List of Top Most WordPress Plugins That You Should Use

List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use

 There are Thousands of  Wordpress Plugins that You know.but here I am not going to tell you about all those plugins.Instead of this, I will tell you Some Very important and top most plugins that you Must Install on your WordPress website.

There is no limit to install plugins but if you upload or Install Unnecessary plugins in your root directory.that means you are making your website much slower than Usual.because every time browser has to fetch more data from your root directory which makes the browsing process slower.which results in visitors leave your website and your bounce rate will increase.


There are Some Important Things that always matters for your blogging perspective 

  • Security
  • Sharing Buttons
  • SEO 
  • Popups Plugins for engagement of Visitors
  • Site Loading Time
  • Building Email List 
  • Ad Management 
  • Affiliate Link Management

List of Top Most WordPress Plugins That You Should Use

WordPress Security Plugins

If you are doing blogging Very Seriously then Security has to be your prime Concern.I Suggest you Some Security WordPress tools or plugins to avoid your Website from hackers and Malware. 

1. Wordfence

This is one of the top Most WordPress Plugin for your blog Security.It has both Free and Paid Version.This plugin has tons of features with its free version.Once you have installed this plugin you don’t need to bother about your Security Issues.This Tool has The following Features:-

  • Scan: Here you Can manually Scan Your have to Simply go to Scan and click on Start a Wordfence Scan.
  • Scheduling: This feature lets you allow for scheduling your can manually Schedule your Scanning time.Once you have Scheduled your Scanning time then As the time will come wordfence automatically Start Scanning.
  • Options: Here you can allow word fence plugin to include Scans that you want.
  • Web Application Firewall: Avoid you from getting hacked.
  • Firewall: This feature lets you allow to block the specific Country.If you are getting malicious activity from any Specific Country then plugin block those Countries automatically to save your website. This feature is mostly for paid members.
  • Blocked Ip: you can manually block any Suspicious Ip Address or word fence also block Suspicious Ip automatically.
  • Live Traffic: Here you Can keep an eye on your visitors, Bots etc.

For Learn More about Wordfence
download-wordfence-wordpress-plugin List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use



2. Sucuri WordPress Plugin

Sucuri Security Tool is free to Use.It has Several Features:-

  • Security Activity Audit Logging
  • Keep an eye on File Integrity
  • Malware Detection
  • Real-time Protection

Everything Is Given in WordPress plugins official you Can go There and Check it Out

Download-sucuri-wordpress-plugin List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use

Share Your Content

Once you have Published Your Content then after that you need to allow your visitors to Share your Content.for this to happening you have to Install Some WordPress Plugins which let allow Your visitors to Share your Content on the Social Madia to enhance website traffic.

1. SumoMe: This is the best tool To grow your Audience.I like Its Sharing feature.A newbie Can easily Configure it. This plugin has both Free and Premium Version.It has Several Features:-

SumoMe-Wordpress-Plugin List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use

  • Floating Bar to share the Content on Social Media
  • Good Looking Contact Forms to communicate with your visitors.
  • Heat Map Analyzer lets you allow to track your visitor’s activity on your website.
  • Image Sharer
  • Smart bar
  • Google Analytics Overview 
  • Email List Building by simply placing Popups.

For More Information Please Check It Out here & Download



2. Social Warfare Plugin

This is the one of most Common WordPress Sharing Tool.But it is generally for those who Can pay for it .it has Cost 29$ which is not much for worthy bloggers.but it may not be afforded by beginners.

However, this plugin is not for free but it has the number of features which make it most beautiful, and bright Plugin.Some Important Features are:-

  • The Very first thing with this plugin is that it does not affect the speed of your website or blog.
  • It Shows Twitter Counts.
  • To remove the Social Button Simply Drag and Drop those buttons that you want to remove.
  • Floating bar feature.

Read More About this Plugin

Download This Plugin 

3. Share This Button To AddToAny

Share-this-Button-AddToAny-Wordpress-Plugin List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use

This is Free WordPress Tool for those who have not enough money to buy WordPress Plugins.It has the similar Features as SumoMe Floating has more than 5M downloads.


  • This plugin is supported by AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page ) Formate.
  • Responsive Social Media Button which is ready by Default for all Device (Mobile, Tablets)
  • It has Custom Placement of Social Button(Top of the Post, Bottom of the post & floating at the Sidebar)
  • Counts of Post Shares.
  • Vertical & Horizontal Floating bar.

Download This Plugin 

4. Wp Social Sharing 

This WordPress gadget (Plugin) Let you allow to place very attractively & Responsive  Social Media Buttons.wp-Social-sharing-wordpress-plugin List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use


  • This plugin support for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Xing.
  • fully Responsive.
  • You can customize the Social Button Text.

