Managed wordpress hosting reviews on hostgator web hosting Company

In the earlier Post, I have written an article which clearly distinguishes and gives the reason to you that  Why Should you Choose  Shared web hosting plan .I have also analyzed that Shared web hosting is not much good for businesses. Because Businesses requires more Reliability, Security, and Accessibility. So for that, you need Some Advance Features which can fulfill the requirements of businesses.

 If you are Starting your new online business then you Can go for Managed WordPress Hosting. Which lets you allow to manage your business Site in a very reliable manner.

So let me explain you today’s topic “Managed WordPress Hosting Reviews” in a very deep manner.

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  • What is the difference between Managed and Normal Web hosting?
  • Why Should You Choose Managed WordPress  Hosting?

Difference between managed WordPress hosting vs regular hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting Regular/Basic (Shared Web Hosting)
Generally Used in Small Businesses Used by beginners bloggers
More Isolated or Secured Less Secure due to Sharing of  Disk

Space with a number of Website Owers.

More Reliable Less Reliable
Costly Less Costly
Server is continuously Up to Dated Less updating
Better Technical Support Less Technical Support
Better Uptime Less Uptime
Fast Slow
Free & Auto Backups Manual Backups

Why Should You Choose Managed WordPress  Hosting

  • Support: Support is the top most reason to choose This hosting. Because Sometimes there are many technical Issues faced by the Website owner. These Issues can not be solved without any assist. But WordPress Hosting Gives you a better support to manage your Hosting Server and fix all Issues.
  • Security: Every Webmaster wants that their websites have to be Purely Secured.So managed WordPress hosting provide them 100% Secure environment.This additional security encourages the webmasters to Choose the Managed WordPress Hosting.
  • Loading Time: A Case Study has been conducted by LiquidWeb to analyze the Loading time of found that load time was 11.2 seconds before Using Managed WordPress Hosting but after adopting the managed Hosting they found that the loading time was only 4.1 second.

A case Study on managed wordpress hosting conducted by liquidweb


  • Uptime: This is also a very important feature which directly affects the Search rankings.Hostgator managed hosting has 100% uptime which indicates Incredible User-friendliness & Search engine optimization.

Managed WordPress hosting reviews on Hostgator web hosting Company

You can optimize your WordPress website by simply using the Managed hosting. However, it is much expensive than shared web hosting.But believe me, Hostgator web hosting Company provides you tons of additional features that can make your website fully Optimize.

  • Supercharged Speed:  Hostgator’s Managed hosting plan Increases The Server Speed Up to 2.5 times than normal. I Observed this proportion of speed . For blazing Speed, I will give 4.5 out of 5 Stars.
  • Free Migration: Hostgator Lets you allow to Migrate your existing WordPress site to Hostgator. So it is pretty much beneficial. (5 out of 5 Stars.)
  •  Price: In Hostgator,  there are three Plans. But all the plans are affordable accordingly.Their Basic plan is starter plan.Their Discount offers are very Useful which are provided to the new customers for great Compensation.(4.8 out of 5 stars)

Managed wordpress hosting plan of Hostgator


  • Security: Hostgator Managed WordPress Hosting provides you Two very Most Important Security Features first is Sitelock Monitoring (Powered by Sitelock) and Second is Site Backups(Powered by CodeGuard). Site lock Monitoring Protects your website from hackers & Site backup feature regularly take a backup all of your website files.(4.8 out of 5 Stars).

Hostgator managed wordpress hosting Additional security features

  • Uptime: Managed hosting has 100% Uptime.A very Descriptive Case Study shows that it has almost 100% Uptime.Let me Introduce you a real Detailed Observation Conducted by Brad Smith from He recorded 6 months uptime details.(5 stars)

managed wordpress hosting uptime of hostgator

The above pie chart shows that every month uptime is almost 100% which is the indication of high search ranking and user accessibility.

Support: As I earlier discussed that Hostgator’s shared hosting supporting team was good but it does not make a quick response.However, Managed WordPress hosting is pretty fast and very helpful.

Managed WordPress Hosting reviews by Some Other User

Data has been taken from

#1. Jennifer 

Jennifer is a very long time Hostgator’s customer. According to jennifer page speed of her website is fine.

#2. Jonas  

According to Jonas, Hostgator Cloud hosting (Managed WordPress hosting) is great.

#3. Mike

According to Mike HostGator’s Support is pretty good.

#4. Charles J.

Charles J. rated HostGator’s Uptime 100%.

#5. Dara Sofia C.

Dara Sofia C. is fully satisfied with it.

#6. Istiak Rayhan

His experience was good with HostGator. He started his blogging career with basic shared web hosting plan.He also compared the Hostgator and Bluehost and suggested that Hostgator’s Managed WordPress hosting is much better than Bluehost & Godaddy.


Here I have described Managed WordPress Hosting reviews. on the basis of this, You people can see that Hostgator Cloud Hosting is pretty good.

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Deal Managed wordpress hosting plan of Hostgator

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