Increase Ad Revenue, View Time & Traffic on Site 10% By Using matched content ad unit

Would you like to increase your ad revenue, view time & traffic then using AdSense matched content ad feature could be a better idea to engage with.

In this post, I will be showing you all about this advanced feature of Google AdSense.

Every blogger knows that Adsense is the best-earning source, but have you ever think that you can increase Ad revenue, view time, as well as traffic on site by using Adsense matched content feature.

So, let me first tell you what is ‘matched content feature’ and how you can optimize your site performance.


What is ‘Matched content feature’ of Adsense

Google introduced this feature in 2015. This feature makes the content recommendation to your visitors. it is a way through which Google Adsense promote your content to visitors.

When you enable this feature, AdSense will check your content and on the basis of content relevancy, it makes the content recommendation to your visitor which directly increase user-engagement, CTR and ad revenue.

Because when visitor see these recommended ad units on your page which looks very similar to your post content then he may like to read them. During this process, he spends more time than average on your page. And that’s the beauty of this feature.

These ads are not counted as normal ads that means you can use these ads separately.

From the picture shown below, you can understand that they look very similar to suggested or related posts where the user really likes to make clicks. Which results in the increase in CTR and view time on site.

matched content feature of Adsense


Check your site eligibility for this feature

This feature is not available for all publishers because it requires minimum traffic limit that all the publishers have to meet. So make sure don’t bother about ‘matched content feature.‘ It will automatically add to your AdSense account, as soon as you get essential traffic.

How do you check whether your site is eligible?

Let’s have a check

First of all, go to your AdSense account >Setting> my sites

Now click on ‘Matched content’ option. (if you find). if you don’t find this option that means your site is not eligible.

There is also another way to check it.

Go to setting > Account > Site management ( if you find). If you don’t find ‘site management’ option that means your site is not eligible.

If you have more than one site and anyone of them are eligible then you will find ‘create matched content option‘ underneath ‘my ads

How to create matched content ad unit

You need to go through the following steps

  1. Switch to your AdSense account.
  2. Click on ‘my ads’
  3. Go ahead and click on ‘New ad unit’.
  4. Select ‘matched content ads’.
  5. Use the drop-down in the upper corner of the preview area to check which of your website is eligible.
  6. Give any name to the ad unit.
  7. Style your ad that matches your content.
  8. Customize ad size accordingly.
  9. After customizing ads click on ‘save and get code‘ button.
  10. Copy & paste ad code into HTML source.

Best Recommendations or practices for this ad unit

  • Use responsive layout
  • Always use a unique featured image in your content.
  • For custom horizontal size take 2:1 (width: height) ratio. Similarly for verticle ad size take 1:2 (width: height) ratio.
  • Place ad unit just below the article or in the sidebar.
  • It works better with very long and in-depth content. So, Using these ad units at the end of an article helps you increase user-engagement, traffic and ad revenue.
  • Your normal ad performance increases if you use them with ‘matched content ads’.
  • Wait at least 15 minutes before installing ad code on your website.
  • Use meta tag protocol like the open graph on your page.

Do you believe that ‘matched content type of ad’ can increase your Adsense earning, traffic and time on site?.

Yes, it’s right you can definitely optimize site statistics ( page view, revenue, user-engagement & traffic ) with the help of this tool. 

However, CPC is very low but your earning increases up to 10%. 

Salient point that you need to remember 

  • These ads are not eligible for an experiment.
  • If your site does not have an image, the matched content unit will show you a link instead of an image. (so it’s a good habit to use a suitable image).
  • AdSense terms and policies are similar as normal ads .
  • Content promoted by this ad unit is included from your site. So make your post informative.

Benefits of using this Matched content ad unit

  1. It helps to increase user engagement.
  2. Increase your earnings & traffic from 10 to 15%.
  3. Helpful for the sites which are receiving high traffic.
  4. It generates additional earnings.
  5. An increase in CTR. (According to Digital Marketing pro  there is 15% increment in click-through rate )
  6.  According to Digital Marketing pro, it affects the site loading.


Finally, I want to say that getting approval for this ad feature of AdSense you need to increase your traffic. Once your site able to gain traffic you will receive an invitation from AdSense team. After that, you need to follow steps that I have described earlier.

To take advantage of this, please work hard on writing content. Use best affordable SEO practices to increase your overall score.

I refer you some best practices that you can help you to increase traffic. (Don’t use any paid traffic for that purpose)


There is also another AdSense ad alternative that you can use other than the matched content ad.

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