How to Make Money by Facebook

make money by facebook

How To Make Money  By Facebook

As we all know that Facebook is one of the largest social websites through which people can Communicate with each other. They can Make friends, share their ideas, important information, pictures &videos all around the world. About  1.71 billion population of the world monthly active users on Facebook.Most of the companies using the Facebook to promote their business. Facebook is also a medium to Make Money online.

Before dive deeper Let’s have a quick understanding of How To Make Money by Facebook


Today’s Generation is so lazy. people do not want to do hard working. So as the technologies increase people are mostly depending upon the online marketing like Make money online, online ticket booking, online shopping etc.

Facebook is a  way to publish products, services to people all around the world. So the business can easily be improved by Facebook.

To start to Make Money by Facebook There are Some recommendations That I want to mention here. so that people who already have these occupations can easily start Making money by Facebook.

  • Business
  • Blog
  • Youtube channel

There are Many other recommendations but Mostly I am going to describe here.


The people who want to Monetize their business can use the Facebook as a tool to promote their business among the people. Many people start their business and shut down very shortly. Because they are not able to get more customers for their sell .or also unable to promote their business products.

Use the Facebook as a prime promoter for your business. As your business become famous among the people then you can make money easily.



To get more promotion of your business it is very important that you should keep on sharing your business products among the active people .active groups.


The blog is also a better way to share idea and information. you can use blogs as prime promoters . but there is a problem with it ..that blog also require traffic on it to make money. so you can again use the Facebook to share your blog.


Youtube is also an another platform to promote your business. you can make videos about your product and services and upload them on the youtube. people will come to your video and see it.  it may happen that you do not reach a large traffic. you can again use the Facebook to promote your videos. it really helps to get more organic traffic on your youtube video.

you will be able to Make money by Facebook very instantly.

Some tips About the topic

  • join the groups which are related to your business.
  • Share all the information about your product and services.
  • you can also use the local SEO services to promote your business.






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