Download This Plugin

SEO (Search engine Optimization WordPress Plugins)

If you want to make your blog visible on search engine then SEO is one of the best ways to do that. I am Damn Sure that if you are blogging Seriously then you must know about SEO.But in Case if you do not know about it then please check it out here

WordPress has Come up with many SEO Plugins which can let you allow to enhance your Site visibility & Ranking.If you are applying SEO techniques then there are 100% Chances to ranked in search engines.But if you are a newbie and want to Increase your Site Visibility. then don’t worry here I will list Some Bunch of WordPress Plugins that can assist you to increase your Website visibility.

1. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

This is the One of the top most SEO Tool which has more than 1M Installation.It has many features.this plugin let you allow to set your Focus Keyword.

yoast-by-seo-wordpress-plugin List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use

Most Features (Free Version ):-

  • You can Customize your Title & Meta template description.
  • Yoast SEO Plugin let you allow to Add Focus Keyword and also analyze the density of keyword in your Content. 
  • With the help of this tool, you can embed your Social Profile so that google can easily detect your Social profile related to your website.
  • This tool has very Powerful Feature to allow the google Robots to whether Index your Published Content or Not.
  • It has a readability analyzer which analyzes your readability.

Also Read: How To Configure Yoast by SEO Plugin 

Download This Plugin

2. All In One SEO Pack

This is also an another WordPress tool to optimize your blog.This plugin is very similar to Yoast Plugin.It has also almost Same features.However, Yoast SEO is the Advanced version of All in one SEO pack.

To customize This plugin you can See This official Video of this Tool or plugin.

Popups Plugins for engagement of Visitors

If you are getting a good amount of traffic but unable to generate good Conversion rate or those cases you need Some WordPress Plugins to overcome this Issue.wordpress has a number of Popups Plugins for Conversion of Visitors Into Your real and trusted Customers.

1. SumoMe:-

SumoMe-Popups-Feature-1 List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use

SumoMe-Popups-Feature List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use

As we all know that this Amazing plugin has tons of features with its free Version.You don’t need to Pay any single Dollar to take advantage.I personally recommend This plugin for those who have not much money to pay.because this Smart WordPress Plugin let you allow to Insert very attractive Popups to Convert visitors into regular & Trusted Customers.One can easily build their own Email List.

Download SumoMe Plugin

2. OptinMonster

This Plugin is not for have to pay at least 9$ to purchase this awesome plugin.OptinMonster helps you to Convert Your Visitors Into Customers.


  • It does not affect the loading time of your website.
  • Optinmonster works on all the website platforms like Squarespace, Joomla, Magento etc.
  • You can easily create lightbox Popups for your WordPress website.

optinmonster-popups-Wordpress-plugin List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use

Site Loading Time

Loading time of your blog or website is always matters.because if your website loading time is higher than usual then people would Skip your website every time and your bounce rate will increase.

Why Your Site loading Time Increases:-

  • Due to Poor Theme Activation.
  • Unnecessary Media Content like Image & Videos.
  • Unwanted Plugins.
  • poor Web-hosting Platform.
  • Extra Third party ad Scripting (for example Infolinks, Bid advertiser).

By the way, I have the solution for this Issue.There are some WordPress plugins that you must Download in your WordPress Site.So that Speed Issues can be minimized.  

1.Wp Super Cache

This is the most popular tool to Optimize your site loading time.The basic function of this plugin is to generate a static Html file which is totally separated with your dynamic Php File.So there is no need to Communicate With Havier Php Script.due to which speed of your website optimized accordingly.

Wp-Super-Cache-wordpress-Plugin List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use

Download this Awesome Plugin


This is an another Option for bloggers to speed Up their cleans up more Space so that website can run at its high efficiency.It has Automatic Scheduling feature which cleans your website’s unnecessary Post revision files and keeps your website Neat and Clean.


  • It cleans up all the unnecessary files like Unapproved Comments, trashed Posts.
  • Automatic Cleaning Schedule.

Download This Plugin

Top Most Ad Management  Wordpress Plugins

1. Google Adsense

This is the most common official AdSense ad management Plugin. here you don’t need to copy and paste your ad code from Adsense Ad unit to your simply have to Connect your original Adsense Account with this plugin. Once you have Connected your account with this plugin Then you are successfully able to Manage your ads anywhere you in Your Blog.

Download This Tool

2. Ad Injection

 However, Google Adsense is Awesome but this plugin is only for Adsense Ads not for Other Advert Ad Networks.but Ad Injection is supportable for any type of ad network.So one Can easily put their advert ad code and Earn money.

Download Ad Injection Plugin

Affiliate Link Management

Affiliate Link Management is Something in which one can change the link format of their own affiliate links.I recommend you only one Plugin for this purpose.

Thirsty Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Thirsty-affiliate-wordpress-plugin List of Top Most Wordpress Plugins That You Should Use

this tool is generally for affiliates.if you are making Money from affiliate marketing then you need to use this plugin to increase the Conversion rate.with the help of this plugin, you can Convert your ugly and weird affiliate links into attractive can add these links to the comment section, Posts, and pages.

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