Do you really need Page level ads to increase AdSense earnings [case study]

Do you really need Page level ads to increase AdSense earnings [case study]

All the Adsense publishers know that “To increase the Ad revenue you need to optimise your website for Adsense “. But this is not enough to earn revenue from Adsense. If you want to become successful in Adsense then you need to do experiments and try to figure out which fact is suitable for you. Page level ads the best for optimising your ads for mobile devices. So let me introduce you what are page level ads and how they really affect your Google Adsense earnings?.

What are page Level ads?

These are the family of the ad formats that reduce the efforts to implementation of ad code.

Page level ads are the ads that are not available for all publishers. Most of the publishers who are beginners will not be able to run this ad format. 

Because these ads are still experimental and not good for all websites. Due to this reason sometimes they work well and sometimes not. So do not bother about it.

What is the difference between Normal ads and Page level ads?

Normal Ads Page level ads
Need to create an ad unit   No need to create any ad unit
Require a Plugin or lengthy way to implement ads   Very easy to implement
Technical skills are required   No
ad Viewability is very low   Good
Viewability changes during scrolling   Viewability does not change during page scrolling
Less CPC & Impression   High CPC & Impression


The above table shows you that page level ads are more optimal than normal ads. But do you really believe that these ads can increase your AdSense earnings?.

In this article, I will tell you How to use these to increase Adsense earnings and also introduce a case study for the better explanation.

Let’s get started

Before I dive you deeper, first learn how to implement these ads on your WordPress site?

  • Switch to your Adsense Account and Click on My ads.
  • Now go to My Ads > Page level ads.

How to setting up page level ads on your wordpress site

  • There are two types of ads anchor/overlay ads & Vignette ads
  • Click on toggle buttons to enable both the ads.
  • Now click on “Get Code” button.


Place the ad code on your site to implement the page level ads

  • Copy the ad code.
  • Paste that code on your website in the Appearance>Editor>header.php file. Please make sure place the code within the head tag.

ad code placement in header file

  • Finally, test it on your mobile device. Put #googleads at the end of the page URL.


Anchor/ Overlay Page level ads

Although, you know the Adsense program policy that publishers are not allowed to put sticky ads on their web page. but page level ads give an opportunity to place the sticky Ads.

As I have mentioned above that these ads are highly optimised so they do not depreciate user experience.

These types of ads engage with the edge of the user’s device. These are also called as “sticky ads” and only visible on the high-end mobile device. Adsense automatically shows these ads at optimal times to increase Adsense revenue.

Screenshot of Anchor/overlay ad

Anchor type page level ads

Vignette type of page level ads

Adsense shows theses ads in limit because they affect the user experience. They are inserted within hypertext and visible if someone clicks on those text links. These ads also show on the high-end mobile device.

Screenshot of Vignette ad 

vignette type page level ad

Do you really need Page level Ads to Increase AdSense earnings [case study]

Yes, you need these ads because of nowadays more than 40% of internet access from the mobile device. So if you don’t optimize your ads for the mobile then you may lose a great amount of money.

In this topic, I will introduce you a case study that will enough to prove the reality of these ads.

When I first saw page level ad on my Adsense dashboard I didn’t know about it. But after collecting enough information about it I implemented these ads on my blog.

The ads start appearing on my blog and after that when I checked out my account a few hours later I found 500% increment in my earnings. Means, I earn 0.25$  instead of 0.05$.

Here the interesting thing to catch is that if I get 500 page views per day and consider only 300 page views are countable then I can earn up to 3$ from these page views. Which is really a good figure.

Case study of page level ads


The above screenshot shows fluctuations in Adsense earnings. The curve inside the red circle shows the real variation of the earning after embedding the ads.

But after using it for more than 2 to 3 weeks I didn’t get much variation. However, my CPC has increased up to 20% to 30% but ad impressions have again become normal.

It means that the installation of these types of ads affects the Adsense earnings a little bit. So, I suggest you place these ads on your blog and increase earnings up to 20% to 30%.

I have also found an another case study by Saumya Majumder. he explained it very well. he found different results than me. Because page level ads depend on site niche, structure, domain authority, page hits, SEO etc. He found higher conversion than me because his blog is more visible than me.

His findings 

  • 700% increment  in earnings only for single day
  • 275% increment in CPC
  • 50% increment in Avg CPC

Read more about case study

Final thoughts

Page level ads work for me a lot and I believe that these also work for you. So go ahead and install these ads on your blog/website.

These ads are available for all the publishers.  You can receive an invitation from Adsense team automatically,  once your website starts getting sufficient page views & get high domain authority.

Please do share your experience with us and do let us know how they work for you?

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    1. I glad that you find this post. Keep on learning….

  2. nice artical…it’s informative artical..thanks for sharing

  3. Very useful article. I’ll try to share my experience. After 2 days from enabling page level ads for my website my revenues increased by aprox. 5%. However, I consider the CPC of page level ads very low (lower than some of my traditional adsense units).

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience …..

  4. What’s the consensus on Page Level Ads today? I see some people saying it’s not worth and some stating that they’re seeing up to a 50% increase in earnings.

    1. You are right, it is not so effective. People who right worthy content and having a lower bounce rate.

  5. very informative. I am using page level ads on my blog. It’s effective. Thanks

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