14 Simple Tips To Increase YouTube Views Without Spending Money

14 Simple Tips To Increase YouTube Views Without Spending Money

If you have just started on YouTube then it might hard to get YouTube views. But it is not much hard as it seems to be. By knowing the YouTube hacks you can easily skyrocket your YouTube channel.

Generally, people create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos without knowing anything. By the time, if they don’t get views they stop creating videos without knowing the reasons for failure.

However, there are many paid YouTube tools that help you grow your channel. But buying YouTube views is not gonna work each and every time.

So, in today’s article, I am going to share a guide that can help you get YouTube views without investing money. This checklist includes all the essential things that a beginner should apply to get more views on YouTube.

For making videos that go viral you need to understand which YouTube SEO strategy would be great for your video channel.

Let’s have a look at the YouTube SEO.

YouTube SEO is a strategy in which you learn optimizing your YouTube videos and rank them higher on YouTube.

What you think about YouTube SEO, is it similar to SEO what you learn in Google?. Let me take an example to make you clear how different Google and YouTube searches are?

When I typed “How to make” in both YouTube and Google search bar. I found very similar suggestion that made me more curious to know what the difference between Google and YouTube suggestions. [Auto-suggest is a suggestion tool tells the user’s search intent or what people are regularly searching for.]

suggestions while searhing for How to make in youtube


suggestions while searching for How to make on google

Similarly, when I typed “what is”, the very similar results were shown by both search tools. This little study shows that people search very similar things on both the search engines.

Google search results while searching for “How to make”

google search results while searching for how to make

YouTube Results for query how to make

Youtube results for query how to make

From the above results, I observed that YouTube and Google both have similar perspectives. But it doesn’t mean that YouTube and Google both have similar SEO concept.

But frankly speaking, it’s obvious. Because of directories of both the giant store different results. Google has answers to all the queries available out there. But the results provided by YouTube is less than Google.

But it could be treated as a search engine if you are looking for some “actionable” or “How to” tutorials. Because people feel comfortable while watching the videos tutorials rather than reading articles.

Google considers more 200 SEO factors for ranking but I think YouTube does not consider more than 200. However, No one knows the exact number. But there are some common practices that worth remembering.

  1. SEO optimized description
  2. Create good quality video
  3. Include proper tags
  4. Share your videos immediately [share frequently]
  5. Write the super attractive title
  6. Never ignore the thumbnail
  7. Keep an eye on user behaviour
  8. Analyze videos to know the insights [watch time, social engagement etc.]
  9. Video length

These are the common practices that every YouTuber should apply. But this is not the end, for the instant result, you can’t ignore “user behaviour”.

User behaviour is something similar to backlinks considered in Google. It includes action, reaction, like, dislike, share & comments on a particular video. So, I don’t think you should ignore it.

If someone asks me how to get instant views on YouTube. My answer will be, rank your video on the top of the YouTube. But it takes time to rank on top position.

Till 2012, it was super easy to rank your videos on YouTube because that time YouTube considered only video views as a ranking factor. People used to buy the views to get instant exposure. But now YouTube has changed its algorithm which has changed the rule for ranking.

“A YouTube video that includes SEO along with the positive user-behaviour will be rank higher than a different video having more views. So if you want to increase YouTube views you need to have all these quality along with a good user behaviour.”

Ok, it was something that you must know, now let’s see what you need to do for driving more traffic on YouTube videos.

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14 simple tips to increase YouTube views without spending money

#1. Know your audience

Without knowing your audience you can’t pump your traffic funnel. For that, decide your video niche. If your video category is funny then no worries. But for others, you need to recognize your audience.

You need to send your video to the right audience otherwise, you might fail. For building your audience look at other YouTubers within your niche and follow them.

Connect your social media account to your YouTube account. Once you know the interested audience you are ready to serve your videos to them.

Some good practices

  1. Subscribe the channel within your niche.
  2. Comment, share their videos. [Don’t be spam]
  3. Analyze top videos performance to get some ideas.

#2. Organize your YouTube channel

Good packaging of a product leads to a huge attention of the audience, resulting in overwhelming conversions. Similarly, a well-Organized channel may help you get more attention and tons of YouTube views.

There are so many things that you need to organize. Read this guide to organize your YouTube channel.

How do you organize your YouTube channel?

#3. Write a super attractive video title

Writing an effective video title is very easy. You need to look at some insights given below…

Include the video keyword in your title. “Video keywords” are the keywords that are ranked in both Google and YouTube. Means, if you search for “SEO” and find YouTube video results in google search. In this case, you can conduct a keyword research for that keyword and include it in your title.

For example, if I make a video on “Cake”. First, I go to the YouTube and search for  “cake”.

As you put this keyword, you will see YouTube suggestion. Select any keyword that matches your video title. For example, I select “cake decoration”.

Results for cake in youtube

Now copy this keyword and put it into the google search bar. If Google shows you the YouTube video results in its search list then you get to go. Getting the more insights you can head to google keyword planner and elaborate your keyword by knowing keyword matrices like CPC, search volume, keyword difficulty etc.

How to do youtube keyword research

Once you have confirmed the keyword, you can include it in the title. Now it’s time to organize the title.

How to organize the YouTube video title?

