Ferzy -A Good Keyword Difficulty Tool To Instant Rank Your Keyword

Ferzy -A Good Keyword Difficulty Tool To Instant Rank Your Keyword (2)

Are you looking for a good keyword difficulty tool? then you are at the right place. Today I will introduce you a  great keyword tool Ferzy. this tool is generally used by Small businesses to overcome their keyword difficulty problems. It also helps businesses to Predict the competition & Difficulty on the basis of Keyword Statistics. and give them an easy Keyword excess with Low Competition  & SEO difficulty.

Keyword research is the best practice for healthy SEO. A good keyword analysis can increase your Chances of page ranking.

So for digging deep down, you need a tool that can do this business for you.

Although you may see many keyword tools I think Ferzy is also a great tool. I recommend you this tool on the basis of my experience.

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Why I Use Ferzy tool to Find the Keyword Difficulty 

My reviews on Ferzy keyword difficulty tool

  • Because It is very fast.
  • This tool serves me tons of relevant results.
  • It gives me a good idea of keyword difficulty
  • This tool analyses all keyword matrices like Keyword Difficulty, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Monthly Searches, CPC etc.
  • This tool also shows top ten domain ranked in Google for the same keyword that you are looking for.
  • It also lists the status of domain age. which also gives an indication of keyword hardness.
  • The free version is also good. 10 keywords search & 25 relevant keywords search are possible on daily basis.
  • Easy user interface.
  • It helps me to rank better in Google.

If you know about SEO then you would also definitely know about SEO difficulty. this is not very much different from Keyword ranking Difficulty.

Keyword Ranking Difficulty is the Competition or hardness between a number of websites or domains that ranking for a Specific keyword. if competition is very high then you need to work hard to rank keyword.

If you write a post for a specific keyword let’s say “motorcycle“. then the ranking difficulty depends upon Competition, CPC, DA & PA.

So, in that Case, it becomes very important to analyse all the major factors that I have mentioned earlier.

Ferzy keyword analysis tool gives me all the information about Keyword Motorcycle that I need to consider.

Ferzy best keyword difficulty

From the above screenshot SEO Difficulty for Keyword Motorcycle is 57 out of 100.

This number indicates that the Competition for this keyword is very hard. That Means if Someone tries to rank this keyword then he needs the following factor to be considered: –

  • Domain authority should be higher (approx. 30 – 70)
  • Page authority should also be good.
  • your domain age should be at least 1 year old. however, it is not necessary to have an old domain. A new domain can also be ranked if your content is real and have potential to get ranked.


Quick stats of related keyword difficulty & domain age

As you can see the related results that are already been ranked in Google top 10 results have very high DA, PA, Backlinks & Domain age etc.

These factors directly indicate the hardness of SEO. So here you can see that how this tool distinguishes all the factors.

Search results: –

The picture given below shows a list of top 10 results of Google.


Related results for motorcycle keyword shown by frezy

Ferzy -A Good Keyword Difficulty Tool To Instant Rank Your Keyword

Ok, Now the most Important thing is that how you can use Ferzy to Instantly rank your Keyword.

Now let’s play with another example to understand this process. There are 3 steps that you need to follow to rank your keyword in Google top 10 results.

#1. First Analyse your Selected Keyword

Let us suppose you are writing a post about SEO. and you are supposed to rank this absolute keyword in top 10 results. then before choosing this keyword, you need to figure out some statistics that can help you to calculate the SEO difficulty.

Ferzy -A Good Keyword Difficulty Tool To Instant Rank Your Keyword

Ferzy calculates SEO Difficulty and gives you following ideas.

There are 4 most factors that affect SEO Difficulty

  • Domain authority: – It is the overall trustworthiness of  your Site
  • Page Authority: – it is the individual trustworthiness of your site. it  is the reputation of your page
  • Domain Age: – Old domain name has high authority and reputation.
  • Backlinks: – this is the backbone of your blog. (Check out the link given below to learn about Backlinks)
  • Domain: – Total number of domain linking to the URL.

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ferzy keyword difficulty tool to instantly rank keyword

From the above statistics, you can say that it is very hard to rank this Keyword.  Now jump to the Second Step.

#2. Choose relevant keyword rather than “SEO” which has less SEO difficulty

Now head over to your Ferzy tool and check some other relevant keywords.

If you are using free version then you can only see a few  Relevant keywords. but here I am using the pro version of this tool. so I can find tons of relevant keywords. for example, I choose affordable SEO strategies or affordable SEO instead of SEO.

Ferzy keyword research tool

Here you can clearly Understand that Keyword “affordable SEO” has very less SEO difficulty (31 out of 100). So there are more than 90% chances to rank this keyword.

#3. Final Step

Now finally it’s time to include this keyword in following places naturally. (No keyword stuffing)

  • In Permalink
  • In Title tag (H1 tag)
  • In SEO Description
  • In the first paragraph of page
  • At least one time in Subheading

You are only three step far from your success. Just use this tool and analyse your Keyword difficulty. I feel very comfortable to use this tool.

You can Use the pro version of this tool or also use the free version of the this tool

Try Keyword Difficulty Tool

Conclusion: –

Overall I want to say that Ferzy is best keyword difficulty tool which provides you whole information about Keyword research. It also gives the idea of SEO difficulty.

If you want to rank your keyword instantly then you need to Choose low Competition keywords. So that you can easily rank your page in Google top 10 results.

If you are a newbie blogger then you keep the following thing in your mind: –

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