mechanism used in robot (mechanism )

What is Mechanism 

 mechanism is something that change the input motion or force  into desired output motion or force.

it is a important part of any machinery so we can say that mechanism is region through which motion or power may transform in desired motion and power .
this can also be defined as it is generally a composition of transmission system like gears,belt drives,harmonic drives a sequential manner which results to transform of the  motion and force into desired output (motion and force).
The German scientist Reuleaux provides the definition “a machine is a combination of resistant bodies so arranged that by their means the mechanical forces of nature can be compelled to do work accompanied by certain determinate motion.” In this context, his use of machine is generally interpreted to mean mechanism.

  in this the connecting links are used to transmitting the motion and force .so the links are rigid to sustain the desired force .it means that we are assuming that they does not deform during their performance.

Types of mechanism used in robotics

there are linkage mechanism used in robotics 
first of all we have to understand about the linkage???
linkage is the combination of the rigid links to transmit or transform the motion and force(power).
in linkage all the links are rigid. 
Degree of freedom of a mechanism  
number of independent pair variable needed to describe the relative movement between all the links.
pair variable coordinate that are used to describe the relative movement is known as the pair variable. 
pair variable may be angular displacement,linear displacement of the 
Kinematic pairs it is the combination of the two bodies through which the constrained motion is provided during their relative motion.
types of kinematic pairs 
1.Lower pair
2.Higher pair
3.wrapping pair1.Lower pair
when their is surface contact between bodies.
types of lower pairs
1.revolute pair
2.sliding pair or prismatic pair
3.screw pair
4.cylinder pair
5.spherical pair[width=125mm]{Klowp.eps}

there are three types of mechanism used in robot
2. spherical
3. spatial

All the points of the mechanism moves in parallel can also be defined as in this type of mechanism motion is constrained in such a way that all the point of the mechanism moves along a single plane.all the relative motion motion of the two rigid bodies are in one plane or in parallel planes.
in following linkage mechanism we can see that all the rigid links that are present in the mechanism move in one single plane.this mechanism is known as four bar link mechanism.
Examples: slider crank mechanism.four bar mechanism.
we can observe through this mechanism that the pair variable of this mechanism are translation along x and y direction and also rotation about z the DOF is 3.

in this type of mechanism the motion of the body in such a way that it follows the trajectory of a ,To defined the this their are three pair variables are used one is angle of any link with the axis of rotation and other Two of the coordinates ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ are required to specify the position of the axis.

Video for spherical pair

Image result for spherical pair

If there is any relative motion that is not in the same plane or in parallel planes, then this  is called the spatial mechanism.

Image result for spatial mechanism

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