After keyword researching, organize your title to make it more actionable and worthy. Include these terms to make video title more effective.

  • Mention the time into the title. For example – make a tasty cake within 10 min
  • Use magnetic words like easy, smart, excellent etc. For example – 5 easy steps to create a beautiful and tasty cake
  • Include at least 5-6 words within the title.
  • Include some beneficiary words within the title. For example – How to make a tasty chocolate cake
  • Compare your title with other top YouTube results and include some extra ingredients.
  • Don’t forget to mention ‘How much would be the cost’. For example – Make a hot chocolate cake at worth $10.

Now how your title will look like…

It is not essential to project all above terms. Consider only those things that fits your video content and worth including.

10 easy way to decorate a cake without spending money. 

Best/10 way to decorate cake professionally.

10 professional ideas to decorate cake.

By applying these rules you can create an outstanding YouTube video title which would help you get more YouTube views on your videos.

#4. Use outstanding thumbnails

Thumbnail is the only part that appears in YouTube results while searching. It has the potential to grasp the attention of people. So, don’t ignore it.

According to a case study conducted by Quicksprout, traffic increased by 154% using attractive and appropriate thumbnail.

Thumbnail is the second important thing to consider. Read this guide to learn all about thumbnail.

For better results use

  • Eye-catching thumbnail
  •  If you create a video about amazing fact or news gossip then you can easily use this trick to increase the CTR By Including a suspnsive view in thumbnail. For example – if your video title is “A criminal who has breakthrown the world’s powerful jail”. In such case, it is advisable not to include the image of that criminal. This simple tip keep your visitors in suspese and encourage them to  click the video.
  • Emotional faces
  • Funny faces
  • Include a few text that elaborates video insights [you may include the end results of videos, result of case study]

#5. Description

Most of you are thinking that no one reads the description but you are wrong. YouTube and all other search engines read the description to rank your videos. So, it’s worth including at least 250 to 300 text description which is enough to explore your video insights. This is not for your visitors but for search engines.

Write an SEO optimized description for better ranking position resulting more YouTube views on your video, description must have following ingredients.

  • Include keyword 1-3 time
  • Optimize your description by including the LSI  or semantic words. [You can find these words by scrolling down to the bottom for both YouTube as well as Google]


#6. Include similar tags

Including tags into your video can increase your search ranking and also helps to enhance the search traffic by referring them into the sidebar.

So, I always recommend you including some tags. Read more all about YouTube tags.

#7. Share your videos as fast as possible

Your video is on trending! Sounds crazy? Isn’t it

For getting tons of YouTube views you might ignite video so that it appears in trending list. For beginners, it could be hard to get into trending list. But sharing the videos instantly onto all the social media network could be beneficial for you.

For instant results share your videos on: –

  • Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter etc.
  • Share your videos over and over again.

#8.  Engage with your audience

When visitors watch your videos and run off without subscribing your channel. It means you are missing something. Q&A and giveaway both are the best way to attract the more audience and convert them into subscribers. Once you have got 100 subscribers.  Make a video to let all your subscribers know that how they are important for you.

#9. Ask for like, share, subscribe and comment to your visitors

Once you prepared your video, don’t forget to add a little script asking for like, share, subscribe and comment on your videos.

Because more likes, comment and subscribers are indirectly considered as a ranking factor resulting, high ranking and more YouTube views.

#10. Take the advantage of trending topics

Moving with trending topics lead to thousands of visitors. If you are funny creator, you can easily make a video regarding trending topic.

You can find trending topics from Facebook, twitter, snapchat and google trends.

#11. Compare the search terms

This is important where you use the different terms for a single word. Like SEO can be either described as SEO or search engine optimization. But google trend shows the following variation which clearly indicates that it really matter.

When I saw the results I found that search for “search engine optimization” in google has only 2% interest out of 100. But search for “SEO” is about 87% popularity out of 100. So, it doesn’t worth using “search engine optimization”

google trend results for SEO and search engine optimization in web search

Similarly, search trend for YouTube is as following

search trend for youtube

#12. Use the annotations to increase the subscribers

Annotations are the kind of links, ‘subscribe button’ that can be included into your video to increase the YouTube views, subscribers.

How to annotate YouTube videos

#13. Analyze the User behavior

As I have mentioned above that user behavior help you rank videos in top. So, after uploading the video this is your responsibility to track user behavior.

What you examine?

  • Analyze watch time: it indicates, how much your video is interesting. If avg. watch time is below 40% that means your video is not much interesting.
  • See how much people are commenting, liking, sharing your videos. If the ratio of dislike to like is higher that means video is not much informative and providing the unique stuff
  • Read the comments & suggestions and try to improve the videos
  • Ratio of dislike/like, should not be exceed one.

#14. Set up an optimal time duration

Time duration for a video depends upon video niche. If your video niche is something like tutorials then make it more informative and take desire time to include all the essentials. But if the video niche is “quick tips or funny” then keep it somewhere between 5 -10 minutes.

Brain dean fonder of backlinko.com found that the time span of a video affects the ranking. Longer the time span higher the video ranking resulting more YouTube views. [see the case study]



Getting more views on YouTube could be easy if you are on the right track. Everything takes time. keep the visitors in your mind while creating your videos.

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