How to Use HostGator addon Domain Feature To add another Domain

Today’s, I will  Discuss three topics first, what is Hostgator addon domain? Second, Why it is necessary & Third, How to use this additional feature of HostGator.

HostGator Addon Domain

HostGator Addon Domain Feature is a very Crucial feature for all the Bloggers.Because this feature allows the User to Connect more than one Domain to a single hosted account.This Feature is not applicable for Hatchling HostGator Hosting Plan.So Make sure to take advantage of this feature you should purchase either Baby plan or Business Plan.

Why is Addon Domin Feature  Necessary?

For newbie bloggers, this feature is not much important because at the starting phase they have only Single Blog.So there is no need of HostGator Addon Domain Feature.But after a while, most of the beginners start Plenty of blogs.In this Situation, they require this additional feature to access all the blogs from the Same Cpanel.

  • One can Access More than one Blog or site on the same hosted account.
  • Only Single Cpanel is required.


How to Use HostGator addon Domain Feature To add another Domain

However, earlier I have mentioned all about HostGator Addon Domain Feature.So let me give you a step by step guide to using this additional feature.

First Step 

buy a domain name(, I am considering that you have already owned a website.

Please read following guide one by one:-

Buy an another Domain from Godaddy or Namecheap

Second Step

After purchasing a new Domain name, first you have to add your domain to your hosted have to only Copy your nameservers from your hosted account and paste them to your Domin name server setting.

Please read this Guide to point your domain name to website hosted elsewhere

Third Step

After Pointing an another domain name to your hosted account you have to switch your HostGator Cpanel.Then go to Cpanel Main Dashboard >Domains> Click on Addon Domains.


HostGator addon Domain Feature To add another Domain

As you will click on the Addon Domain link you will Land up to the following page.

addon Domain name feature of hostgator

You have only put your new domain name (without www or HTTP ).after putting your domain name  HostGator Control Panel Automatically generate a database in public_html Folder for new website installation. 

In Subdomain Section you don’t need to put anything.Cpanel automatically generates it. now you have almost done.Click on Add Domain button.


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