ON Site SEO and OFF Site SEO

What is the Difference Between Onsite SEO and OFF Site SEO

Today I am going to discuss the on-site SEO and  OFF site SEO. In Earlier Post I have Been Discussed the  on page SEO and off page SEO  I am very that you have understood all the thing very Easily. Let me First Introduce you to What is On-site SEO
and then I will teach you OFF site SEO.

What is ON Site SEO

As we all know about the on page SEO . on page SEO is nothing but a Value Addition Process in which we add some quality on our web page in order to increase the page visibility or page ranking. Similarly  ON Site SEO is the value addition process to the whole site instead of the individual page.  According to me If you are concentrating on your ON page SEO Strategies then You may automatically  Enhance your ON Site SEO quality. So these both are related to with each other.

In ON Site SEO we consider a whole site as a  working place. All the modification that are made for a website is termed as ON Site SEO Like  Meta Tag Descriptions, Title tag, Keyword density, Focusing Keyword, Amount of words Containing by your web page, Readability.Readability is also a very important Factor to discuss.

Let me give some tips during Writing your page

  1. Do not use passive Voice More than 10% of your page content.
  2. Write Minimum 600 or more than 2500 Words.
  3. Do not  Make your Page too difficult to Understand.
  4. Do not Make  Too Long Paragraph  Because  This can reduce the Readability of your web page. bounce rate gets increased. Bounce rate is Basically the indication of How long your website is read by a user.
  5. Do not Make the lines So long (limits them to 15 words)
  6. Use the transition Words.


Examples of Transition words


OFF Site SEO is similar to the OFF page SEO. Because in OFF Site SEO  we have to consider all aspects of the whole website instead of the individual web page.

OFF Site SEO strategies

  1. Promote your website on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc.
  2. Submit your website to the different-2 search engines like googlebing, yahoo etc.
  3. Try to link your website to other websites  in order to get more  backlinks
  4. Share your  website homepage links to the other website comment section(Make sure only comment on the website which is related to your website content.)
Difference between ON Site SEO and OFF Site SEO
  1. ON Site SEO   is controlled by website owner However OFF Site SEO Does not handle by Website.
  2. ON Site SEO is totally Your Site Structure  How it Looks Like and all the Factors I have been Already Discussed. But OFF Site SEO is Basically Your Site spreading power among the social media and social Networking.
  3. Both are very important strategies to improve your website traffic and ranking.
  4. If you are unable to Use these strategies then  Your site does not get ranked in search Engines.

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Difference Between ON Site SEO and OFF Site SEO




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