 these are the most popular websites to register your domain. you can easily buy  domain name from these websites. if you want to buy or register a very cheap domain  then i suggested you to go to GoDaddy. GoDaddy is the most popular website to buy domain names. you can also refer one of them to buy  cheap domain names.


Most of the beginners are not able to register a domain name. but it is very simple. follow my instruction 
FOR Godaddy 
1. sign up  (create an account) 

Image result for godaddy sign up page image

After filling up all your information you can create a GoDaddy account.  
2. sign in to your account 
3. After singing in you will find a search panel for domain
   put your domain  that you want ….for example search panel automatically check the availability of your domain name and tell you the cost of domain .
5. According to your  suitability  pick your domain .
6. you may also select the extension like .com .org .edu ….. etc on the continue to cart  and fill your name, address , mobile number, country , city , pin code, and then proceed further. 
8.After filling that proceed to payment by atm card. fill your all the information required to checkout ………            
Then whoo ……you have successfully registered your domain  ……
if you have any question regarding this post please leave a comment in comment box. I will respond you within 2 days 

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