mechanical actuators used in robot

Mechanical actuator

Ok I had discussed all  about the hydraulic,pneumatic,electric actuators ……..and now i am going to discuss about the mechanical actuators….. Let me show you about  important system (mechanical actuators) or sub system that are used in robotics and Mechatronics .


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRLUrtSKUnZB6XtqSlcxBN4DHgGUS-hfZVCEPLPw4fS-bMNyGQa0Q mechanical actuators used in robot
As name  suggests  mechanical actuators are the actuators
which are used  to  convert the rotary motion into linear motion.
 these are mainly used in steering system,screw jack,ball screw,roller screw,cam rotation etc.there are some sub mechanism that are used to produce specific type of linear motion.A screw jack is basically like a actuator which convert the human effort provided on the lever (rotary motion ) into linear up and down motion of the ram .these are mainly used  to lift out the heavy weight like car,truck during the assembly of tyres,wheels,etc. 

similarly cams are generally used to valves operations
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSOaHuBfER7I5A6v-o9Zz2AUcSg3WX7tcbjwDAlLpTfkIpLruwM mechanical actuators used in robotcams mainly used in internal combustion engine to operate the valves.cams are used where time period is required. cams may  oscillate,rotates,or also reciprocates according to the requirement of motion  and imparts the motion(reciprocation,rotation,oscillates ) to the other body called  followers.
Z mechanical actuators used in robot

During the high load application mechanical actuators may actuated  with  the help of  motors,or also used hydraulic pressure to increase the effort of mechanical actuators.

  •  force   amplification  with the help of levers 
  • speed may change according to the driver requirement with the help of gears 
  • transfer the rotation from one axis to another axis  with the help of chain,belts
  • produce special types of motion like quick return mechanism,two & fro motion                                      


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