How Can I Increase CTR by Using Compelling SEO Meta Description

Every beginner wants to become a Successful blogger.but it is not as much easier as it sounds.because there are millions of people in the blogosphere who are using their Compelling SEO Strategies to Increase the CTR of their web Pages.So it becomes very hard to compete With them.but don’t worry I will tell you that how can you use the Compelling SEO Meta Description of your blog post to increase the Click Through Rate or CTR.

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1.What is Meta Description?

Meta Description is a Short Introduction of your web page.which gives an overview of your page.It Contents 150 to 160 Words. This SEO Meta Description appears just below the meta title of your blog post.Let me Show you the Preview.

Seo-Meta-Description How Can I Increase CTR by Using Compelling SEO Meta Description

How Does Meta Description affect your CTR of your Web Page?

  • If you Do not Use the Proper Description SEO, then you will find a very large difference between your google Search Impressions and Clicks.Means even if your keyword has ranked in google there is no guarantee that people will definitely Click on your web always try to write a cool and effective & Compelling Description.

2.Does the SEO Meta Description affect the Google Ranking?

  • No, Meta description does not play any role in google ranking but it really helps to Increase the CTR of your web page.So make Sure do Not Ignore it.Google has ignored it because Most of the webmasters started Keyword Stuffing so google does not consider it as a ranking Parameter.

Some Examples of Meta Description

For the beginners, I want to give you Some Examples of Compelling SEO Meta Description.

Example 1

In the Above example, you will see that the description of this Title tag Does not Match Exactly with the meta description but It Contains Compelling & Some Cool Offers.These offers attract the visitors which result in Increase In CTR.

examples-of-meta-description How Can I Increase CTR by Using Compelling SEO Meta Description

Example 2

In Example 2 As you can see that both the Title Tag and meta Description are exactly Same.It also has a very compelling Description.

Best-examples-of-SEO-Meta-Description How Can I Increase CTR by Using Compelling SEO Meta Description

Example 3.

This is also an another example which indicates that SEO Meta must contain focusing you can see “Content Strategy “Is a focusing keyword which is reflecting in both the Title Tag and Meta Description.

Best-examples-of-SEO-Meta-Description-1 How Can I Increase CTR by Using Compelling SEO Meta Description

Now on the behalf of these examples, I want to  Write Some Strategies which can help you to increase your CTR of your web Page.

How Can I Increase CTR by Using Compelling SEO Meta Description

  • Put at least 130 to 155 words.
  • Always try to include a very relative question which directly influences the visitor to click.for example, Are you Doing Content Strategy in the right way?.
  • Insert focusing keyword.
  • Do not Include Unnecessary words.Like Hii, hello friends.
  • If your blog post is about offers then try to add these offers inside the meta description.
  • Use Influencing Words like Make, Learn, Improve etc.
  • Include a very Compelling reason for that reader should read your blog post.
  • Do Not try to Put The Wrong Description.
  • Do not put more than 155 words otherwise a visitor would not be able to read a full creates a Misunderstanding in the visitor’s mind.
  • Your Meta Description should be Unique Then others.

How Can you create right Meta Description?

Writing a cool Meta Description also requires Some SEO Techniques. However, Bloggers Who are blogging  Since a very Long time do not face any problem to write it but newbie bloggers face it very much. let me take some examples to explain you.

Example 1

Suppose you are writing a blog post about SEO techniques.then, first of all, you need to create your title tag.your title tag must be very attractive like “10 SEO techniques that you must Use” or you can also write “Improve your blog traffic by applying SEO techniques”.Here my focusing keyword is “SEO techniques”.

So you need to Include focusing keyword in the title as well as in the  Meta Description of your blog post.before generating Your Description you should have a very clear picture of your title.I mean you need to learn about this topic very hard.Once you have learned everything about your title you are ready to write Meta Description.

So Meta Description is “Would you like to increase your search visibility on google?.Then Applying these Amazing  SEO Techniques to almost double or triple your search results.

Or You can Also Write Something like that “Are you getting Very less amount of traffic. Learn How to Increase your google search ranking by using top most SEO Techniques


Example 2

In the second example Suppose you are writing a post about Make Money Online then you can choose a title tag like 10 Awesome ways to Make Money Online or You can also write another one like How do I make money online.After Deciding title of your blog, you need to set focusing keyword.for here I take Make Money Online as a focus go ahead and prepare your Topic. Now you need to write a very Cool SEO Meta description.

Meta Description

Do you want to earn Some  Money as a Student then don’t worry here are the Top 10 Scam Free Ways to Make money online.

Or You can also write “Learn How to Make money Online & Set Up your own professional Business Investing almost Zero dollars”.

SEO Meta Description Generator 

If you want to Generate Meta description Manually then there are some tools that can help you to Create a Html Code of your Meta Description.You only need to Copy that Code and Paste it in your Html Document File.

SEO Book tool

SEOBOOK is a great tool to create an HTML  meta tag for your specific blog need to put your Post title, Description and focus keyword and click on create Meta tags.You will see your Meta have to simply copy this Html code and put it into your Html document.

Meta-Description-generater-tool How Can I Increase CTR by Using Compelling SEO Meta Description


This is also an another SEO meta tag and Description Generator Tool.Here you can also generator meta Tag & Description and do the same as I have explained Earlier.

Meta-Description-generater-tool-1 How Can I Increase CTR by Using Compelling SEO Meta Description


This is basically used to Check the meta description of your existing can Check the SEO description Up to 100 URLs by simply putting them in the search box one by generates excel  & HTML file to download.

Meta-Description-generater-tool-2 How Can I Increase CTR by Using Compelling SEO Meta Description



At the end of this post, I want to say that everything Should be reflected in your post.I mean if you write Meta Description then it should be real otherwise, a visitor will not visit your blog post again.

Seo meta tag generators are generally used by a blogger who is using Blogspot as a blogging platform.


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