How To Increase The Cost Per Click of Google Adsense

Today I am Going to  Describe Cost Per Click (CPC). This is very Important Topic for Those Who are Suffering From Low CPC Of Their Adsense Ads. So Today I Will Tell You Some Genuine Method Which can help You To Increase CPC of Adsense.

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Strategies To Increase The CPC (Cost Per Click) Of Google Adsense

There are Few Things I Want To Mention here. Most Of The People Get Confuse  Adsense Terminologies Like CPM, Cost Per Click, CTR Or Many Others. Here I  Recommend You a Short Guide About Adsense Terminologies. So you Can Easily Understand all about Google Adsense.

I have already Discussed The Strategies To Increase The Cost Per Click. There is Basically Two Way.

  • Using The High CPC Keyword.
  • Blocking The Low CPC Keyword Networks.

But I did Not Mention About How You Can do That. Here I Explain to You  All about.


How To Find High Cost Per Click  Keywords

Are You Getting only .05$ to  0.18$ Cost Per Click. Don’t Bother These Figures. Just Forget about What you Earned Earlier. I Give You Some sort Of  Ideas. After Using these Ideas You Will Get 1$ to 5$  or More Than This. Let Us Start with me….

  • First Of all  Find a Topic  According To Your Suitability. Means Choose Such Topics That You Can Explain Better Than Other. (You Can also Use Google  Search  To Find Your Topics Or Also Use Some Free Tool Like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest etc..)

Google-search-Engine How To Increase The Cost Per Click of Google Adsense

  • Now Do Some Keyword  Research.In This Step, You have To Simply  Find Some Keywords From Your Topic. You Can Use Keyword Research Tools In Order To Find The High Paying Keywords. Google Keyword Planner is One of  The best  Free Tool.
  • You Have To Put Your Query  In  Search Box Of  Keyword Planner. It Will Give You All  The Information About Keyword like Monthly Search Volume, Suggested Bid(Cost Per Click), Competition & ad impression shares.

High-Paying-Keyword-Search How To Increase The Cost Per Click of Google Adsense

  • Here You Can See Some Keywords With Their All The Specifications. You Will Find  That “Keyword  Research Tool”  Keyword Has Highest CPC (Cost Per Click 8.79$). CPC is also Changes According to Local.
  • Now you  Can Put This Keyword In Your Page Content. (Remember: Do Not Use Huge Density Of Keyword, limited 2 to 3% Of Your Total Content).
  • Here You Can Follow Same Procedure For Ubersuggest. But This Tool Does Not Tell You About CPC. For Better Keyword Research You  Can Premium Keyword Research Tools For Better Optimization.

Blocking  Low Paying Cost Per Click  Ad Networks

This is Very Popular Method To Increase The Cost Per Click of Adsense Ads. Adsense  Facilitate You To Block Those Networks Who are Paying Less CPC.You Can Block Maximum 500 URLs.

block-adsense-ads-to-increase-cost-per-click How To Increase The Cost Per Click of Google Adsense

  • You Need To Open  Google Sandbox , keywordspy & Google Adsense in Three Different Tabs.
  • Google Sandbox: Here You Have To Put Your Domain Name. This will Show You The List Adsense  Ads.
  • Keywordspy: This is a  Keyword Analyzer Tool. Here You  Check The Click Per Cost Of  Your Ad Network.
  • First Of All, You Have To Copy Domain Name Of Ad Network.Then  Put It Into The Keywordspy. Analyze It. If  Cost Per Click Of Ad Network Is Low Then Paste It  Into The Adsense Allow And Block Ads Section And Click On The Block URLs Button.


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