What is the mean of on page SEO


Hello Friends In the Earlier post I discussed the following topics.In Today’s Post, I am going to discuss the On Page SEO

In Today’s Post, I am going to discuss the On Page SEO

As you all know that SEO is a technique to make your blog or website more visible on the search engines.

1. On page SEO

2. OFF  page SEO

On page SEO

On page, SEO is a very useful technique to optimize your web-page. it is basically related to page content, structure of your page, keyword density, internal links, body of your page, meta description, focusing keywords etc.

One has to follow these aspects to make his website more readable, and SEO friendly. Because google, bing, and yahoo use some sort of algorithm to index your web pages on the web server. There are some crawlers which crawl your web pages and index them into web directory(web server) by checking these aspect that I have mentioned above.

On page seo


Some important topic on which one has to focus to increase the optimization on search engines for SEO.

1. Page Title:

This is basically your Page identity to identify the object of your page.

2. Meta Description:

It is  the little description about your page. This is very useful to the user when he is searching for a typical query on the google search result. it makes your web page more user-friendly which results to increase in search ranking.

3.Focus keyword:

The keyword is nothing but a common query search by the user on a search engine. so if you write a post then remember that you should keep the focus on keywords. so I recommend you to use keyword research tool before writing a post.

For Example: if you want to write a post about  How To Configure  SEO  Settings in WordPress.  Now here SEO and WordPress are the main keywords of your  post. it may also happen that you can use the whole title as a keyword. these type of keywords are known as the long tail keyword. so putting your keywords(SEO,wordpress,How To Configure SEO Settings in WordPress) in your post content make your page more searchable and search engine friendly.


4.Image with alt-tag:

When you have some images and you want to upload them on your web page then it is very important that you must use alt- tag for an image. alt-tag is basically a description of the image. it describes what is on your image.

<img src=”http://mechaplanet.org/on page seo.jpg” alt=”On-page SEO is a very useful technique to optimize your web-page” title=”on page SEO”/>

This is the HTML code use in your web template to link your image.

Simple example: if you have an image to upload on your web page. Then you may use a  title as image name(on page SEO)and alt for image description (On page SEO is a very useful technique to optimize your web-page). alt-tag is very useful for on page SEO.

5.Loading Speed

For Better optimization of Your web Page, it is very important that your page loading speed must be high. It increases the user friendliness which results to increase traffic on your web page.

6.External link

Add minimum one good External Link to your web page which is related to your page content.  Bed link may affect your page rank.



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