Make money with Adsense


Before I discuss the question about how to make money with AdSense. let me explain the Google Adsense. So that the beginners who don’t know about AdSense become more familiar.

What is Google Adsense?

It is a popular ad placement program. it allows the advertisers to place their ads on publisher’s website or blog. The visitors who are visiting publisher’s blog see the ad on the web page.  If any visitor clicks on the ad then he or she redirects to another website.  which results that the publisher gets paid by the Google ad program.

Google AdSense is a reliable ad program which pays you when someone makes any click or impression on your ads. This is because there is some advertiser who wants to promote their business or also sell their product.

The very first question that comes to mind that why Google AdSense pay you for clicks. The answer is that because Google only allows a certain % of a bid to the publisher. Only 68% of the total bid goes to the publisher. The rest of the share goes to Google. 

It could also be understood easily with an example.

Suppose that I am a publisher (I have a website with more extreme traffic) and you are an advertiser. You want to publish your new product. In that case, you need some publishers to publish your product all over the world.  Suddenly you found me and ask me for publishing your product.  You make a deal with me that you will pay me if I publish your product. If I agree your deal then you can sell your more products easily.

Similarly, Google has a number of publishers like me and number of advertiser like you. You go to the google and make a deal with Google. Google allows the publisher to place your ads to publish your product through AdSense network.

How to earn money with  Adsense

If you’re first who want to make a great amount of money. Then I suggest you use the Google Adsense.  

#1. First of all, you have to make a website. And after that, work on your website. I mean to write some quality content on your blog.

Blog niche to make money from AdSense

#2. Once your website gets indexed by Google, You are eligible to participate AdSense ad program. Go ahead and sign up for Google AdSense. Now, you’re ready to follow the further instructions.

#3. Fill out your all information like name, email id, website name etc…

#4. Once you’ve filled out the application form, AdSense will send you an email for confirmation. If you’re lucky, you will definitely get AdSense Approval. 

#5. Go to Google AdSense dashboard and create an ad unit and then copy the ad code. You’ve almost finished

#6. Finally, copy that code and paste that code into your blog.

There are many ways to make money with  AdSense

If you are looking for a very great way to make money with AdSense. You need to follow three ways.

1. By placing ads on your Blogspot  blog

2. By placing your ads on youtube channel

3. By placing your ads on WordPress website

Placing ads on your blog spot

Blogspot is a free web service hosted by Google. Anyone who wants to make a blog or website can easily go to the blog spot.  It is very easy to earn with Google Adsense by sign up for AdSense account through the Blogspot dashboard.


1. Login to your blogger dashboard

2. Go to the Earning >Adsense

3. you will find an option to sign up

4. Fill up the application for your request  of AdSense

5. once you have certified then you will be able to place the google ads on your website. then you can make money with AdSense.

There is a thorough guide to put the AdSense ads on Blogspot/Blogger

How to configure AdSense as on Blogger 


Place your ads on WordPress

WordPress is the popular web platform to build your own website. It is an open source directory which allows bloggers to create blog and website. Almost every hosting providers give you the facility to install WordPress CMS on their server.You need to have two important things the first one is domain name and the second one is ‘Hosting

Once you purchase both the things, you are ready to create your own blog. After creating, publish some quality content. Finally, go to Google AdSense and apply to become an AdSense publisher.

How to put AdSense ads on WordPress blog 

Placing your ads on youtube channel

YouTube AdSense account is also known as ‘hosted account’. Many YouTuber earn money with AdSense. You can also do the same. You need to create a YouTube channel. Once you’ve done, upload some quality videos and drive some traffic.

There is no need to tweak with ad code. You need to just enable the monetization of your channel.

But according to YouTube, if you want to monetize your channel then your channel must have at least 10,000 views. If you cross this threshold, you’re able to monetize your channel with AdSense. 

If you’re confused which category would bring you tons of money then you can read this guide to choose a suitable category.

Check out this guide: How to choose a suitable YouTube video category to earn sufficiently 


No doubt, AdSense is a lucrative way to earn a decent amount of money. But it doesn’t mean that money will flow by just getting AdSense approval. There are so many things that you need to do after getting approval.

The traffic and High-quality content are two most important things. If you can generate traffic you can easily from AdSense.










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